TOP 70 Yoga Blogs You Need To Know About in 2017

TOP 70 Yoga Blogs You Need To Know About in 2017

Some time ago we posted TOP 52 Meditation Blogs article that was a huge success for our readers and was warmly accepted by the blog authors. Now it's a turn for the Yoga Experts.

As like in a previous case, we again spent a ton of time to search for an exceptional, relevant and regularly updated knowledgeable and motivational resources for beginners and more experienced Yogis.

Top Yoga Blogs

Let's first THANK YOU all of the experts for doing a marvelous work to provide such an in-depth expertise, experience and daily dose of help and motivation.

Below is the list of 70 Best Yoga Blogs you need to follow in 2017 (yes, it's the end of 2016, but we tend to look ahead, and we think that everyone on the list will still keep their tremendously high level). 

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Ashley Josephine Wellness


Ashley's a blog focuses on the many benefits that come from doing yoga postures. It features different variations of yoga for strength, yoga for physical injuries, et cetera.

With the help of Ashley Josephine herself, you can tap into the wealth of her knowledge and expertise in the different ways that yoga can impact your body and life in general.

Big Sky Yoga Retreats


Big Sky Yoga Retreats is a central hub for many luxury yoga retreats which targets mostly women. The primary locations are on the outskirts and the many beautiful spots of Montana.

These places are intended to enhance and liven up yogis as they do their postures in green fields with the fresh, unpolluted air blowing to soothe their souls. Their blog section contains many photos of yoga being done in Montana as a preview of what to expect.

Stream of Consciousness


A Stream of Consciousness is the blog section of Gaiam Life. It focuses on many fact-based tips and research on yoga and the many poses done by yogis. You will be able to review the numerous benefits that your mind, body and overall health can get from doing different postures.

Following its teachings influences and affects how you carry yourself in front of other people. It also provides many tips such as detox and diet as a way to cleanse yourself physically.

Deliciously Ella


Deliciously Ella is a blog that highlights many foods and dietary tips for those who want to live a healthy yet lush lifestyle. This is the perfect blog for yogis who do not want to restrain themselves from eating tasty dishes while trying to maintain their figure for great yoga posture.

Many of the recipes provided use healthy products packed with nutrients and vitamins. We do not recommend this blog if you don't want to spend hours in your kitchen!

Elena Brower


Elena Brower’s blog is all about yoga and everything in its circle. You are given an artful and detailed look at the different meditation classes you can participate in. There are also many lifestyle guides found on the blog which discusses issues such as parenting, dieting, and relationships.

Lots of the traffic that goes to Elena Brower’s blog are from fans of her Art of Attention audio meditation course.

Heidi Kristoffer


Heidi Kristoffer’s blog offers a unique approach to yoga. You will also be able to read about tips on how to fully nourish yourself with the right foods and how you can live a strengthened life with a positive outlook.

The yoga postures also come with daily recipes from Heidi herself so you can be healthy both physically and spiritually while following her routines.

I.AM.YOU Studio


A pretty broad blog that covers many topics not limited to yoga but touch areas like self-improvement as well. I.AM.YOU serves as a portal for those with the same interests as the authors. You have a section on yoga which is the site’s primary focus, but there is also numerous content on nourishment as well.

You can also get suggestions on what music to play when you are doing your yoga routines in order to enhance the experience in every session.

Jennifer S. White


This blog by Jennifer S. White will give you an inside look at her life as a mother while being a dedicated yogi. This is a great blog for those who already have one or more children in their care but still want to do yoga routines at home.

You will be able to adjust your schedules to your yoga sessions and vice versa, and you will get helpful tips on how to juggle the two responsibilities easily.



A blog that has a great approach on self-improvement, gives you a different perspective on life with every post you read. You will be able to improve your sense of self-worth not only through meditation and yoga but in focusing on other aspects of your life that are important as well.

You will also get tips about dieting and how you can and should avoid substance abuse. This site is perfect for those who want to make a positive change in their lives today.

