The Ultimate Guide to Spirit Animals: All the Animals and Their Meanings

The Ultimate Guide to Spirit Animals: All the Animals and Their Meanings

A person might have had repetitive physical or subconscious encounter with specific animals. For instance, he or she might have been dreaming of a cat several times in a month without knowing the reason why. This person might not have a pet cat or is not even fond of cats, but he or she keeps dreaming about it.

Why? This ultimate guide idea on spirit animals will answer this question.

It is possible that the cat is that person’s spirit animal. Spirit animals also go by the name spirit helpers, spirit allies, animal guides or helpers, and power animals. Each person can have one or more spirit animals.

These spirit animals are believed to guide through life the people they have chosen. They can give help or assistance in the form of wisdom through symbolism.

How to Find Your Spirit Animal

First thing’s first, you need to figure out what your spirit animal is before you begin looking for the meanings behind it. There are three main ways that people can embark on their journey to find the hidden meaning behind who they are and why they behave the way they do.

Recurring Animal Themes: If you’ve begun to notice that the same animal is appearing in movies, songs, images that you see every day, books, and conversations, it’s typically because you’re being alerted to your spirit animal.

At times, especially when we’re struggling with something particularly difficult in our lives, our spirit animals will try to reach out and help us in some way by making them known.

If you start to notice alligators, badgers, elephants, ants, horses, etc. on a regular occasion, it could be your totem trying to get your attention.

Meditation (Journeying): Also referred to as journeying, meditation is by far the most popular way for people to get a grasp on what their spirit animal is.

The best part about meditation is that it not only helps you to get a deeper understanding of yourself, but can also help you in a variety of other ways such as alleviating stress, reducing chronic pain, and more. When you meditate with the goal of meeting your totem, you’ll be encouraged to use deep visualization techniques to meet your particular animal guide.

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Recurring Animal Dreams: Similar to specific animals consistently coming up in conversation, recurring animal dreams are another common way for people to start learning more about their spirit animals.

Considering that it can be difficult to accept the fact that an animal might be reaching out to you while you are conscious, they at times try to reach you while you are dreaming.

Ultimate Guide Idea: Spirit Animals and What They Mean

Alligator Spirit Animal (Harmony, Prosperity, and Survival)

If you encounter an alligator spirit animal while you’re meditating, it means you may be required to bring harmony into your life and the lives of others by being authentic.

You have the desire to prosper not only financially, but emotionally as well, and you have a skill for sensing other’s emotions and what they’re really trying to say.

In terms of survival, you will need to reach for a hidden strength or power that you may not show on a regular basis, but it is there to help guide you to freedom.

Ant Spirit Animal (Patience, Confidence, and Prosperity)

When an ant spirit animal makes its way into your meditation, it is a clear symbolism of patience. Your guide wants to let you know that by taking your time and being patient with others around you, you will be able to reap far more rewards and the more patient you are, the more prosperous you will become.

Your ant spirit animal also will encourage you to be as confident as you can be and to live in the moment, as you may never experience that same moment again.

Badger Spirit Animal (Independence, Strength, and Confidence)

As an incredibly self-sufficient animal, a badger totem is a spirit guide reserved for the independent and strong-willed.

If this particular totem makes its way into your dreams or meditation, it is saying it’s time for you to use your own abilities to walk your own path and to set your own pace, regardless of any difficulties you may face in the future. Though it is important to remember that even if you’re taking strides to become more confident, you must also stay grounded and keep an eye on the most important things in your life before they fly away.

Bat Spirit Animal (Rebirth, Trust, and Intuition)

Similar to a butterfly spirit animal, bats also signal major life transitions. These highly sensitive animals will urge you to be on high alert to the omens and signs that nature is trying to give you so that you will be able to refine your natural senses. This means that you would have to pay more attention to the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual signs.

Bat spirit animal also symbolizes rebirth and unrealized potential. It urges us to let go of our old habits that hinder us from becoming a more aware and happier being. Additionally, bats also remind us to continue with our pursuit of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical growth. Basically, it teaches us to trust and follow our instincts.

In Chinese urban myths, dreaming of five bats is a symbol of good health, longevity, wealth, peace, and good health. While some see bats as the bringer of death, this does not always mean literal death. It can be the end of something in your life—be it a stressful job or bad relationship—to allow you to break free from the things that are holding you back.

