How To Meditate Deeply: Achieve The Depth With Simple Steps

How To Meditate Deeply: Achieve The Depth With Simple Steps

We are now familiar with what mediation is. In the last entry, we also established how meditation is totally subjective and the techniques used by you can differ from the techniques used by others.

While a lot of people around the world are starting to experiment and embrace the art of meditation. Only a handful of them has managed to explore the deeper layers of mediation and reaching the higher self.

Meditation is like relaxation. Deep meditation is like getting a deep tissue massage done. Except that deep meditation is for the soul more than the body.


What Happens When You Are Under A State Of Deep Meditation

Deep meditation is about connection, awareness, and relaxation. In the state of deep meditation your body, mind and soul are in rhythmic synchronization. You are completely aware of your surroundings.

You are able to feel every inch of your body. Your thumb, your fingers, your feet, your skin, your naval, your thighs, your toes and everything part of your body resonates tranquility.

In normal meditation, you can focus and concentrate. It rejuvenates you, but you don’t get a chance to look within yourself. In the case of deep meditation, you become the observer.

You sit and observe. Sit and realize. You sit and feel every inch of your body like I mentioned before.

Many people don’t understand the way to relaxation.

We are all too busy making money, and this lifestyle causes stress in our minds. It inculcates negative thoughts and emotions.

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In the state of deep meditation, you are connected with your higher self. You can feel your soul. You can feel completely content when your mind is completely still.

Everyone wants to experience the state of eternal bliss for a few minutes in the day to day life.

In this entry, we are going to help you reach that deep state of meditation just with a few simple steps.


How To Go Into Deep Meditation?

With these simple steps, you will be able to connect with your higher self. But you must practice this consistently every day to get there. It will not be easy in the beginning since your mind is habitual to wandering in the world of your thoughts.

But the trick is to let it flow. You have to let it happen. You only have to be an observer. And soon you will see how your mind is getting quieter and quieter.


  • Find a spot

    Obviously in order to communicate with your higher self you need to get yourself a nice cozy, comfortable little place. An area which is quiet is preferred. Although once you have mastered the art of deep meditation, you will be able to achieve the transcendental state of mind even sitting in the Mumbai locals.


  • Figure out the pose

    Once you know the spot you are going to meditate in, try and find a posture you want to be in. You can sit, stand, or lie down. Although lying down could make you drowsy and standing for several minutes could start hurting your feet. Whatever you chose make sure you are comfortable in that posture.


  • Warm up

    You have the spot and the position sorted for yourself. Begin by closing your eyes slowly. You will see a plethora of images reeling at a speed of light in front of your eyes. All this can be very chaotic. The art is in making peace with chaos and attaining a deeper state of mind.


  • Deep breathes

    The rate at which you breathe tells a lot about your state of mind and your personality. When your eyes are closed, and you feel restless, focus on your breathing. It is almost like waves. Try to reduce your breathing speed, but don’t   forget to breathe as this could kill you. Calming the breath automatically reduces the stress in your mind.


    Breathing Techniques

    There are two types of breathing techniques that you should know.

    Short Version – The important thing is to keep your breath even paced, long and deep. When you breathe in think of yourself as the center of the universe, and subsequently when you breathe out, let go of everything. The art of letting go is crucial in mediation.

    When you breathe out, you must learn to let go of all your fears, your inhibitions, you anger, your jealousy and everything that your mind and heart are resisting.

    Extended Version – For this, you first have to finish a set of 9 Yoga-Asanas. It will flex your body muscles a bit and relax your body. Once you are done with this do the following:

    Breathe in for 4 seconds via the nose.

    Breathe out for 8 seconds via the nose.


  • Make your mind happy

    It is of paramount importance that your mind is utterly relaxed and also content when you start your meditation.  You must get rid of any negative thoughts in your mind before you begin your meditation. Dark thoughts can prevent you from reaching the state of deep meditation.

    You can think of your happy place, or something that makes you exhilarated, believe in yourself, talk to yourself and tell yourself how grateful you are to be alive and in the comforts of your home.

    Those who believe in God can chant some religious prayers to set your mind right before starting your meditation.


  • Prepare your mind

    Achieve a state of deep meditation is all about controlling your mind. If you can control your thoughts, you will be able to stay focused during your meditation.Reaffirm, by telling your mind that you are going in a state of deep meditation and will not entertain any nonsense thoughts. Tell your mind not to wander in places.

    Show your determination and will power to your brain. You will be surprised how effective such simple statements can be during your meditation.


  • Be gentle

    You are now in the meditative zone. Be kind to your brain. Pessimist thoughts about anyone including your brain do no good and hinder you from reaching the deep state of meditation.


  • Drift away

    After accomplishing the above steps, you will realize your mind is getting quieter. You will start feeling a tingling sensation on your skin, or some might even feel a little rise in the temperature of their auras.This happens because your chakras are activated and you are in touch with your higher self. The energy is dissipated in the form of heat. It is as simple as that.

    Don’t restrict anything. You have to go with the flow. It will be like a labyrinth of tranquility. In this tunnel of bliss, you will be able to find the answers to your problems.

    Consistent connection with the higher self is necessary to keep the energy flowing. The moment the connection is lost, you will not be able to feel a thing.

    It is the most beautiful part of the journey. If your imagination is vivid, you will be able to stay in the zone for several minutes altogether.

    As you keep increasing the time of your meditation, you will learn that you keep going deeper and deeper into the state of transcendence.

    Enjoy every moment of your mediation.

    If you think this is not easy to achieve for you, then you can try out some guided meditation records and play that while meditating.

    You can also try some music which helps in reaching the higher state of mind.


  • Descending

    When you start feeling your mediation is coming to an end then gently move your neck and hands. It is just to relax the muscles. Keep your eyes closed at this point also.Feel yourself descending back to the real world. All this has to be done gradually and not in a hurry.

    Slowly open your eyes.

    What you feel and see now will be fresher than ever.

    You can continue to sit in that position for a few minutes and speculate all that happened during your course of medication. You can even keep a journal and make small notes on your everyday mediation experience.

    It helps you stay grounded in the reality and at the same time it will help you achieve a deeper state of meditation over the course of time.


Wrap Up

Meditation is a great tool to get in touch with your passion and follow your dreams. Deep meditation like this will help you channelize your talent and ideas better.

You will be able to perform prolifically at work and everywhere else you go.

It alters your state of mind for good. Your energy levels will change, and you will start feeling more energy. That is the power of meditation.

Meditating every day for a few minutes will increase your patience level as well. You will also be able to control your anger since in the process of deep meditation you are controlling your mind.

Once the potential of mind is tamed and directed in the right direction, you will be able to achieve all that you dreamed of.

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