Is Morning Meditation Worth To Do It?

Is Morning Meditation Worth To Do It?

Meditation is one of the most beneficial means for people to reduce their stress level or put their mind back at ease every day. However, many questions as to when one should meditate and get the best results.

Meditation can be done at any time of the day; morning, noon or night. In some cases, people tend to go into a meditative awareness state during random hours of the day. There are a lot of things that can give you the signal to start meditating. They can be the light passing through a window, a song that takes you to your inner peace or shade of a specific tree in your home.

These signs are good because meditation allows people to reach within themselves and become aware of everything around them. People cannot be separated from their awareness, and if you lose track of that knowledge, you need to meditate to relearn about yourself.

Although meditation can indeed be done any time of the day, experts agree that the most favorable time to meditate is in the morning. A particular time is not given by the experts, but some agree that pre-dawn hour is the perfect time to start meditation exercises. If you do not know what time is ideal for you, it is preferable that you experiment and find out which time works best for your mind and your body.

Here are some tips that can help you with planning your schedule or organizing morning meditation.


TIPS to follow:

  1. Consider what time you go to sleep and how much sleep you get. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will find it difficult to concentrate during meditation in the morning. People need to have six to eight hours of sleep to function without problems. While sleeping too much would prevent you from morning meditation, sleeping too little would also ruin your chances of getting efficient results from morning meditation.
  1. Morning meditation is useful if you experience morning blues, especially if you don’t feel so good, or you cannot come out of bed. Morning blues can be remedied by morning meditation. If you consider morning meditation as a means to tackle your morning blues, you can be motivated to do morning meditation.
  1. If you usually have busy mornings and find yourself unable to get a mini break, starting a morning meditation routine can give you some help. Meditation would help you to get through your morning. Morning meditation would reduce your stress around these times and can even get you around your tasks more efficiently.
  1. Find a place in your house where you can meditate. Make sure it is private and silent enough for you to concentrate properly. It doesn’t have to be a separate room. You can experiment to find out what time of the morning is best for your meditation.
  1. Also, consider the lighting in your meditation area before starting your morning meditation. Scientists say that it is better for the body to be exposed to natural sunlight in the morning. Try exposing yourself to natural light even indoors while you are meditating. You don’t need to go out to do this.
  1. Also, find out what your comfortable position is when you meditate. Meditation can be done while sitting, lying down, walking and even doing various activities. Just make sure that you are comfortable so you can conduct meditation more efficiently.

Now that you have considered these tips, here are some of the several reasons why you should do meditation in the morning.


Why you should meditate in the morning:

  • Meditating in the morning is helpful because at this time your mind isn’t preoccupied with different things. When you wake up, you don’t immediately think about things like work, studies or anything stressful. Your mind is still quiet at this time of the day, and once you meditate, you find yourself in a state of peace. You can get even more rest this way, especially if you only had a few hours of sleep or have a lot of tasks to do during the day.
  • Morning meditation also allows people to sharpen their awareness and refocus it before engaging in the daily activities. Your awareness must always be sharp and stable because you face several decision-making challenges and extensive information that could derail your mind. If you meditate, you remain sharp even when confronted with these challenges along the way.
  • Meditation is a mind’s equivalent of yoga, exercising the mind to be able to take any challenge without causing stress. Some even say meditation helps them go into the “beast mode,” increasing their productivity in the process. Multitasking also becomes easier with meditation, helping you do everything you need to do for the entire day. Your focus is easily directed to one activity without compromising the other.
  • Meditating in the morning is also perfect because, at this time of the day, the whole world is quiet. People are asleep and very few distractions can cause one to lose focus. The silence of this period of the day helps you quickly reach to the state of inner peace which allows you to recover your mind, your body and your soul before you face your day.
  • Morning meditation is an excellent way to start the day because this allows you to show the world that you are ready to face it head on. You also strengthen your intent of always starting the day positively. Morning meditation makes you filter out unnecessary thoughts that may influence how you are going to work during the day. You ensure that negative thoughts don’t affect your job, and you get them out before you start working.
  • Morning meditation is also beneficial in starting the day with pure awareness. Some people even say that meditation in the morning is better than having a cup of coffee. One immediately becomes aware and at peace after meditation. Since meditation can charge up the nervous system with energy-boosting endorphins, you no longer need to have caffeine to trigger these endorphins and power up your day.
  • Morning meditation is also said to improve libido. If men do morning meditation, their testosterone levels increase, giving them more energy. Meditation in the morning gives partners more patience and sensitivity. Women who do meditation in the morning are more fertile, and so are men as some studies denote.
  • Studies also show that meditation in the morning helps you to keep stress from influencing your day. If you meditate regularly, especially in the mornings, it makes you happy and creative throughout the day. Meditation also reduces pain such as headaches and other tension-induced pains.
  • Morning meditation and meditation, in general, helps you eat healthily. If you are stressed-out and sleep-deprived, you tend to eat food that is not good for your body. If you meditate in the morning, you find yourself having lesser cravings for junk food and more for healthier food. Eating healthy food helps you clean your body and gives you more energy to work.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of morning meditation and the tips for starting morning meditation, there are several types of meditation that you can try out in the morning.