Bats also have superb communication skills, which let them strengthen their familial and friendship bonds. All in all, bat spirit animal teaches us about transformation, social bonds, and the ability to see through ambiguity.

Bear Spirit Animal (Courage, Leadership, and Confidence)

The bear is symbolic of courage and strength, which we all need to face life’s challenges. Additionally, it also symbolizes leadership—either in your own life or the people around you. It stands as an inspiration to take on a leadership role with confidence, power, and strength.

The bear spirit animal reflects inner strength, courage, and self-confidence that you project out into the world. In some cultures, such as for the Inuit people, a bear is considered both as a healer and a teacher. The Greeks and Romans associate bear with fertility, while the Celts see bears as a symbol for the sun.

A bear spirit animal assures us of courage and renewed power in times of adversity and hardships. When we know we have this kind of courage inside of us, we are left with a new level of confidence and courage throughout our lives. This also allows us to be a great leader—inspiring fearlessness in others.

Aside from being a leader, bears are also associated with shamanic traditions, symbolizing one’s emotional, spiritual, and physical healing abilities. Those who need to reflect on life and where they need healing the most should call for the spiritual guidance of a bear.

Butterfly Spirit Animal (Happiness, Transformation, and Marital Harmony)

One of the most common spirit animals is the butterfly, which symbolizes personal transformation. This pertains to the changes that are about to happen in a person’s life. Butterflies are known to go through major changes in their lives. People whose spirit animal is a butterfly should embrace life changes and personal growth with grace.

Most of us are not very welcoming to change because it forces us to move out from our comfort zone. The changes in a butterfly’s life show us that to move on to the next stage, we have to let go of our old self and embrace the changes that would make us a better human being.

When it comes to religion, Christians see butterflies as a representation of the soul and its journey. On the other hand, Native American tribes view butterflies as the messenger of happiness, transformation, and the wonderful colors of nature. In Chinese culture, butterflies are also believed to bring happiness and marital harmony.

All in all, what a butterfly spirit animal portrays is one’s ability to grow and transform. It whispers of our hidden potentials and what we can become if only we allow ourselves to change and embrace the future.

Cat Spirit Animal (Independence, Mystery, and Confidence)

Cat Spirit Animal

The fourth spirit animal in this ultimate guide idea is the cat. Just like all other spirit animals, the cat has both strengths and weaknesses.

The cat usually symbolizes mystery, independence, confidence, and intelligence. Depending on the person using this spirit guide, he or she could use these qualities in a positive or negative way.

Cat people are mysterious. They like keeping secrets, and they are good at it; thus cats can be trusted to keep sensitive information safe.

They are also able to take care of themselves, and rarely ask other people for help. They always try to find a way to achieve what they want, and they always do because they are both intelligent and smart.

The cat has the tendency to think highly of itself. It can be overconfident at times. In all honesty, this is justified, as cats really are above others in terms of intellectual abilities.

However, this trait should be controlled since it could be harmful and hurtful to people around them. They should still try to empathize and put themselves in other people’s shoes.

Moreover, people who have a cat as their spirit animal take occasional risks. This is because the cat is known to have nine lives. Sometimes, they succeed after taking the risk, but there are times they also fail.

Nevertheless, they are determined to rise up again, use their remaining “lives,” and do better to achieve the same or a different goal.

People who want to take advantage of this spirit animal should be conscious of the changes that might happen to them. For instance, they might realize that they should be comfortable in their own skin, and they should love who they really are, but they have to make sure that they do not put others down while they build their self-confidence.

Cheetah Spirit Animal (Flexibility, Focus, and Speed)

Cheetah Spirit Animal

Just like the aforementioned animals in this ultimate guide idea, the cheetah spirit animal also comes with its sets of advantages and disadvantages.

This spirit animal usually symbolizes speed, strength, and decisiveness. It means that just like a cheetah, you are capable of making rapid decisions in your life. You have this ability which lets you out think your competitors when it comes to being decisive in tricky situations.

Another characteristic which is usually related to people with a cheetah as a spirit animal is that they have the attitude of being very persistent. It means that once they have set their goals, they will do everything in their domain to fulfill their destiny. Obstacles tend to have a minimal effect on their resolve which eventually helps them achieve their goals sooner or later. The cheetah people are also well known for showing a considerable degree of compassion. They always try to help other people, and if someone is suffering from some sort of pain, these people will do everything to relieve their pain.

