How Effective are Massage Chairs as Compared to Traditional Massages

How Effective are Massage Chairs as Compared to Traditional Massages

Most of us might have seen or tried using a massage chair. It might have been your sense of comfort while you watch your kids play in the arcade, or it is your go-to destination while waiting for someone in the mall.

Nevertheless, almost all of us are familiar with the promise that these chairs will give us a relaxing sensation and help release body tension. Some massage chairs are even claimed to be capable of targeting some muscle spots that have been strained for a long time. But, how effective are massage chairs? Are they really as beneficial as the traditional massage?

The reality is that massage chairs are extremely convenient to use. You only have to set a time, and you are good to go. Some massage chairs even have specific settings wherein you can choose where the core of the massage pressure will be.

However, the question remains, is it better than hiring a massage therapist? Does it have the same effect? Also, are there really benefits to using a massage chair or does it only end in that feeling of comfort?

What are the Benefits of a Traditional Massage?

For us to understand if massage chairs are effective, we should first know the benefits of a traditional massage. In this way, we will see if we get similar effects. So, a massage is actually a treatment approach that comprises of techniques that should be hands-on to help relieve stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and promote circulation and relaxation. It can affect the soft tissues of the body, meaning the muscles, connective tissues, tendons, and the likes.

  • Relaxation

Traditional massage techniques are known to help decrease cortisol levels in the body. As such, your body can go to its recovery state.

  • Helps Improve Cardiovascular Health

Regular massage therapy sessions can help people with heart ailments and high blood pressure as the technique promotes proper blood circulation.

  • Muscle Relaxation and Pain Relief

Through traditional massage techniques, the pressure points in the body can be targeted; thus, muscle knots can be relieved. Endorphin release is also promoted which can help ease the pain.

  • Helps Improve Posture and Boost Immune System

Experts say that the body’s alignment can be improved or put back through traditional massages. As such, sitting or standing straight will be more comfortable. In addition, since massage can help deal with stress and pain, that will eventually lead to the release of happy hormones which eventually boosts the immune system.

How Effective are Massage Chairs?

Before we go into detail in terms of the effects of massage chairs to our body, let us first go through its mechanisms that affect the massage sensation.

  • Motor: This is where you power the whole chair. It is also responsible for moving the nodes that will touch certain areas. This is also where you do adjustments for when you need the chair to recline.
  • Nodes and Rollers: These are the makeshift hands that will massage certain parts of your body. You can use the programmed movements or customize them.
  • Computer Assistance: Once a person sits on a massage chair, it automatically adjusts its function to that person’s build, size, etc. This is the case so that the nodes and rollers can reach the pressure points.

So now we come to the effects. Surely, there is more to it than just feeling relaxed after using the chair for 15 minutes, right?

  • Stress Relief

The sensations you get from a massage chair can help release endorphins that will help relieve stress. In fact, the consistent motion of the nodes and rollers are more efficient than hands as they move uniformly against your back.

  • Management of Pain

People who deal with shoulder, neck, and leg pain after a long day should actually have a massage chair at home to relieve muscle pain. Massage chairs are great for imitating the motions of a therapist.

  • Reduction of Stiffness

When you come home and sit on a massage chair, it is not necessarily for body aches. Sometimes, you just have a bit of stiffness that needs more stimulation. For cases such as this, you really do not need a massage therapist; a massage chair will be enough to massage that stiffness away.

Are Massage Chairs Better than a Massage Therapist?

As much as massage chairs mimic the motions of the hands of a massage therapist, getting a massage from a professional is still the best thing to do. This is because professionals can really feel what the current situation of your muscles and tendons is. They can adjust the way they do the massage and the pressure used to treat your pain or soreness effectively.

Yes, sometimes the pressure may not be consistent or even parallel as with a machine, but the use of hands can really get into an area which needs more work. At the same time, applying the same pressure in certain areas can cause more harm than good.

For machines, you have to pause the process and re-enter your setting. With a massage therapy, they will know if you feel uncomfortable or if you are experiencing pain.

Lastly, the most important thing to note is the fact that massage therapists are trained professionals. They know what to do in order for you to not only relax but for your body to recover from the soreness or the pain. So, they really hit two birds with one stone; it is not only about the feel of the massage but your wellness as well.


So, the answer to the question “How effective are massage chairs?” is that they are only good as far as relaxation goes. They are also good for relieving stiffness and mild pain. Further, anything to do with the release of happy hormones or counteracting stress, you can count on massage chairs alone.

However, for real muscle pain and other body ailments related to the immune system, recovery, or blood circulation, you really have to leave those to the professionals since those need more complicated techniques. Lastly, they can easily adapt to what you are currently experiencing during a massage, so the risk of increasing the muscle pain is prevented.

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