5 Yoga Toes Review – Comfort Your Bone-Tired Feet

5 Yoga Toes Review – Comfort Your Bone-Tired Feet

Why are Yoga Toe Separators Good for You?

Yoga toes are toe separators, often made of plastic (which we do not recommend) or gel-like materials, designed to strengthen and stretch your feet. Their design is similar to the foam spacer used during relaxing pedicures.

Yoga toes are designed to stretch and spread your toes in a particular position. These devices lift your muscles above and beneath your toes and stretch them away from the ball of your foot.

Yoga toes are made of plastic, BPA, and latex free material. Yoga toes of different shapes and sizes are available on the market, and Yoga toes reviews will help you to make the right decision about their purchase.

You might be a bit confused about the name. Yoga toes did not get this name because you use them during your yoga sessions! That wouldn’t be a very good idea.

They are named yoga toes because they are like little yoga exercises for your toes!

At a Glance: We Tested Some Yoga Toes for You

Toe Separators - Gel Stretchers, and Dr Rogo Toe Stretchers are both blue and come in a similar design into which you push your toes to separate them.

YogaToes Gems and Dr. JK’s Original ToePal are designs that are more open and a bit more flexible than the two options mentioned above.

While all of the above have the design more or less in common and are all BLUE, the Flesser® Yoga Sports GYM Five Toe Separator Socks Alignment Pain Health Massage Socks stand out because they combine the idea behind the yoga toes with socks!

Read on to find out more about each of the products.

2019's Reviews of the Best Yoga Toes

Flesser® Yoga Sports GYM Five Toe Separator Socks Alignment Pain Health Massage Socks

The material of the socks feels very comfortable, but you can also feel that the yoga toes are doing their job. Many of us ended up also wearing them in front of the TV and while reading in bed.

The only thing we did not really like was that they had nothing to keep you from sliding around, so you might end up slipping unless you walk on carpets.

We felt like they had a really good effect on our toes, and after getting used to them, our feet felt more relaxed and we felt like they were also more flexible during yoga sessions (during which you obviously do not wear those yoga toes!).

Things We Liked:

  • Very comfortable
  • Good selection of colors to choose from
  • Very elastic
  • Sweat absorbent

Things We Didn't Like:

  • Could use a non-skid bottom
  • Material seems to become thinner over time

The yoga toes from Toe Separators come in one size and only one color. While the company says one size fits all, it really isn’t suitable for people with larger feet as the material will break.

For medium and small sizes, these yoga toes are suitable though, and rather affordable. They seem to be durable and are going to last for a long time.

Things We Liked:

  • Very durable
  • Relaxing to wear after getting used to
  • Gel material

Things We Didn't Like:

  • Only one color
  • One size fits all - but might not fit all

One size of these yoga toes fit almost all, but not all, so beware when you have bigger, or very small feet!

Apart from the size, and the lack of color options, these yoga toes do their job well and you feel how your toes relax after a long day out or wearing tight shoes. Those toe stretchers are made of medical-grade gel and of really good quality.

They feel very comfortable to wear, and do not make you feel like your toes are trapped in a prison as they are made out of a fairly flexible, yet sturdy, material.

Things We Liked:

  • Straightens toes
  • Made with medical-grade gel
  • Durable

Things We Didn't Like:

  • Only one color available
  • One size fits not all
YogaToes Gems

The YogaToes Gems indeed look like gems - it looks like you are wearing giant diamonds (blue ones!) on your feet.

In addition to the quirky design, the yoga toes also do their job very well. They help your toes relax and you can feel how some toe related problems disappear over time.

People who suffer from bunions might find these to be a very helpful addition to their routine.

They are very easy to put on, and while there is only one size available, it really seems to fit most people.

Things We Liked:

  • Quirky design
  • Feels very relaxing
  • They last for a long time

Things We Didn't Like:

  • Only one color available
  • Only one size
Dr. JK’s original ToePal

While the other products just offer you one pair of yoga toes, this product is more like a set. You get a pair of loops toe separators and a pair of gel toe stretchers for yoga. It is a very good value set.

While both have a similar effect on your feet, you will be able to test which one feels better for you. While it is one size fits all, the closed circle product might be too small for people with really big feet, but the other pair truly does fit everyone!

Things We Liked:

  • Slight glitter effect
  • Two different products for the price of one
  • Medical-grade gel

Things We Didn't Like:

  • Only one size
  • Only one color

Tips for Wearing Yoga Toes After Your Yoga Sessions

  • Toe separators are designed to wear while you are resting because your toe stretchers will work in the relaxing state of your body. You should lie down or sit while you are wearing them.
  • Initially, you can wear them for 10 to 15 minutes at a time and gradually increase this duration to almost one hour on a regular basis.
  • If you wear them longer in your first use, you may get cramps in your toes and feet.
  • Overstretching can increase uneasiness; therefore, slowly train your feet for these separators. Just slide your toes in the toe separator, but start with the big toe and slowly insert your feet in this tool.
  • If you feel uncomfortable with your first use, begin with spacers between the ends of toes. Practice for a few days, then slides the dividers midway down between toes, and after two weeks, you can wear them down to their webbing.

We Particularly Loved These Yoga Toes

Yoga toes are a product that needs to be tested over time - so that’s what we did. You can’t just judge yoga toes after one wear because the first time will most likely not be the most comfortable time.

While all of the products we tested neither broke nor showed any negative effects while we used them, there was one pair of yoga toes that stood out as being truly comfortable and a good solution for wearing without feeling like a freak.

We decided that the Flesser® Yoga Sports GYM Five Toe Separator Socks Alignment Pain Health Massage Socks not only stand out because they are available in more than just blue, but they stand out because the kind they hide the awkward look of yoga toes behind a lovely sock. They are so comfortable to wear!

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