Marianna Elliott


This blog goes into great detail about the many techniques that you can learn and practice if you want to improve your yoga sessions in just 30 days. You can even enroll in their 30 days or 90-day courses if you are interested in delving deeper into the practice.

They also post many articles about living life positively in the midst of all the tragedy and mishandling of justice that you often read and hear about in the news.



This website by Stacy covers a lot of the basic methods on mastering yoga postures. There are lots of great reads published, particularly in the blog section. You will be able to learn life-enhancing tips for daily situations and even enrich your knowledge on topics such as cooking, cleaning and other activities that may seem like dull chores.

This site advocates for improving your life by changing how you view and do the little things.

One With Life


One With Life is a blog by Stephanie Spence where she posts a lot of yoga methods and techniques that you can practice by yourself if you want to improve your sessions by making minor yet effective changes. You can also read about the many daily inspirational quotes and stories posted by Stephanie, so you always have something positive engraved in your mind to get you through the day.

Rachel Brathen


Updated almost every week, Rachel Brathen’s yoga lifestyle blog covers a lot of topics like the latest fashion trends, love and relationship advice, great relaxing music to listen to, and, of course, yoga.

You will be able to find out how to effectively incorporate traveling and your food craving tendencies to better your yoga sessions. You will also be able to follow Rachel in her adventures throughout different parts of the world.

Sadie Nardini


Sadie’s blog is all about yoga and fitness. You can follow her unique approach to the two activities by keeping up with her latest exploits. She offers many effective tips and tricks on how you can use yoga to strengthen your core, so your workouts are a lot easier and earn you more results.

You can also visit her store to purchase from the carefully curated merchandise she sells.

Tara Stiles Blog


Tara Stiles’ blog has lots of articles that make you think outside the box. This kind of approach, according to Tara, is encouraged for the betterment of your life and those around you. There are also lots of inspirational content mixed in with the constant stream of yoga tips and techniques that you can master regardless of your skill level.

The Yoga Lunchbox


The Yoga Lunchbox provides many tips for both beginners and advanced practitioners of yoga. There are many teachings available for everyone who visits the website. The many resources range from written online publications to videos.

There is also an extensive archive of interviews where you can learn more about other people’s yoga practices and what they do that are effective for them.

Ultimate Pilates Workouts


The Ultimate Pilates Workouts website is essentially a portal for fitness through Pilates workouts. It has lots of instructional content varying from videos and eBook guides.

You can subscribe to their content stream by enrolling to different sessions where you go through rigorous Pilates exercises that hit many points in your body. They also have lots of videos that are available in physical form (DVD) for those interested in purchasing.



Yoga by Candace (YBC) looks at yoga with a modern approach of incorporating many 21st century techniques into the activity. You also have constant content being posted on how to be fit and healthy with different diet and workout tips from the authors.

There are also online yoga classes available on the website with varying prices depending on what you are interested in pursuing.



The YogaDork website is a blog portal that posts lots of content about the health effects of yoga whether it be positive or negative.

This blog is a great read if you want to improve statistic and fact-based knowledge on different yoga postures as well as the narratives of the transformations that other people went through when they were doing yoga sessions.



This fairly straightforward blog is aimed towards the elderly with many yoga postures provided that are great exercises to keep the back healthy. Yoga for Healthy Aging is just that, a guide for yogis to practice poses that provide a direct benefit for those who are peaking in their years.

There are numerous video guides and step by step text tutorials on how you can follow their methods from the comfort of your home.



Yogahealer is not only about yoga. It also promotes healthy living by following a series of steps that you can do to make everything in your personal life a lot better. You will feel a lot more positive with what is happening around you as you follow its helpful tips that aim to address life’s many aspects.

There are also lots of fun activities that you can do like massage and apply natural remedies to different dilemmas that you may encounter.



The Yogamaze is a regularly updated yoga blog where there are lots of fun activities that you can participate in which means that you will be doing a lot less reading and a lot more interacting.