However, despite being a powerful spirit animal, the cheetah people should always be ready for disguise. This is due to the reason that many people won’t show their true colors around these people. So, in order to survive in any such situation, you should always be ready for camouflage.

Cougar Spirit Animal (Leadership, Awareness, and Patience)

Cougar Spirit Animal

Cougar symbolizes a handful of things including courage and enigma. If you have a cougar as your spirit animal, it means you have a high sense of instinct. You can sense the upcoming danger from a long way which allows you to deal with your enemies in a steadfast manner.

According to Native American Mythology, the cougar people are generally very famous for their leadership qualities. Just like any great leader, they have this ability to wait for the most opportune moment before making their move. Also, people having a cougar as their spirit animal tend to incorporate a great degree of sexual charisma. It means that you can impress other people with your personality and you can also achieve your goals against all the odds.

Deer Spirit Animal (Compassion, Love, and Grace)

Even in the most challenging of times, people who have deer as their spirit animal can project grace and gentleness. Through drawing inspiration from the deer’s characteristics, they can go through life’s challenges smoothly and with ease. Although always viewed as tender and kind, the deer spirit also boasts an inner strength and courage that shows during times of adversities.

Having deer as your spirit animal is also a reminder of the power of compassion and love. It helps us by inspiring us to let go of the negative thoughts and emotions to embrace kindness and share it with others. The deer spirit also teaches us of the healing powers of peace.

In addition to being a gentle, loving, and compassionate person, those people who have deer as their spirit animal are also very keen observers. They are aware of their surroundings, and they are able to show sympathy to others. This allows them to touch the minds and hearts of the people around them, and therefore help in their healing.

A deer is also seen as the messenger of serenity. It teaches us to remain gentle and innocent and gently guide others to accept change by showing understanding and love. A deer is also a sign that reminds us to not be too hard on ourselves.

Dragonfly Spirit Animal (Joy, Adaptability, Connection with the Fairy Realm)


During your journeys, the dragonfly will be a powerful totem for conquering new situations and relationships or adapting to circumstances in general. It’s an omen associated with positivity, joy, and light. The light it emits can help you traverse uncertain terrains, revealing illusion and deceit in its way.

The dragonfly often brings change. As an animal, it begins its life submerged, then transcends and becomes airborne. It’s a symbol of transformation, giving you new strength and wisdom so that you can adapt. It also has an incredible flight pattern, which allows this animal to adjust to any shifting winds while mid-air.

As a totem, it’s very connected to other spirits. If you would open up the mystical side of things, the dragonfly will help draw in power and light from the fairy realms. Be careful about the symbolism though. A flying dragonfly is often considered a bearer of good change, but a dead dragonfly is an omen, so be on your toes.

Overall, the lightweight and flexible nature of the dragonfly is its most significant power. It will guide you and make powerful changes seem easy to surpass as it can quickly shift and shrug the changing winds. It’s a truly powerful totem, so let it guide you through change with its fairy-like light.

Dog Spirit Animal (Kindness, Bravery, and Loyalty)

Dog Spirit Animal

Another spirit animal in this ultimate guide idea is the dog. The Dog spirit animal is mainly all about unconditional love and keeping harmonious relationships. Those two are its drive for being protective, brave, and alert.

A person who has a dog for spirit animal will always feel protected. For instance, when a dog physically or subconsciously nudges them, they know that there may be problems that they have to prepare for.

Dog people are also kind and loving. They are loyal to their family and friends and always think of their best interest. They are always supportive of their loved ones and try to save them and keep them from harm.

However, once they feel abused, they will definitely return the favor.

Moreover, since dogs came from coyotes and wolves, they also exemplify bravery. They could also be “wild” when the situation calls for it.

Nevertheless, it must also be noted that they are territorial. They could be too protective of their possessions and their relationships, so it must be ensured that they do not cross the line between protection and selfishness.

For people who want to use the power of the dog, they could expect to see their relationships and possessions in a different light. They might be able to discern abusive relationships from healthy and beneficial ones.

They could start being able to easily identify when to stay loyal and when to stay away. They might be able to find their real purpose in life, which is to serve as many people as possible through teaching and social work.

