6 Best Meditation Chairs You Will Absolutely Love In 2019

6 Best Meditation Chairs You Will Absolutely Love In 2019

Meditation should be relaxing and connect you to yourself and the universe. Studies have also shown that it helps to improve one's memory and stop one's mind from wandering too much (e.g. during study and work). For some people, however, meditation turns into a back-breaking exercise, and they cannot keep it up for a long time.have also shown that it helps to improve one's memory and stop one's mind from wandering too much (e.g. during study and work). For some people, however, meditation turns into a back-breaking exercise, and they cannot keep it up for a long time.

Other people have issues with finding a comfortable position which would allow them to meditate for a longer time. Both groups of people might benefit from using a good meditation chair that helps to find and keep the right posture.

At A Glance: What Types Of Meditation Chairs Are Available?

Meditation chairs come in different sizes and models. Some people like meditation benches like the meditation bench by Joy is Within You. This bench comes in three different sizes and is helpful for people who would like to meditate while kneeling as it supports the body and keeps your legs from falling asleep.

Cushioned seats like Comfort Seat Cushion, the Alexia Meditation Seat, the Zabuton Zafu for Yoga and Meditation, and the Zafu Yoga Meditation Pillow are ideal for people who need their meditation chairs to be mobile and are an attractive option when it comes legless meditation chairs.

Some people requirechair with back support and might benefit from selecting a meditation chair with back support like the Back Jack Floor Chair.

Read on for more detailed information about each of those products.

2019's Reviews Of The Best Meditation Chairs





Editor's Ranking


26" x 32 1/2" x 11 1/2"

Body and seat support, vegan leather option, 15 pounds (app)


Depends on size selected

Ergonomic design, multi-density pad, 3 sizes available


14 (W) x 21 (H) inches

Easy to store, removable cotton duck cover, steel inner frame


Zabuton: 3" x 28" x 36"

Zafu: 6" x 9" x 15"

Blowout bedding, thick and overfilled seat


14.5 x 17.5 x 4.5 inches

Velour w/ non-slip bottom, bowling pin-shaped center


Round: 13" diameter x 6" Oval: 18"

Modern/oval shape, eco-friendly cotton or hemp, carry handle

Alexia Meditation Seat

We found it hard to get out of the Alexia Meditation Seat as it was a very comfortable meditation chair to test. The seat is designed with nothing but meditation in mind and supports the body in the right places. The sides of the seat take the weight off your joints and enable you to meditate without any body parts falling asleep.

This meditation chair is rather bulky, so you should see it as a proper piece of furniture and not something you can easily move around. The design contributes to the status as a piece of furniture. The seat looks great, and in addition to the support function, the design will act as a motivation to sit down and meditate.

The Alexia Meditation Seat comes in various colors, and you have the option of purchasing a model made of vegan-friendly materials, which is very appealing to us as we want our meditation moments to be free of animal cruelty. We appreciate companies which give their customers the option to be more animal-friendly without having to pay more for it.


  • Vegan-leather option available in multiple colors
  • Very comfortable over an extended period
  • Great design, no need to hide it away
  • Supports your body in the right places


  • It cannot easily be moved around
  • A bit pricey considering the country of origin
Meditation Bench by Joy is Within You

This meditation bench takes the weight off your legs if you are someone who prefers meditating while kneeling. The chairs are handmade, and we found that they were comfortable even over a longer period.

Some people enjoy meditating while kneeling but have the problem that their legs fall asleep long before they are ready to finish meditating. The meditation bench lets you kneel in a natural position but without the discomfort of cutting off the blood flow to your legs. The cushioning is just right and prevents your bottom from feeling sore.

Unlike other meditation benches, this one does not fold. For some, this might be a disadvantage as you need more space to store it. For others, it means more peace of mind because you do not have to worry about the bench collapsing under you.


  • Great selection of colors to suit all tastes
  • Helpful instructional video on manufacturer's website
  • Wood from sustainable sources
  • Sturdy construction


  • Finding the right size is a matter of trial and error
Back Jack Floor Chair

The Back Jack Floor chair is ideal if you are looking for a floor chair that does more than just provide cushioning to keep you off the floor. While people who meditate find that meditation helps them with getting a better posture over time and sitting up straight without support, beginners might not find this so easy.

The Back Jack Floor Chair provides the user with just the support you need for your back. We found that the floor chair is very stable thanks to the thoughtful design. You never feel like you are going to fall over when you lean back in the chair.

A floor chair takes up more space than a meditation cushion, but we found that the Back Jack Floor Chair is easily folded and stored. It is also not very heavy, so you can carry it somewhere else if needed (e.g. if you go to a meditation class).


  • Easy assembly
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to transport
  • Great support for your back
  • Good selection of colors


  • Materials are not very natural
  • Not enough cushioning on the back of the chair
  • Backrest cannot be adjusted
Zabuton Zafu for Yoga and Meditation

The Zabuton Zafu seat cushion comes with a smaller pillow cushion that can act as additional support if needed. The design is very stylish and Zen-like, and we enjoyed that it gave us a feeling of being in Japan. It has a similar feeling to a futon but is designed to support you when meditating.

We were not a big fan of the material as it feels a bit slippery—so we would not recommend it for hot yoga, for example. For meditating, however, it is all right, especially if you put a blanket on top of it for some additional comfort.

The cushion is great at protecting you from the coldness and hardness of the floor, and also helps with getting into the right position for meditating.


