TOP 52 Meditation Blogs You Have to Follow in 2017

TOP 52 Meditation Blogs You Have to Follow in 2017

Here at Love Meditating, we know that if you want to increase your knowledge about meditation you need to trudge through many uninformative sites to find something that suits you.

As we are (probably just like you) avid meditation blog readers, we would like you to help you with that. The list was created after hours of research - to find regularly updated blogs (there is nothing worse and more annoying than when you finish your reading, and there is nothing more!) with amazing content, fascinating photos and incredible videos.

TOP Meditation Blogs

Below you can find the list of 52 Best Meditation Blogs that you should read in 2016. As we often look forward into the future, and we are getting to the end of the year, and we believe that all authors will keep their astonishing job, you should visit them in 2017 as well.

At the same time, we would like to thank you ALL below experts and authors for an incredible work they are doing for the last couple of years. We are impressed with the amount of shared knowledge and information and how much you can learn even without leaving your house. BIG BIG Thank you for doing that possible!

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Shambhala Blog


Titled “the WHEEL,” this blog by Shambhala Publications features their books, editorials, and other content. They focus primarily on mind training and other core practices of meditation. Most of the posts take a retrospective look at some of the best publications by Shambhala since its inception in the 1960s. Other non-editorial content includes looking at some of the best meditation techniques hailing from other parts of the world, such as the East and Southeast Asia.

About Meditation


About Meditation is considered to be among the top blogs when it comes to learning about modern methods of meditation. On its homepage, you will notice that they offer a three-part meditation seminar for free. This is one of their main selling points since they focus on guided meditations.

They offer lots of free courses, and they have other resources such as detailed podcasts and, of course, blog posts about achieving a deeper connection to your life.

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Considered to be the largest free meditation portal out there, AnmolMehta is home to many of the best meditation and yoga resources on the internet. You will find learning materials for meditation and how to incorporate basic and advanced yoga techniques to it.

You will also get a free e-book if you sign up for their newsletter, which contains a variety of information on how to master meditation, including several guided meditation techniques, kundalini yoga sets, and many breathing exercises.

Australian School of Meditation & Yoga


For those who are Down Under, the Australian School of Meditation & Yoga (ASMY) is the best online centralized resource that helps you get into the mastery of meditation. They hold classes in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Sydney.

Their blog contains plenty of material and not just on meditation and yoga alone; ASMY features content that enhances overall lifestyle and health, such as good diet plans, body cleansing juice recipes, and effective sleeping tips. Other peaceful hobbies like gardening are incorporated into the intense meditation sessions for the best results.

Audio Dharma


Produced by Gil Fronsdal and Andrea Fella and functioning less like a blog and more like an archive for talking sessions, Audio Dharma is where you can go to find the best audio-based meditation resources.

The audio content does not have a primary focus, but it does go into great detail on many things such as Buddhist meditation, different chants, the traditional eightfold path, and other practices. You’re also able to search the audio files for previous talks given by various guest speakers from the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, CA.

Beyond The Mind


Beyond The Mind is a website that shows you different approaches to meditation. Its primary focus, however, is promoting their book, which is a methodical science-based guide on how you can effectively incorporate meditation into your lifestyle while sparing only fifteen minutes a day.

It might be a little too technical for some people, but it has been proven to work for many who have tried it. You can check out the blog section for many articles curated by Dr. Ramesh Manocha, the same author who wrote the science-based meditation book.



The Body+Soul blog is a portal not only for meditating but for those who want an overhaul of their lifestyles. You will find many helpful tips on how to live a healthy life. It also provides a case-by-case breakdown of the most effective diets based on nutrition and fitness level.

Moreover, there are also beauty and relationship sections that provide tips for all types of situations. Unlike other blogs, they uniquely incorporate astrology and horoscopes into their meditation approach.



This blog by Matt Valentine offers weekly insight, inspiration, and wisdom talks about the positive changes brought on by meditation. This is a great portal for those who find their interest in meditation floundering after a while.