Dolphin Spirit Animal (Courtesy, Willpower, and Virtue)

Dolphin symbolism revolves around many things, including playfulness, happiness, teamwork, courtesy, and willpower. When viewed in its natural habitat, it is obvious that dolphins have a very peaceful personality, showing little to no conflict with its neighbors.

In Greek mythology, dolphins are seen as the carriers of the spirits of the dead onto their next life. This means that dolphins can also symbolize rebirth as it guides us through changes by providing strength, virtue, self-confidence, and courage.

Some people believe that dolphins possess higher intelligence and instincts than humans. This is because they are in harmony with nature’s rhythms and are accepting of change.

Additionally, dolphin spirit also reminds us to connect with our inner child and see play and laughter as a way to heal our mind, body, and spirit. By embracing our inner child and letting go of bad memories and feelings, we are able to find peace and harmony, not just within ourselves but also with our relationships with other people in our lives.

Duck Spirit Animal (Kindness, Strength and Sheer Focus)

Duck Spirit Animal

All around the world, duck symbolism is strong, which is why we have included them in this ultimate guide idea. Those who have a strong and deep connection with the duck spirit are very sociable, laidback, and resourceful. They dislike being left alone and thrive in the company of other people. Most of the time, they are also very approachable and kind.

When you have duck as your spirit animal, it means that you are being called upon to act on your goals as soon as possible. It is a reminder that you need to let go of the past and take advantage of the opportunity that is being given to you now so that you can be able to take flight and be on your way to the future.

A duck spirit animal is also an inspiration never to let the fast-paced, loud, and cruel world consume you. Instead, use it as your very reason to coast through the waters with determination and sheer focus.

When it comes to your emotional life, the duck is a warning to be wary of the negatives in your life. While it can be easy to shut yourself off from everything, it is not always healthy. The duck spirit animal reminds you to explore your emotions and experience human relationships in a truly deep level.

Eagle Spirit Animal (Strength, Knowledge, and Vision)

Eagle Spirit Animal

Eagle represents vision, strength, and wisdom. If one has an eagle as his or her spirit animal, he or she sees life with an eagle’s vision. They examine every detail of the situation to be able to see the bigger picture.

Through this, they are able to endure because they know that better days are ahead. They do not get easily discouraged, but are very eager to soar higher than their current situation.

These individuals are also wise in a sense that they are efficient. They are able to “hunt” and satisfy their needs very quickly because they have analyzed the situation and have devised the best way to fill whatever space they have within.

They are also strong because they are grounded. An eagle has two feet with four toes each, meaning it has a solid foundation. For this reason, it is brave and confident.

A person with this spirit animal is never afraid to push themselves to the limit, and they are never afraid to explore and try other possibilities.

A person who wants to harness the power of the eagle spirit animal could expect to see life differently. They would be able to see the value of specific situations to achieve their goals and aspirations.

For instance, if they are aspiring for a promotion, they would see how important every little thing is, such as coming on time, looking well groomed, or even their mannerisms. Eagles see these things that are immaterial for some.

Elephant Spirit Animal (Strength, Power, and Leadership)

As some of the wisest animals on the planet, if an elephant animal guide approaches you it means that you are in desperate need of affectionate strength and power.

With the help of this spirit guide, you will have a deeper understanding of your feminine attributes and the things that make you a strong-willed and independent person, meanwhile focusing on keeping your family first and protecting the weakest members of your group. If you’re in desperate need of leadership, it may be time to invoke your elephant spirit animal.

Frog Spirit Animal (Cleansing, Fertility, Transition)


Another totemic animal which is worthy to be included in this ultimate guide idea is the frog. It is said that it has a great power to invoke when navigating between situations. This means that the frog will help one navigate his or her personal issues.

While the dragonfly is a great animal for traversing unforeseen hardships and changes, the frog can be invoked to help the person navigate their own transitions. It’s an animal that appears during a time of transformation.

Similar to male sperm, the frog resembles something rich and abundant. They can also jump with tremendous power, which is great for shrugging off problems and going forward, no matter what. As a water animal, it also brings a lot of cleansing; hence, those who find themselves in need of medical or emotional attention and care will benefit from summoning this totem.

It also brings out the courage needed to get rid of negative emotions, purging any self-doubting thoughts and uncertainties. It’s the perfect animal for unhealthy relationships, depression and detoxing.