There are lots of sessions particularly in the Los Angeles area, but they do tours all around the world as well. You can even get certified by Yogamaze through their comprehensive certification process.

Yoga Medicine


Yoga Medicine is a blog that bridges yoga with healthcare. Many healthcare experts and yoga medicine teachers have collaborated to bring you this blog that incorporates many yoga techniques and practices for a better and healthier life.

These are all fact-backed techniques that you can do to improve your posture, core strength and how you feel throughout the day.

Yoga Modern


Applying a modern approach to Yoga, this website aims to give you a different take on the ancient practice. Lots of posts cover various subjects such as wisdom, health, Earth, art, culture. et cetera.

You can expand your knowledge on so many things such as dieting, health, wealth and the many practices that other cultures do that differs their way of living to yours.



YOGANONYMOUS is a lifestyle blog with many yoga tips added in. You have the constant posts about astrology, lifestyle and even humor. You will learn lots of things to improve your outlook on life and enhance not only your physical state but spiritual as well.

The blog has its fair share of great content varying from fashion topics and even political posts that discuss personalities such as Hillary Clinton.

Yoga With Adriene


Yoga With Adriene is a great yoga blog for those who are looking to boost their confidence and enhance their daily activities. It also has a forum section where you can have discussions with other members of the community.

This is a great avenue for you to compare effective ways to practice yoga. Overall, this site will teach you the different poses that hit various pressure points in your body as well as which ones will help ease joint points and make you a lot more comfortable when moving around.

The Yogini from Manila


The Yogini from Manila is a blog by Jane where she reviews different books that talk about yoga. She also shares her knowledge and information about how you can improve your yoga sessions by practicing different postures.

It mostly serves as a review blog since there are other product reviews as well like which is the best oil for massaging and which food products to eat for best nutrition.

Bram Levinson Blog


The Bram Levinson Blog serves as a personal blog for Bram while he does share a lot of great content for yogis all over the world. He incorporates real life experiences and how he uses those to improve his outlook on life, especially with the world we live in being filled with terrible tragedies as of late.

A refreshing take on the many, otherwise horrific, things that happen every single day.

Kia Miller


Kia Miller’s blog focuses on radiant body yoga. It is a type of yoga that focuses more on the physical aspect, so you can make the experience a lot better targeted towards your body’s health.

There is also an email subscription service that you can sign up for if you want to receive a free eBook about radiant body yoga and lots of tips on how you can practice healthy living directly from Kia.

Katie Silcox Blog


The Katie Silcox Blog is one of the best blogs to have come out during the year of 2011. You have a lot of great reads on this blog varying from meditation, yoga and how you can boost your self-esteem.

There are also lots of guides provided where you are encouraged to go out of your comfort zone so you can become more adventurous and free in life and how you can do this without bumming yourself out in the end.

Loving Your Day


Silvia Mordini’s blog is a great resource for lots of inspirational content focusing on yoga and meditation. There is much helpful information regarding different sessions being held around the world for those yogis who want to participate.

There’s a constant stream of updates in the form of photos, videos and sometimes motivational messages to get you through the week with your daily yoga fix.

Yogi Crystal Runs


Yogi Crystal Runs is a blog by a mid-30’s girl who is trying her hand in being more adventurous and exploring places she did not dare to go before. She went on her ways to improve her life through yoga and fitness exercises.

There are also some recipes that you can try out at home if you want healthy snacks and foods to chew on as you read the amazing content posted here.

Adam Hocke Yoga


Adam Hocke’s blog about yoga focuses more on the slow aspect of yoga. This is enhanced with the many audio resources he provides that are not only applicable for beginners but perfect for those who are advanced yogis as well.

He constantly updates the blog with many tips and product reviews for yoga enthusiasts and information about the latest retreats nearby.

Alive in the Fire


Rachel is writing about yoga for several years now. You can see from her awards that she is amazing at what she does. She raises a subject of asana practice, life, energy, anxiety, inspires thousands of people every single month with her dedication and warm hearth.