Its blog section goes into great detail about many important factors that you need to keep in mind in order to make meditation as easy as possible, making it ideal for beginners as well. The same content can be found in audio files in the podcast section of the website.



The Calm app is intended for those who are frequently on-the-go or cannot find a peaceful place to meditate in. It sets the vibe by playing audio from different locations around the world while displaying images of these locations on your screen.

Regardless of what device you are using, making it perfect for those who simply cannot find the time to go outdoors or located quite far from nature. The screen display can also be customized to full-screen mode for that immersive feeling of being right at the moment.

The Chopra Center


The Chopra Center focuses on many self-improvement techniques, including meditation and yoga. You will find many resources that aim to improve your lifestyle, with a focus on nutrition, diet, and fitness.

However, meditation remains the primary focus of The Chopra Center, which publishes multimedia content on how to incorporate several yoga techniques to make it easier to get in the zone. Aside from the meditation techniques they promote, they also publish many articles that promote positivity in life to help you get through its many seasons.

A Clear and Empty Mind

clear empty mind

A broad blog covering many aspects of meditation, “A Clear and Empty Mind” publishes many useful tips that improve the way you think and keep your mind healthy. There are enhancement tips on how to make your meditation sessions a lot better, like eating healthy food that encourages the brain juices to flow faster.

Other advanced topics, such as humanity and how to be a guru, are also covered in this blog, which makes it an excellent resource for both novices and expert meditators alike.

Daily Downward Dog

daily downward dog

Getting its name from the most famous yoga posture, the “Daily Downward Dog” is Maria’s blog portal where she frequently posts about different meditation techniques and other lifestyle topics. She also details her many adventures spanning various locations around the globe.

Her travels are all yoga and meditation-themed, showcasing pictures of her doing various poses and attempting to achieve relaxation in these foreign places.



The Davidji blog is where you go if you want a really serious approach to meditation. It also goes into great detail about the path to inner peace. The website provides hundreds of free guided meditation resources as soon as you sign up, which is an excellent way to stock up knowledge on the different methods available.

It features a different meditation approach every weekend just to mix things up, and has lots of daily content about self-improvement and living a balanced lifestyle.

Dharma Seed


The Dharma Seed is where lots of teachers share their audio resources on the many techniques of Theravada Buddhism meditation. This modernized approach to an ancient practice makes it a unique experience for those who have been meditating for a long period.

Most of the content consists of dharma talks by teachers who transmit Vipassana throughout the years. Vipassana is the insight practice of Theravada Buddhism, which is the primary focus of this blog.

Nithyananda Sangha’s Official Web Site


“Nithyananda Sangha’s Official Web Site” is a great portal for many meditation methods and other resources which they claim can help you in the mastery of levitation. The more fact-based topics are detailed steps on how to achieve self-enlightenment through neuropsychology.

They offer courses in meditation which feature lots of photo-based stimuli. The website promotes Nithyananda Sangha’s approach to meditation as an inner awakening experience for readers while being guided by teachers via meditation camps and classes.

Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D.

elisha goldstein

A blog by Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D., the founder of The Center for Mindful Living located in Los Angeles. A majority of the content published details personal experiences and research in the field of psychology and speaking.

Most of the content focuses on the mind and fact-based aspects that affect meditation such as overcoming depression, self-compassion, and reviewing the status of one’s life. This approach highlights a non-compromise of one’s self-growth and freedom.

EOC Institute

eoc institute

The EOC Institute focuses on deep meditation. This blog teaches you how to harness your brainwaves’ innate power to improve the experience during meditation through techniques such as enhanced brainwave patterns and whole brain synchronization.

Though a little intimidating at first, you will be instructed by thoroughly-worded guides and articles so you can perform these techniques unassisted. Deep meditation is a proven way to get over the hump caused by anxiety and depression.



The Omega portal does not have a primary focus, but it does post lots of content that’s intended for those who want to improve their lives. The first section covers the body, mind, and spirit, where you can learn about meditation, yoga, and other ways to improve how your brain works, like good diets for a healthy mind.

