5 Minute Meditation – A Quick Meditation Routine

5 Minute Meditation – A Quick Meditation Routine

5-minute meditation can be done anytime of the day; morning, noon or night. It can be done for a short or longer period depending on how much time you can dedicate towards the activity and what type of meditation you do.

Experts have recommended that people meditate in the morning because of the benefits it offers to its practitioners. In the morning, there are minor distractions and silence also helps in directing your focus on the activity.

Mornings are the perfect time for meditation because at this time your mind is not yet planning for all the activities that you have to do during the day. Mornings are also the best time to get natural sunlight, which adds to the energy flow within you, channeling it into your body.

If you want a quick meditation routine that is good for 5 minutes of your mornings, here are some tips that you can consider to boost that routine:


#1 Use one minute for breathing exercises

When you meditate, you spare yourself some time. It could be a minute or longer than that. Every minute can change your life, and if you use it to relax, it can help you in many ways. Use this one minute meant for meditation to practice peaceful mind and getting energy. You can try out this routine for your breathing exercise:

  • Inhale for five seconds
  • Hold your breath for five seconds
  • Release
  • Inhale and hold it up again for five seconds
  • Repeat the same for another minute


#2 Locate peace through your pulse

Meditation is easy. It is just like finding your pulse. When you find your pulse, you tend to focus on the sensations felt by your fingers as you try to locate the vein that pulsates like your heart. Sometimes, people find this activity calming. Here is a good exercise for you to do when discovering peace while meditating:

  • Sit cross-legged on the floor but make sure you are comfortable.
  • Slowly close your eyes and focus on the third-eye point or the space between your eyebrows.
  • Repeat a mantra, preferably Sat Nam (Truth Identified).
  • When positioning your hands, place four fingers of your right hand on your left wrist, then slowly feel your pulse. The fingers serve as a straight line and only lightly press your pulse. This way, you can feel the pulse pulsating in each fingertip.
  • Every time you feel your pulse, repeat the mantra in your mind.

The great thing about this meditation tip is that you can do it anytime you want, and it takes only one minute. Try practicing it daily so you can help your intuition grow and calm your mind.


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#3 Take five-minute break from technology

Technology is one of the many factors that trigger stress in people. Try giving yourself a five-minute break from technology use every day. In these five minutes, you can do meditation to clear your mind.


#4 Do meditation on the go

Meditation – no matter what time of the day – can be done even if you are on the move. It can be done while you are walking around the house or taking a bath. As you do your daily activities, try entering a meditative stance in them and focus on how your body moves for every activity.

Take deep breaths while you take steps or do an activity, then feel your aura as you conduct the activity. You can even think of a mantra as you do these activities.

Stress makes people lose connection with their body so try to find means of becoming grounded again while doing simple activities on the go.


#5 Make a meal fight off stress

If you cook every morning or any time of the day, you can use cooking as a meditative practice especially if you enjoy cooking. Use the time you spend preparing to restore your connection to the body and revitalize your focus.

When you cook, you concentrate on the activity, not on the things that worry you. After cooking, you start feeding not only your physical self but also your spiritual self with the images of the meal.

Enjoy cooking and then enjoy the meal you just cooked.

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