When Is The Best Time To Start Prenatal Yoga?

When Is The Best Time To Start Prenatal Yoga?

Pregnancy calls for n number of changes in a simple routine of a woman’s life. A pregnant woman’s schedule shifts to a different arena with vast changes in diet, exercises and most importantly her body, which undergoes massive changes.

These changes can be a tad bit uncomfortable and to efficiently adjust to these bodily changes and relax effectively, yoga for pregnancy is the best solution available. Read on to find out the do’s and don’t’s of prenatal yoga with an exclusive answer to when to start prenatal yoga.

Did you know Yoga serves various benefits on a silver platter for a pregnant woman?

Did you know it acts as a driving force for good health, higher levels of fitness, along with a strong and active mind?


Is it safe to practice yoga during pregnancy?

A woman, on a doctor’s advice, can begin with yoga as a means to avoid stress and deal with hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy. Prenatal Yoga also prepares you for labor and efficiently helps to promote the health of your baby.


When to start Prenatal Yoga?

The best time to start prenatal yoga is the first trimester of pregnancy. Since during the first trimester, the uterus is protected by the pelvis and is also small in size thus preventing compressions and provides a solid foundation for doing yoga. However, contact with a Doctor to get advice to avoid complications and to be on a more cautious side.

Yoga for pregnancy, in the beginning, involves simple basic yoga poses. As the trimester proceeds prenatal yoga hosts various other exercises, taking into consideration your growing belly and to avoid major pressure.

However, certain experts state that if you have never exercised, then the second trimester is the best time to start doing yoga.

Prenatal Yoga has a roadmap for doing Yoga throughout your pregnancy and as the class proceeds, you can experience the various benefits associated with it. The best time to start prenatal yoga is simply the first trimester or as soon as you get to know that you are pregnant. To be cautious doctor’s guidance is essential.


Can I start Yoga for the very first time during Pregnancy?

Yes, you can start doing Yoga for the very first time when Pregnant. The instructor efficiently maps out basic exercises that are simple, slow and suitable for your stage of pregnancy.

Remember that Prenatal Yoga wouldn’t lead to strain or pain so if you experience any discomfort, you need to stop what you are doing. Always make sure to counsel with your doctor before starting with yoga for the very first time during pregnancy.


What happens in a Prenatal Yoga group?

Taking into deliberation the requirements of a pregnant woman a usual prenatal yoga group class includes the following:

1. Breathing:

  • Breathing in prenatal yoga classes prepares you for contractions when in labor.
  • It helps you improve your focus on breathing.
  • There are various breathing techniques involved that would help you manage or reduce shortness of breath during your pregnancy.


2. Stretching Gently:

  • In Prenatal Yoga classes gentle stretching is present to soothe your sore muscles.
  • Stretching gently helps you to get rid of any muscle stress.
  • Stretching of arms, neck, and legs in full range motion are typical stretching exercises involved.

3. Yoga Pregnancy Poses:

  • There is different yoga poses defined for pregnancy and prenatal yoga classes are the experts here.
  • You can be well versed with yoga poses to avoid during pregnancy.
  • You would move your body in different positions in different directions which would help improve your flexibility, strength, and stability.

4. Relaxation:

  • At the end of the class, relaxation techniques are employed to even out your breathing levels, calm your heartbeat and rate levels and most importantly help you relax.
  • They include mantras to calm yourself down and connect with your inner self.
  • They also might help you be attentive towards your sensations, emotions, and thoughts.

Joining prenatal yoga is optional to avail quality advice and proper instructions for doing yoga as it effectively affects you and your baby’s health. It would help you foster a stress-free environment when in labor.


What are the Benefits of Prenatal Yoga?

Prenatal Yoga hosts various positive benefits. It can completely enhance your entire experience of being pregnant.