The health and healing section is for those who want to improve their overall health. There are also sections such as creative expression, relationships & family, leadership & work, and other helpful and relevant topics.

Everyday Mindfulness

everyday mindfulness

Everyday Mindfulness is a portal with many authors who share lots of articles and blog posts on meditation and self-improvement.

Many great posts such as Lucy Faulks’ “How The Body Scan Gives Us The Power Of Choice” and Timothy Iverson’s “Bringing Calm To The Classroom” feature mind-enhancing ways on how you can approach different situations in a lighthearted manner, so you do not stress yourself out.

Gabby Bernstein

gabby bernstein

Gabby Bernstein’s website promotes her books on self-improvement. Much of her content focuses on guiding one’s self on how to use faith to live a better life. Regardless of your religion, you will be able to incorporate the many resources provided by Gabby, such as free video presentations, life coaching services, and spiritual practice sessions.

You may know her from Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday interview where she went into detail about how meditation works by focusing on your faith and what gets you moving on in life.

Goodlife Zen

goodlife zen

The Goodlife Zen website promotes healthy living through practical methods. When you sign up on the site, you’ll receive a free eBook about healthy and effective dieting, which not only helps you lose weight but also helps you feel better about yourself.

It mainly relates to the many people who grow tired even when the sun’s still up. It’s approach to meditation is relatively simple but effective: finding peace of mind.



An online approach to meditation is what Headspace provides. You will be able to learn many meditation techniques in only a matter of minutes once you sign up for their free service.

Their blog also features many resources on how you can make meditation part of your daily routine while improving your mindset on lots of things. Focusing on the positives, you will be guided on how to approach life in a happier manner, silencing the cynic within you.

How to Be Happy

how to be happy

This blog showcases many tips on how to make life a lot easier to handle, especially if you’re going through stressful and challenging times. It goes into great detail about what happiness is and is not based on what many gurus agree upon.

You are guaranteed to improve the way you think through applying the learning from published materials that talk about life, self-esteem, and meditation.

Karan Bajaj


This blog has a modern approach to meditation using a yogic prism. It is named after its author, Karan Bajaj, a bestselling novelist, and a self-proclaimed striving Yogi.

He explains how you can use many practices in yoga to improve your meditation sessions and strengthen your mind and body’s bond for a healthier outlook on life. He occasionally reviews other books, even his own, and talks about the many lessons you can learn from them.

Live and Dare


Live and Dare is where you go if you want to learn how to meditate, how to master it, and improve from where you are to find personal growth and a thriving spirituality. The blog offers a five-week meditation course where you go through the process of achieving what was mentioned.

The content provides great reads on why meditation is an excellent way to strengthen your mind and spirit. Like other blogs, it also goes into great detail about how yoga and dieting can affect your meditation sessions positively. This blog by Giovanni Dienstmann is a definite must read.

meditation is the leading portal for many meditation enthusiasts, teachers, and centers. It is a hub that acts as a social network for everyone who meditates so they can interact with each other easier. Their member's section has a comprehensive resource archive that has many great reads on meditation, yoga poses, self-improvement and healthy living tips.

Not only will be you able to read helpful reviews on the many materials out for sale in the market, but you can likewise purchase a curated selection of the best resources on meditation and self-improvement right on the website.

meditation-finder acts as a central hub for the meditation community. It is a directory of the many meditation centers not only in the United States but all throughout the globe. The blog contains lots of helpful resources on meditation.

What’s so great about it is you can quickly locate different session schedules, even those in public places like the airport or in parks.


The yoga-aided approach to meditation by is truth in advertising: it features a simple way to immerse yourself in the peaceful vibe and ambiance that meditation is so famous for.

It takes all of the most straightforward steps and breaks them down into even more basic terms and strategies that make them easier to follow. For those who don’t care for flowery phrases and complicated jargon, this site is your new best friend.



This blog serves as a portal, even an e-magazine of sorts, for those who are interested in meditation. It posts many articles on living life to the fullest and how you can incorporate meditation into your daily routine.