She tries to help as much as she can - Sponsored Yogi program (you can find more about it on her website) - as maybe it's something just for you.

BASI Pilates


The BASI Pilates is an academy where you can learn your way up through the more complicated Pilates techniques. You will be given detailed instructions as soon as you enroll so you can master the activity and even try your hand at becoming a teacher.

BASI stands for Body Arts and Science International, and they are one of the most reputable institutions where you can study about Pilates and its benefits in your life.

Chelsea Loves Yoga


Chelsea’s blog on Yoga details lots of her experiences as a yogi. She has numerous posts about her personal life and how she uses the negative things she feels or encounters to strengthen her outlook on everything else.

She is one of the many members of the self-grown community where many yogis interact with each other, sharing inspirational quotes and effective techniques on how to be a more active yoga practitioner.

CorePower Yoga


CorePower Yoga is a portal where you can read about yoga and other helpful tips to better your life. You will be able to read lots of content focused on self-improvement, dieting, and many yoga principles.

There is also a community where you can involve yourself in if you want a more personalized approach to different things. You can share your experiences as a yogi or even ask questions on how to get better posture, et cetera.

Curvy Yoga


Curvy Yoga is one of the most popular websites since it has been featured in many reputable publications and lots of TV shows. Their training is centered on yoga while being geared towards those who are on the curvier side physically.

You can use the tips provided to practice yoga with ease without having to worry about your curvy form.

Daily Cup of Yoga


Daily Cup of Yoga is a blog run by Brian for almost ten years now. As an experienced and open yogi -Brian is not closing his mind on anything, so he writes not just about yoga, but meditation, fitness, technology and books he is currently reading (which we recommend to check as well).

Beginners and more skilled yogis can always find there something to read to their morning coffee. 



DoYogaWithMe is the perfect website for everyone interested in yoga. You can learn and read more about yoga and come out with something new every time because, regardless of your skill level, this website shares lots of helpful content.

Their blog features many texts and video content of different yoga techniques, postures and how you can adjust the various activities you do in real life to enhance your next yoga session.



The DOYOUYOGA is a community of many yoga enthusiasts. They get together here and share different tips and tricks with each other. They talk about their form, posture, and other aspects that directly impact yoga and their lives like diet, workout, fitness, lifestyle, et cetera.

The great news is everyone can now participate since signing up is free. There are always at least a thousand yogis online on the website so wherever you do not matter.

Dru Yoga


Dru Yoga is essentially a portal that serves as a workshop for people interested in different yoga activities. You can enhance your life by using many different materials such as audio listening and text resources.

The online yoga classes provided give you a great insight on the different things that you can do and add to your favorite yoga postures to help you maintain the calmness and peace that you seek in every session.

Ekhart Yoga


Ekhart Yoga is a blog that focuses on the other aspects of self-improvement. Yoga is still the core topic, but you will be taken on a journey different from other blogs since you also get to read about different dieting techniques and programs that are even ideal for beginners.

There are different posture tips to practice and master that hit the many pressure points, making each session quite soothing and satisfying.

Elephant Journal


The Elephant Journal is not only about yoga; it is about life. You will look at your life in a different way because the authors of this portal focus on the great things that you can do to help yourself feel better.

Spirituality is one of the main key talking points on this website, but there is also content for those who prefer the physical side of healthiness like food and dieting.



Gaia is one of the best resource portals if you are looking to learn the different styles of yoga coming from around the world. You can practice different techniques that may have been only taught exclusively to East Asian schools, giving you a glimpse of how foreign yoga postures work.

The community is very friendly, and there are at least 7,000 videos for you to watch and discuss with other members.

Jackie Dumaine


Jackie Dumaine’s website is still about yoga but with life coaching incorporated into it. The website itself is going through a renovation process.

You can subscribe to the newsletter where you will be sent different inspirational topics such as the achievements of many athletes and yogis around the world. There is also the constant stream of updates about what Jackie has been up to and how the website is coming along.