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Types of meditation:

  1. Guided Meditation uses imagery and visualization that stimulate your mind by thinking about areas or situations that help you relax. In this type of meditation, you can use all of your senses. If you have someone to meditate with you in the morning, they can guide you as well.
  1. Mantra Meditation is triggered by a person using a calming word, phrase or thought that helps clear the mind.
  1. Mindfulness Meditation is mostly used by individuals who wish to boost their inner awareness and accept what they have to do during the day. In this type of meditation, you broaden your awareness and observe your entire being; from the way you breathe to how your emotions fluctuate.
  1. Qi Gong uses a variety of means to get a person to relax such as meditation, physical movements, and breathing exercises. In this type of meditation, people slowly find themselves meeting their balance.
  1. Tai Chi is both a Chinese martial art form and a means to maintain balance. In this particular martial art, the movements introduce the practice of deep breathing while moving in a graceful manner.
  1. Transcendental Meditation is one of the simplest and natural techniques available, especially for those who are just starting meditation. In this type of meditation, people just use a silently repeated mantra that allows them to relax comfortably. You don’t need to make immense efforts in conducting this kind of meditation.
  1. Yoga is another way to meditate. Using a series of postures and breathing exercises, it promotes both a flexible body and a calm mind.

It is important to remember that you don’t need to make the fuzz about choosing a way to meditate easily. If you cannot find a way yourself, you can easily go to meditation centers or group classes that are close to you to meditate at a given moment. But if you want a more personalized and private experience, you can indeed meditate on your own.

Meditation can also be done informally based on your lifestyle. You don’t need to restrict yourself to a single type of meditation, and you can experiment with different techniques. Some people meditate twice or thrice a day, but you just need a few minutes per day to meditate. You can even meditate while on the go.

If you can’t think of a technique that you can try for your morning meditation practices, here are some simple ways of starting your morning meditation. You can use these techniques any time of the day, whenever you are unable to focus, or you find yourself in need of a relaxing break from your busy schedule.


Techniques to relax:

  • Breathe Deeply – Breathing deeply helps you concentrate on any exercise. Once you breathe in, focus all your attention on your feelings and listen to them as you inhale or exhale. Slowly breathe in and breathe out. If you find yourself losing focus, just pay attention to your breathing exercise.
  • Scan Your Body – This exercise asks you to concentrate on various parts of your body. Observe the different sensations of each body part and think what they feel like to you. Does it feel warm? Does it relax you? Is it in pain? Scanning your body can be combined with breathing exercises, and you can relax the body parts through your breathing. This exercise also helps you reduce tension in the body, eliminating the pains triggered by stress and anxiety.
  • Use a Mantra – Meditation sometimes incorporates a mantra which allows you to focus and find yourself more at peace. These mantras can either be religious or secular depending on your faith. Some of the most noteworthy mantras are the Jesus Prayer in Christianity, the holy name of God in Judaism and the Om mantra used in Hinduism and other Eastern faiths. Some people also make their mantras and even use songs and poems as their means to relaxation.
  • Walk and Meditate – Some people find walking a good way to meditate. They find it easier to relax while doing this activity. It can be done anywhere; on a natural trail or even on a sidewalk. While doing this meditation exercise, slow down your pace and focus on how your feet, arms, and legs move around. Don’t think about your destination; focus on your movements.
  • Praying – Some people consider praying a good way to meditate. This can be done either verbally or in writing. While doing this meditation, you can pray with your words or you can use self-help books that offer a guide on how you can mix prayers with meditation. Focus on your emotions while praying and let those emotions enlighten you and your thoughts.
  • Reading – If you like reading, especially inspirational and sacred text, it can help you meditate. After reading a passage or finishing a book, try to take some time to contemplate on the meaning of each word used in the book. Reflect on what the book is about, the lesson it has and takes a chance to embody one of the characters you admire in the book. Also, try listening to religious music or sermons which can help you relax. Another good way to meditate with this technique is by writing your reflections and discussing them with friends or a trusted spiritual leader. Sharing can help you reduce stress, and it is also a good way to meditate. It is interesting to note how people’s advice can help you relax.
  • Focusing on positive emotions such as love, compassion, and happiness- In this type of meditation, your attention is directed towards an object or being while thinking about emotions such as love and compassion. Close your eyes and imagine how these feelings engulf an object or being.

Meditation can be very tricky to perfect, but you only need to keep on practicing and have the determination to get this done right. It is important to maintain your focus 100% while doing meditation. Don’t let yourself lose focus on the way.

It is okay to get distracted sometimes or have your mind wander around while meditating. If you are contemplating to get your mind back to focus, simply think about the object or sensation you were trying to focus on.

It is also best to experiment with types of meditation you find comfortable practicing. You can even incorporate various types of meditation in one session. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. As long as you can relieve your stress and feel better, meditation is your best friend.

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