There are many great reads on this site for those who are interested in not only improving their mental health but their physical and emotional states as well.

Mindful Balance


Mindful Balance is all about the practice of meditation. You can access this blog to read up on the different formal and informal meditation practices. You can also compare both and see which ones you prefer.

In order to cover such broad topics, it boasts an impressive collection of resources as well as many tips for enthusiastic beginners. This blog is regularly updated with daily motivation to keep you pumped up every day of the week.

Mindful Minutes


Perfect for those who are always on the go, Mindful Minutes is a way to practice meditation even if you are a busy person with a very tight schedule. There are many tips on how you can squeeze in meditation sessions in between your travel to and from work.

You can also subscribe to their VIP list for free if you want to receive helpful newsletters that regularly deliver unique content to your inbox.

Mindfulness Exercises


Mindfulness Exercises covers lots of topics that are great for broadening your understanding of the practice of meditation. This blog also boasts a collection of content such as albums, teacher lists, worksheets, eBooks, videos, and other archives that go into great detail about the many helpful and positive effects that meditation has on your body.

You will surely learn how you can improve your daily meditation sessions with basic and easy to do steps.

The Mindfulness Meditation Institute


The Mindfulness Meditation Institute is a web portal where you can access loads of new articles about meditation every week. Learn about the many relaxation techniques that can boost both your physical and mental health.

Meditation practices can also improve the way you look at yourself. With the help of the site’s many positive tips, you are guaranteed to see the good while feeling great every single day.

Positively Mindful


Positively Mindful is just that – an active approach to keeping your mind healthy. Its tips will help you find that coveted balance for you to live a lot happier. By applying its tips and methods, you will be trained to remain unfazed by the stress and challenges that you encounter.

By teaching you to focus on the positive and constructive, you will not necessarily be ignoring your problems but instead learning how to direct your energies in finding the best solutions.



Self-Compassion by Dr. Kristin Neff is a great online resource portal for those who want to improve their sense of self-worth. Take some time to read about self-compassion and the research that goes with it.

You will be able to incorporate these research materials into your guided meditations and exercises so you can improve your mindset and develop a healthy and positive outlook on life.

Sharon Salzberg


Sharon Salzberg’s blog is an excellent way to keep up with what she has been up to and how you can get hold of her. Aside from her many blog posts and podcasts, her site also has a calendar, which keeps track of her upcoming events.

Her published content goes into detail about the many mind-related aspects of self-improvement. You will be able to answer questions such as “how much do I love myself?” and “how kind am I to others?” by reading her content.

Simple Mindfulness


Simple Mindfulness is a website where you can read about many materials on happiness in the aspect of simplicity. This simple approach is an excellent way to see the value in everything, even though some of the things you see might not be as extravagant as others.

You will be able to filter out expectations and go through things with a “living the moment” approach. This blog by Paige Burkes even gives you a free guide on how to do just that.

speaking-tree focuses on spirituality. Not only will you be able to read your daily horoscope, but you will also gain access many editorials and slideshows on meditation, spirituality, and life in general.

Many of their content are geared towards improving the quality of life using spiritual methods where you focus on faith and incorporate it with meditation for best results.

Spiritual Healing For You


Spiritual Healing For You boasts a compilation of many articles that collectively go into detail about using spiritual methods to heal your life. Massimo’s website guides you through the application of different spiritual techniques to improve your mind and body with the teachings that he has studied and practiced for the past 13 years.

Much of what he posts is also be backed by scientific studies, which makes it the perfect platform for hesitant skeptics.

Tara Brach


Tara Brach’s blog has many posts on using different methods to heal the mind and body through the use of more conventional strategies. Ever tried to heal yourself using hope? Now you can, thanks to her rather easy-to-follow approach and unique, doable techniques.

There are also many events posted on the website to keep you updated and in the loop with Tara’s sessions.

The Daily Meditation


The Daily Meditation is a great resource aggregator. Its primary focus is to post articles regarding healthy living and enhanced minds. Positivity is what it goes for in most of its content.