  • Generous size
  • Cushion helps with finding the right position
  • Can also be used for yoga
  • Attractive design


  • Only one design and color available
  • Cover can't be taken off for washing
  • Material feels a bit slippery

The Memory Foam Seat Cushion is ideal for people who struggle with maintaining the correct posture during meditation. The cushion can be used on the floor as well as on a chair. It has a slip-proof underside, so you'll never feel like you are slipping when you sit or get up from the chair.

The design allows you to feel like you are always well ventilated, which is perfect for meditating during hot weather. The memory foam is thick enough to be comfortable, and while it does flatten a little when you sit on it, it does not flatten too much.

The Zen Comfort Memory Foam Cushion is ideal for people who need a meditation chair that can easily be moved around. It also does not take a lot of space to store and is easily washed.


  • Improves your posture
  • Handy storage bag
  • Unusual design that provides extra ventilation for your lower parts
  • Very comfortable


  • It comes in black and nothing but black
  • Only one size available
Zen Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion

The Zafu Meditation Pillow is a meditation chair in pillow form and is one of the classic formats for meditation. It could not be simpler to use, and even beginners will find it easy to achieve the correct spinal alignment while using this floor chair.

The pillow has the right balance between being soft and firm. It is soft enough to relieve the pressure you would feel on your pelvic bones when sitting on the floor, but it is also strong enough to give you the much-needed support for your weight.


  • Does not need much space
  • Eco-friendly filling and organic fabric
  • Supports your weight
  • Align your spine


  • Not easy to clean as the buckwheat filling is not easy to remove from cover
  • Might be too low for tall people, one size only


Best Overall

2nd Choice

3rd choice

4th choice

5th choice

Top-Rated Meditation Chairs in 2019

Alexia Meditation Seat
Meditation Bench by Joy is Within You
Back Jack Floor Chair
Zabuton Zafu for Yoga and Meditation


Material Used

Internal Metallic Skeleton Structured

Plywood High-quality woven fabric

Dense Foam

Zubu and Zabuton cushion

Memory Foam

Color Option

23 color options

4 color options

9 color options

2-in-1 (Black/Grey)


Get Started

The advantages of using a meditation chair

Meditation is one of the best ways in which you can relax and shrug stress away from your body. Aside from that, there are other several benefits that you can enjoy out of using meditation seat. Here are some of them:

  • Unique Design

Meditation chairs are often available in unique, ergonomic designs. They are designed in a way that allows you to sit with the appropriate posture, even for a longer time. As a result, you can further enjoy a good session of meditation.

  • No Interference

The absolute harmony between the mind and body is needed while engaging in a meditation session. Any discomfort during the session may be disturbed easily. With a meditation chair, this issue can be solved.

Sitting on a meditation chair will allow your back to relax, saving you pain as a result of the wrong posture while sitting.

  • Support and Alignment

Meditation chairs are designed especially for adequate alignment and support needed to achieve the maximum experience out of your meditation session. An ordinary chair cannot provide you with this type of support and comfort.

  • Improved Meditation

Since comfort and support are taken care of by the meditation chair, you can now expect to experience and overall improved meditation. These are very effective for both beginners, as well as avid ones.

Using a meditation chair there is many more benefits:

  • Supports your weight
  • Provides cushioning
  • Align your spine
  • Keeps pressure off your joints
  • Keeps your limbs from falling asleep during meditation
  • Makes it easier to focus on meditating instead of focusing on your posture
  • Motivates you to meditate

How to choose the best meditation chair?

Meditation is a very personal experience, and finding the best meditation chair is different for everyone. When you look for a floor chair, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want back support?
  • Do I need a meditation chair that forces me into the right position or am I already experienced enough not to need that much support?
  • Do I want to be able to choose a particular color?
  • Do I want my chair to be organic and eco-friendly?
  • What kind of material do I want to sit on?
  • How much space do I have for my meditation chair?
  • Do I need to carry the floor chair around?

When purchasing a meditation chair, there are certain things that you can take into consideration:

  • Your Physical Needs

You also have to take into consideration your actual needs. What are the reasons for getting a meditation chair? Is it just purely for relaxation? Or to help you with a treatment plan? These needs should be well taken into consideration beforehand.

This also includes the need to consider your size, height, and the required comfort level. There are certain meditation chairs that are adjustable as well, which is ideal especially if there are other people who will also be using the chair aside from you.

  • Extra Features

Some meditation chairs are designed to equip with extra features that particularly cater to the needs of the actual users. Some focus on providing back support by using a slight angle, thus promoting an improved posture.

Some are also designed to be portable and light weight, perfect for those who does not have enough storage and may need to move it frequently. Some come with beautiful designs, meant for women who prefers them. Choosing your meditation chair should also involve your personal preferences.

The answers to those questions will help you in finding the best chair for you.

Our favorite meditation chair?

We tested all of the above chairs for meditations each lasting 30 minutes. We found that each of the floor chairs has an absolute advantage and that all of them enabled us to meditate without feeling sore or having our feet fall asleep. However, there was one meditation chair that stood out from all others.

The Alexia Meditation Seat was the most comfortable meditation chair, and all of us agreed on it being the chair that supports you in all the right places. Also, the design is stunning, and the material is of high quality so you won't need to invest in a new one every few months.

We know that this product is not cheap. If you are tight on budget, we would recommend any of other chairs that we reviewed in this article. We picked the best 6 available options on the market; there is no chance you will be disappointed.

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