This totem is also a symbol of traversing different planes. It goes from water to earth, a frog-specific process. Either for drawing energy and spirituality or for understanding the darkness and mysticism of life, the frog will help anyone leap through transitional periods, giving them wisdom and understanding.

Heron Spirit Animal (Determination, Patience and Stability)

Heron Spirit Animal

Yet another animal that is part of this ultimate guide idea is the heron. In many countries all over the world, herons are seen as the dominant birds occupying most wetlands. The Greeks see them as a messenger from the gods, while Egyptians often use herons as a symbol for the sun. But what does it really mean if you have a heron as your spirit animal?

People who were born under the heron sign are believed to be kind and gentle, making them lovable and trustworthy. They are also believed to be very diligent and dislike wasting their time doing nothing. Heron symbolism also points toward patience, practicality, stability, and determination.

If you often see heron symbolism in your daily life, this means that it is trying to tell you something very important. The fact that these birds are very great hunters means that they make precise movements. So, a heron making itself a part of your life might mean that it wants you to think about your every decision so as to achieve your goals effectively and efficiently.

Herons, also sometimes viewed as the holy spear, might also mean to inspire you to always be “on target”. It acts as a gentle reminder for you to never stray too far from your goals, instead slowly work toward it with your every move.

Horse Spirit Animal (Nobility, Power, and Pride)

There are hundreds of different meanings that could be surrounding a horse spirit animal, and similar to elephants, they are some of the noblest, prideful, powerful, and majestic animals on the planet.

In the majority of cases, a horse spirit guide may be invoked when you’re ready to experience some type of freedom instead of living vicariously through friends and family.

You’re ready to begin hurdling over obstacles and show your true power to achieve things that you would otherwise deem impossible. It’s never too late to hold your head high in the face of adversity and to become naturally free and wild.

Hummingbird Spirit Animal (Resilience, Optimism and Freedom)

Hummingbird Spirit

Similar to other small-sized animals in this guide, hummingbirds are also capable of doing things that larger birds cannot do including flying backward and traveling great distances. In that sense, this amazing little creature inspires us to become more resilient and adaptable to changes while also staying optimistic and playful.

The lightness of a hummingbird is yet another reminder to take things less seriously. It encourages you to expose your true self and open your heart to let happiness and love shine in. As a result, you are also able to express your feelings for your loved ones and those who are dear to you.

On the other hand, a hummingbird’s seemingly tireless demeanor is an inspiration never to get tired of seeking out the goodness and beauty of anything and everything that we do. It is also a reminder to be persistent in pursuing our dreams and expend our energy only the things that matter.

A hummingbird making its presence known through your dreams can symbolize independence and freedom. It shows that you are confident that your actions will soon bring you something good and worth it. Alternatively, it can also represent the fact that sometimes there are big changes that sprung from small ideas.

Hyena Animal Spirit (Discernment, Leadership, and Community)


People who are born with the hyena as their animal spirit are blessed with an innate ability to perceive truth from lies. They are very sensitive people. They know whom to trust, what to do, and what to believe by just relying on their instincts.

With their superb intuition, betrayals won’t go past them unnoticed. If they seek wisdom when they feel that their intuition is telling them something, they call on the hyena to direct their path. Hyenas are also known to be strong-willed people. They feel more comfortable when they are in charge.

If you’re a hyena, people know that you are a good leader who makes good on your promises. People are willing to follow your leadership since they know your capabilities. However, it’s also common for you to encounter disagreements since you tend to insist on doing things your way.

Born with leadership skills, it’s not unusual for a hyena to be stubborn, which can also be viewed as being self-centered. As a result, they get very upset when things don’t go their way.

Being comfortable in social groups comes naturally to hyenas. They are likable and friendly. They work well in groups too. For hyenas, having a group provides safety and protection. Besides, they are also aware that a task can be done more easily if they work together.

Jaguar Spirit Animal (Confidence, Agility, Loyalty)

Jaguar Spirit Animal

Another animal in this ultimate guide idea is the jaguar, which is a clear indication of power. This totem symbolizes the fact that you have an intimidating personality which can impress others around you. Apart from having a strong body, it also indicates that you have a sharp mind. Once you decide to do something, you will do it regardless of any sort of opposition.