You will find lots of great reads here, whether you are a fan of scientific ways to improve life, or you’re a fan of spiritual meditation. This website has it all for you, so we suggest you bookmark it ASAP.

The Meditation Podcast


The Meditation Podcast is a free resource which aims help you get the most out of your meditation sessions. Its hosts, Jesse and Jeane Stern, look at meditation as a way to improve daily life. Everything you need to know is within earshot.

Their material ranges from the very basic questions to the most advanced, and even discusses the many issues that surround meditation. For people who are simply too busy to read, here’s something you can listen to even as you’re on the go.

The Meditative Gardener


A unique approach to meditation is showcased by The Meditative Gardener. It features lots of meditation sessions in gardens and how the many aspects of nature and greenery can help improve your experience whenever you meditate.

There are also lots of posts about different plants and their effects when you meditate surrounded by them. The site is regularly updated, so you’ll never run out of resources to learn from.

Tiny Buddha


Tiny Buddha is a portal for self-improvement using less sophisticated wisdom to live. This simplistic approach to life proves to be effective, given a significant amount of feedback from commenters that commend the author on how the published tips and strategies have effectively helped them.

The site also has a forum for in-depth discussion on many topics and helps when you want to connect with people with the same interest as you. As an added treat, the site posts daily motivational and inspirational quotes to keep its readers powered up.

Transcendental Meditation


Transcendental Meditation is where you can find many research-backed posts about meditation that taps into one’s inner capabilities and sense of self-worth. Its published material goes into great detail about the complicated aspects of life and how to look at the positives that come out of them.

It aims to help the reader to shed unnecessary burdens and to shun the stress that comes with negativity. Transcendental Meditation in itself, is a method of meditation where you focus on being happy so you can live a richer life.

Tsem Rinpoche


Tsem Rinpoche is a massive content resource where many aspects of meditation are broken down so you can review each topic in detail.

Topics such as how Buddhism, art, architecture, culture, books, poetry, leisurely activities, food, and so on affect the way you meditate and how you can get the best experience possible by filtering negative thoughts. You can also ask the authors questions and get personalized answers to meditation-related topics.

Wildmind Buddhist Meditation


Wildmind Buddhist Meditation is a website that contains lots of tips and techniques on how to incorporate Buddhism into your meditation. The core teachings and postures learned from Buddhism are ideal for making sure that you get the most out of your meditation sessions.

It also provides a monthly newsletter where posts on the website are broken down into little tidbits of information and easy-to-follow steps.

Wisdom Publications


Wisdom Publications has a great compilation of content coming from many Buddhist-inspired meditation topics. It has a section for book reviews, so you can check out the best ones to read if you are interested in purchasing materials to learn about meditation.

In essence, the site teaches readers how to achieve great wisdom in life by broadening what you know. It offers a podcast and a variety of courses if you want to delve deeper than what their blog already provides.



YogaYak takes a familiar approach to meditation with the use of yoga. It offers yoga classes, resources about Pranayama, and different meditation and relaxation techniques.

It has lots of video resources, all of which are filmed in different settings. This makes it particularly relatable when finding a routine that would be the best fit in your usual environment.

Zen Habits


Zen Habits dissects the intricacies of meditation using a simple approach. You are told to remove yourself from the center of everything and examine things from the outside. Once you analyze using a spectator’s point of view, you will find what matters.

There are many great reads on this website on various topics and situations that let you step into a different viewpoint.

The Zennist


The Zennist is an often-updated blog where you can find lots of content about Zen meditation and how you can use it to enhance your meditation.

You will find lots of teachings in Buddhism and sermons from Zen masters, compiled into easy-to-follow guides, so you can easily incorporate them into your routines whenever you meditate.

We know that finding this perfect blog that will reach your expectations is not easy and very time-consuming. We hope that this list will give you at least a couple of blogs that you are looking for.

Maybe you know all of them already? Maybe we missed your favorite one? What keeps you going? Give us your thoughts in the comment section!

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