J. Brown Yoga


The J. Brown Yoga blog offers you different ways to learn about yoga: text, audio or even in person. The blog which has lots of text content goes into great detail about the many benefits that you can feel instantly as soon as you do your first yoga session.

Many different yoga techniques combine practices from around the world. There is also a podcast that offers self-improvement and lifestyle recordings that you can listen to even when you are on the road.



Kripalu is a way of life portal where you can learn about yoga, Ayurveda, creative expression, health, fitness, wellness, self-discovery, psychology, spiritual practice, and inquiry.

Every topic is discussed in great detail and while it may seem too broad to read about, you will enjoy the simplistic approach to these rather complicated matters where you are eased up on the main subject to keep you in step with the material.



Lexi’s blog gives you constant content such as quotes and inspirational topics to keep that positive mindset flowing throughout the day. Most of this content is explained thoroughly and are broken down into little tidbits of information for you to take away and think about as you go about your day.

There are also different yoga poses provided almost every week that you can practice in the comfort of your home.

Starr Struck


Starr Struck offers you a different approach to self-improvement. The blog features many topics about lifestyle as well as yoga and meditation. You can use what you learn from here and apply them to what you do on a daily basis.

The art and design section gives your creative juices an outlet to express yourself. There is also a podcast section if you want to listen to the musings of the author in audio form.



Mindbodygreen is a portal that has lots of content focusing on lifestyle and relationships. These two topics are almost always linked to each other and for great reason.

Yoga is still a part of the lifestyle section while you learn about the many transformations that lots of people go through just to make their lives better. You can pattern your strategies to theirs and apply their best practices to your routines.

Free Yoga Videos


Free Yoga Videos – the website name pretty much explains its content. You have lots of free yoga videos to watch if you want to learn different postures that are either self-dependent or assisted poses.

They are one of the best content curators if you want to get a constant stream of helpful content in your feed. This portal is great for everyone especially those who are still trying out different yoga poses to find the right one for them.

Balanced Body


Balanced Body’s Pilates section delves into the broad topic of Pilates and how it can improve your life. There are lots of examples such as global stage athletes that practice Pilates and giving their thoughts on the activity and how it forms part of keeping them on top of their game.

Balanced Body also offers a free newsletter that you can sign up for if you want the content fed directly to your email inbox. Their community section is very interactive, and tips are always shared and discussed there.

Pilates Foundation


Pilates Foundation is a website that promotes lots of Pilates techniques that are perfect for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. You will be able to improve your strength and mobility while making sure that any injuries that you may have sustained are healed or improved upon.

They also offer membership and workshops for those who are interested in teaching Pilates to other people.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation


Sahaja Yoga Meditation combines yoga and meditation to improve spirituality and peacefulness. The site provides a step by step guide on how you can accomplish both of the activities efficiently.

They teach how you can immerse yourself into them regardless of where you are by using modern technology to enhance the experience. You get a variety of audio recordings and textbooks to guide you through your sessions.



Semperviva is the ultimate blog for those who want to learn and practice yoga. You can follow the adventures of many folks around the world and how they use yoga as a means of relaxing and keeping their bodies and minds healthy.

They also share which yoga postures they do so you can attempt them yourselves and see if they are effective for you.



Sonima is a great resource if you want to learn more about shaping yourself to become a better person. Yes, this is primarily a lifestyle blog, but you also learn a lot about yoga and meditation along the way.

In fact, they're two of the most critical components featured here that are ideal for improving every person’s sense of self-worth. The community is fairly significant, so there is always someone to discuss the latest topics with as soon as it hits your feed.

Spirit Voyage Blog


The Spirit Voyage Blog is where you can read about the spiritual side of improving both the body’s physical and mental health. You can learn about topics such as fear and how you can remove it from your system or deal with it in a constructive way.

You will also learn how to find inner peace with their different techniques and approaches applicable for people from varying walks of life.

