14 Types of Meditation You Need To Know About

14 Types of Meditation You Need To Know About

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say:

“Finding a good type of meditation for yourself is not easy”

Meditation has evolved considerably over the years and as a result, there are now many ways and techniques for doing meditation. If you do research to find out about different methods of doing mediation, it may take days because you have to consider the difficulty level of technique, what the technique is good for and what information about a method you can believe. Here are some of the most popular types of meditation that you can try out yourself.


List of 14 types of meditation:


Focused Attention Meditation

In this kind of meditation, the meditator focuses their mind and attention on an object; it can be a mantra or a particular visual object. As meditation goes deeper, the mind becomes more attentive, and distractions fade away.


Open Monitoring Meditation

In this meditation, people monitor every aspect of their mind. Internal and external signs are considered and studied, determining how these things influence the mind.


Buddhist Meditation

There are various types of Buddhist meditation techniques to follow depending on which sect you choose:

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Zen Meditation (Zazen): Often known as a seated meditation technique by the Japanese. You usually do it while sitting on the floor over a cushion with crossed legs or in a lotus position. You can also do this meditation on a chair. This type of meditation helps in improving concentration.

Vipassana Meditation:  Also called “clear seeing” meditation, this is very popular in India and emphasizes on a clear mind and the development of one’s awareness or concentration. It combines breathing exercises with focused meditation to train the senses.

Mindfulness Meditation: This meditation type also came from the Buddhist meditation practices such as Vipassana. This meditation concentrates on paying attention to the sensations around you. Even if you get distracted, you can easily influence your mind to focus again on your breathing. You also learn how your body and mind differ and feel.

Loving Kindness Meditation or Metta Meditation: This mostly focuses on compassion meditation technique. You boost your ability to empathize with the people around you and their feelings. You also start to understand yourself and your purpose in life.


Hindu Meditation

This type of meditation is done while sitting down and mantras are used to focus the mind:

Mantra Meditation: This is mostly used in Hinduism and some other Eastern traditions. You also improve your concentration with this type of meditation as you focus on the mantra being uttered. Several famous mantras are used for meditation such as ham, om, yam, rama and om manipadme hum etc. To keep track of the mantra, some people count beads. People find this very easy to do in their daily life.

Transcendental Meditation: Another form of mantra meditation but this meditation can only be done with a licensed instructor. This meditation must also be done for 15 to 20 minutes and twice a day.

Yoga Meditation: This helps practitioners to concentrate on four aspects: the rules of conduct, physical postures, breathing practices and the practices of meditation. There are also several types of yoga meditation which assist your concentration and relaxation through meditation.

Self-Enquiry Meditation: Also called Atma Vichara, self-enquiry meditation encourages practitioners to learn about themselves. You ask yourself what you are and try to discover who you are with the assistance of your consciousness. Anyone who does this meditation successfully attains inner peace and freedom.


Chinese Mediation

Chinese Mediation has many variants and focuses on being one with nature. It also helps in balancing one’s inner energy to assist in achieving peace.

Taoist Meditation encourages people to attain a sense of balance with Nature or Tao. It also helps people calm their minds down and find inner peace. Three types of Taoist meditation differ in terms of how meditation can be done.

Qi Gong (Chi Kung) focuses on charging one’s self with life energy. This is a body-mind exercise that combines slow body movements with regulated breathing similar to Tai Chi. This is a good meditation technique for those who need to have a more active body.


Christian Mediation

Christian Meditation is similar to the meditation practiced by Eastern sects. This meditation is done with a mantra or a prayer and quiet contemplation.


Guided Meditation

This type of meditation is for people who wish to be directed on how they could progress through their meditation. Guided meditation can be done with the assistance of meditation masters, podcasts, and guided imagery.

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