Yoga Books for Beginners: Our Top Picks

Yoga Books for Beginners: Our Top Picks

You finally decided to take your wellness goals to a whole new level, and yoga might be the one that can help you out. Yoga unites the body, mind, and soul. Essentially, it is not a simple exercise but in itself, a path of way. It literally translates to the “union” of the soul and the mind. Thus, it allows you to be in the ultimate reality according to Sadguru. However, beginning with anything is never easy. Nonetheless, with yoga for beginners books, you might just be able to work your way through it on your own.

Yoga Books for Beginners: Our Top Picks 

Reading guidebooks is necessary to make sure you are in the right direction in this new way of living. Whether you are at the gym, at the park, or just sitting on the most comfortable chair in your home, books always come in handy. Hence, in order to guide you in taking this one step in your life, below are books for yoga beginners.

●    Light on Yoga by B.K.S Iyengar

Iyengar, who at the age of 17 started teaching yoga, focuses on teaching posture and precision since these are strong foundations for the practice of hatha yoga.  Hence, this is a comprehensive guidebook for people who would want to practice yoga the Iyengar way.

For meditating, exercise, correct alignment, and proper breathing, this classic book will be your best guide. With 600 easy-to-follow illustrations provided in this book, you’ll be sure you are good to go. It also contains the best introduction for beginners who seek the health benefits of yoga related to building a more unified mind, soul, and body.

●    Asanas: 608 Yoga Poses by Dharma Mittra

If you are used to the same position and want to try distinct poses, then you might want to read this book by yoga master Mittra. This contains commentaries and suggestions on yoga practice combinations of Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa. With 608 poses, this piece will let you experience the ultimate reality without actually rutting from the usual. By having this book, you will learn from someone who exudes patience, mindfulness, and compassion.

●    Yoga: The Poetry of the Body by Rodney Yee with Nina Zolotow

There is nothing more creative than teaching yoga as an art but through poetry. Even as a practical guide, this book drives you into the conversational inquiry of Yee’s love for yoga and his personal treatment of this art.

With excerpts of writings by the world’s noble poets Czeslaw Milosz, Emily Dickinson, and Pablo Neruda, this book brings more light to learning yoga poses. Likewise, it is engaging and insightful to read. With black-and-white images and playful dialogues, highlight on thought-provoking and refreshing interludes in between chapters, one might agree that this is the most enjoyable yoga guidebook ever published.

●    The Breathing Book by Donna Fahri

In every aspect of your life, it is indeed necessary to pause and breathe. This also goes the same with yoga. An accessible and practical book by a prolific writer Donna Fahri is way beyond telling you proper breathing; it teaches you psychology and anatomy. So, when you read this, gradually you can remove wrong habits of breathing from your system.

●    The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice by T.K.V. Desikachar

An art of perfection strengthened through years of practice, from a son who learned a lot from his father, this book has so much to offer. Do you want to execute a type of yoga adapting to the variety of needs of each individual or commonly known as viniyoga? Well, you might just want to keep this book by your side.

This unique work is based on Krishnamacharya’s method. Desikachar lived with his father for years and had imbibed this type of yoga. To achieve therapeutic value at its maximum level, the viniyoga concept speaks about the practices that are continually adapted to the needs of individuals.

In this specific book, the author brings the distillation of his father. In accordance with the yoga principles, the text of this book is the first to lay down a step-by-step method, in which complete practice is developed.

●    Beyond Power Yoga, 8 Levels of Practice for Body and Soul by Beryl Bender Birch

Getting yoga into your routine is a journey, and this creative work by Bender Birch presents a system called Ashtanga yoga. It offers you an overall eight limbs or body and soul practice. The author shows you the way of healing and balancing your body, amplifying and directing your energy, relaxing and focusing your mind, and reclaiming your connection to what gurus call Universal Consciousness. As you read through the chapters, you will experience insights of Ashtanga yoga.

●    Perfectly Imperfect by Baron Baptiste

Read and learn from this book as it speaks about everything that will happen to your mind and body after you get into a pose. By then, transformation occurs, and spiritual and emotional growth will be attained. You will also learn to move with flow and grace in your life, find your truth, and follow your intuition. Additionally, it teaches you to try harder on difficult times and give up what you must let go.

With someone who has been on the yoga path for so long, Baptiste will remind you what is essential and necessary in this real world.

●    The Sivananda Companion to Yoga by Swami Vishnu Devananda

Living with relaxed mind and body is the only place in your life that will make you forget your problems, and that is your birthright. With that said, relaxation is a tonic for your well-being and is a key to peace of mind, vitality, and good health.

This comprehensive guidebook contains sections on meditation, asana, and pranayama. Also, it gives you information on nutrition and diet along with adapting yoga in your life.


The titles stated above are just a few of the books that will help you in trying out this satisfying journey. As one book contains numerous techniques and poses, you will surely find your balance. We hope you found the yoga for beginners book that will best suit your lifestyle.

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