Spoiled Yogi


Spoiled Yogi is a blog that focuses on the yogi instead of the yoga activity itself. Nevertheless, there are still lots of great content that goes into detail about how yoga is one of the best activities to finding inner peace and life balance.

You can enhance your form with many different techniques shared by authors from all over the globe. Whether you’re an amateur or expert doesn’t matter. This blog focuses on people from varying walks of life and different levels of their yoga journey.

The Journey Junkie


The Journey Junkie is a blog that successfully combines both traveling and yoga. This is a great portal to bask at different locations across the globe. While particularly aimed at beginners, there is still plenty of content available for those who feel like they are on the advanced side of this relaxing activity.

If you want things mixed up a bit to avoid the monotony, this site gives you just that. With carefully curated content, you’ll be sure to avoid boredom and always have the enthusiasm to give your daily routines everything you’ve got.

The Yoga Blog


The Yoga Blog is pretty self-explanatory. It is a blog with many authors from all over the world. They discuss how yoga affects their daily lives and how you can use yoga to better yourself and make sure that you are at peace and healthy at all times.

From their many rich experiences, you can be sure to learn something positive and to encourage to get you through your own journey as well.

Whole Life Yoga


Whole Life Yoga is a community-oriented yoga practicing studio based in Seattle, Washington. Their website serves as a hub for those who are interested in learning about yoga as a whole or those who might be interested in dropping by to witness their classes and maybe even participate.

They also have a photo gallery of their sessions so you can check out their facilities online.

Yoga Basics


Yoga Basics is an excellent resource for those who are interested in learning about yoga but are too intimidated by the amount of information given by a lot of sites. This website focuses on giving you a simple, understandable and doable approach to yoga.

Every routine follows a step by step process that ensures you appreciate what you’re doing every step of the way.

Yoga Download


Yoga Download is a great website for those who want to do yoga even while they are on the go. This site focuses on the portable aspects of yoga such as the different content that you can bring with you on your smartphone or mobile device.

There are also lots of posts that can enhance your sessions by incorporating extra fun activities.

Yoga Journal


The Yoga Journal is where you should go if you want only the best and most trusted information about yoga. No longer will you have to worry about unreliable “studies” that may lead to injuries.

Everything on this website is fact-checked and comes directly from the most advanced practitioners. You may already know the name since they are one of the most popular yoga portals not only on the web but in the magazine world as well.



Hari Bhajan’s website is where you can read about the many musings about yoga. It offers lots of freebies to its users and readers can even ask about coaching sessions. It also does book reviews on the different published material out in the market.

Its archive is an excellent way to start reading and learning about the basics and steadily move up to the more complicated content.



YogaToday offers you a direct-to-content approach to practicing yoga. You are given the best resources such as the perfect poses for those who participate in varying sporting activities.

There are also great tips for the foodies who want to learn the perfect dieting techniques and incorporate them into their yoga sessions. It also teaches about the different juices recommended and how every single fruit has benefits in store for you.

Yoga Tune Up


Yoga Tune Up is a great blog for those who are interested in the most science-based approach to doing yoga. Your feed will be filled with lots of fact-based content so you can read up on actual health benefits coming directly from medical experts and their thoughts on why you should do yoga.

There is an email subscription system where you get access to exclusive content directly from the author, Terry Littlefield.



YogiApproved is one of the best yoga communities and portals on the web right now. You are given lots of unique content to read, watch and listen to.

Learn how you can use yoga to relieve yourself from stress, which props to use, and how you can even teach your little ones (if you have any) how to do yoga poses that are safe for them to do on their own.

Yogi Times


Yogi Times brings you lots of news and updates about the world of yoga practitioners as well as a daily stream of content on how you can improve your form, posture and what are the best equipment to use for your yoga sessions.

It serves as a portal for many bloggers and book authors alike to share their thoughts and best practices for you to help yourself become a better yogi.

As it is not easy, we hope that this list will help you find an additional knowledge resource. Is there a website that you think we should include into our list? What keeps you coming back to your favorite yoga blog?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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