The Benefits of Prenatal Yoga can be efficiently mapped out as follows:

  • Improves circulation, flexibility and muscles tone.
  • Helps you stay mentally active with various techniques of breathing and relaxation.
  • You would feel calm and at peace by easing muscle tension and getting rid of stressful muscle tension.
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and helps you get a good night sleep.
  • Prenatal Yoga helps to build endurance of muscles required when in labor.
  • Contributes to maintaining control and focus on breathing with the help of breathing techniques this also helps to manage shortness of breath during pregnancy.
  • It effectively helps to deal with various problems associated with pregnancy such as nausea, headaches, back pain and decrease the risk of preterm
  • As aforementioned it promotes your baby’s health and prevents an intrauterine growth restriction which is a condition that slows down the process of your baby’s growth.
  • It also prevents the risk of carpel tunnel syndrome and insomnia.

These are few of the many benefits of a Prenatal Yoga. Prenatal Yoga would help you to get through pregnancy with minimal discomfort.


Do I need to avoid any prenatal yoga poses?

To prevent undue stress on your uterus and to be on the safer side, there are certain yoga poses to avoid during pregnancy. 

Following are certain yoga poses that you need to avoid completely while carrying out prenatal yoga:

  • Poses that require bending backward
  • Yoga poses with strong twists in full range
  • Lying on your tummy is NOT recommended and is not suitable for the health of the baby
  • Holding your breath for extended intervals of time also breathing techniques that require you to take short breaths forcefully
  • Poses that involve you to be upside down in form. They are typically called as inversion postures
  • Avoid yoga poses that require you to put strain which also includes certain stretching exercises that put undue strain on your body
  • After 16 weeks lying on your back for long-continued period

This pregnancy yoga poses need to be completely avoided as there are higher chances of it resulting in complications for you when in labor or your health and also the baby’s health. Expertise advice is recommended before trying out any yoga pose for the very first time.


Are there any special guidelines that I need to follow?

As a pregnant woman, you need to take care of yourself and also your baby. There are certain guidelines or tips that you can accept to follow for optimal results.

Special guidelines that you can follow can simply be enumerated as follows:

1. Doctor’s Advice a Pre-Requisite:

Some women suffer from medical conditions like back pains or heart diseases. There are also certain cases when the chances of pre-term labor are high. In these cases doctor’s advice is pre-requisite. To adopt a safer and cautious approach doctor’s recommendation is a must.

2. Set Preferred Goals:

As a pregnant woman, you need to set up goals during certain days of the week. Prenatal Yoga shouldn’t be done daily. Don’t overdo and push yourself for carrying out more exercises. A 30 minutes routine would suffice your training requirement.

3. Keep your Calm:

Make sure you keep you quiet. Prenatal yoga is supposed to get rid of stress, and if you feel stressful, you are probably overdoing and pushing yourself too hard.

Breathe and calm yourself down. Make sure you relax and enjoy Prenatal Yoga.

4. Be Hydrated:

Ensure that your daily intake of fluids increases. Keep yourself hydrated and avoid overheating before the prenatal yoga classes.

Healthy juices, water, salads, and fruits can be a part of your diet before you start with your prenatal yoga classes.

5. Avoid Certain Yoga Poses:

As looking above this is one of the most important guidelines that you need to follow. The poses we wrote above could result in complications and thus need to be completely avoided.

6. Never Overdo:

Never try to experiment with your poses during pregnancy. Stretch as far as possible in your comfort restrictions don’t make yourself uncomfortable.

Avoid positions that are beyond the levels of your comfort. If you experience any discomfort, vaginal bleeding and contractions immediately contact your Doctor.

These are few of the important guidelines that your need to take into account while undergoing Prenatal Yoga.

Remember to take it slow, easy and with the help of experts you can effortlessly complete the entire routine with minimal efforts. Observe the prenatal yoga class for more knowledge and most importantly sign up with a certified prenatal yoga instructor to efficiently make the best use of it.

Prenatal Yoga can yield positive results that you can use to your maximum benefit during pregnancy and also when in labor.

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