If you see a jaguar spirit animal in your dream in such a way that it is positioned very close to you, it means that someone is trying to harm you. It can be your close friend or workmate. In either case, you have to be extremely cautious while keeping a close eye on people around you.

On the other hand, if the jaguar was running away from you in your dream, it indicates that you will achieve a major success in your life.  It can happen in the form of a job promotion, or if you were experiencing some kind of problems with your better half, this totem indicates that you will positively solve this issue.

Finally, if the jaguar was spotted as if it was about to attack you, it implies that you are about to get in trouble with your boss. Any such situation can end up having disastrous consequences on your career, so make sure to behave sensibly around your superiors.

Lion Spirit Animal (Courage, Confidence and Strength)

Lion Spirit Animal

All throughout this ultimate guide idea, if there is an animal that can perfectly symbolize personal strength, it is the lion. Its presence can be a symbol of your own self-confidence and personal power. Lions are also well-known to possess assertiveness and courage. Having a lion as a spirit animal can also mean a reflection of your capacity to lead and dominate other people.

However, you might think that effectively managing personal strength can be a little challenging. You do not need to worry, though, for the lion as your spirit animal will teach you what you need to know to banish self-expression and fear. Therefore, giving you all the strength needed to go your own way and protect what is yours.

On the other hand, a lioness making itself known to you points to other meanings. It could be a reminder to get your family to work more cooperatively but also teaching them all they need to know to be able to fend for themselves.

Those who harbor the strength of the lion as their power animal are aware of their exact place in the proverbial food chain. They are proud and have an innate knack for leadership. They are also always ready for trouble, but wise enough to not seek it out.

Lynx Spirit Animal (Confidence, Patience, Intuitions)

Lynx Spirit Animal

If you encounter a lynx spirit animal in your dreams, it is a clear indication of a warning sign. This totem implies that you are surrounded by a lot of fake friends who are jealous of your personality. They might try to stab you in your back, so you have to be wary of all such enemies. In other words, you have to keep a close eye on your colleagues, and you should be extra cautious when it comes to dealing with them.

When it comes to the people associated with lynx, they have the tendency to stay patient in all kinds of situation. It means that they can wait for the right moment as long as something changes for good in their lives. Another thing which can be associated with the lynx people in this ultimate guide idea is the fact that they are excellent secret keepers. People will share their secrets with you, and you can keep them in your heart for as long as you live.

Intuition is another trait which is typically linked to all those people who have lynx as their spirit animal. It means that whenever you feel chaotic in your daily life, you can trust your instincts in order to make your way out of that situation.

Moose Spirit Animal (Strength, Wisdom, and Discernment)


Being the largest member of the deer family, the moose spirit animal is a symbol of confidence and strength. The male moose, for instance, gives an air of pride in himself whenever he bellows. During mating season, these calls can be heard up to six miles away or more.

Since we are already speaking of strength, the males are also known to for their ability to display their strength more when they vie for a cow’s (female moose). It is common for males to engage in battles using their large antlers, which is a moose’s greatest tool for defense.

The display of strength is not only limited to males. Female cows are known to be very protective of their offspring. For the times when you need the courage to protect the people you love, you can draw strength from the moose energy.

The antlers are also symbolic of this animal spirit’s wisdom. Antlers are considered as crowns in ancient myth. In men, antlers are linked to the crown chakra, wherein man is given a direct passage to universal knowledge as the antlers grow.

People with this spirit animal possess an innate sense of balance. Although their size is intimidating, they are often seen as gentle giants. For the most part, they are calm. But, if they get provoked, you will experience their wrath. This animal spirit will help you become level-headed but quick in assessing every situation and acting on it as best as you can.

Owl Spirit Animal (Truth and Strength)

Owl Spirit Animal

There will be plentiful times in your life when you will have no choice but to face the truth regardless if it scares you or not. Those who need help summoning the strength needed to look into the unknown can get it from the owl. Only through the eyes of an owl can you see the truth beyond all the deceit and illusion.

In addition to lending you the power to see in the dark, owls are also among the strong spirit guides that promote discernment. Having an owl as a spirit animal means that you have the power to make decisions that are based on solid foundations. So, it is very important to call on their spirit when you are going through confusing and tough times.

An owl will also make you see that even when it is sometimes scary to face the unknown, you can also choose to view it as a fascinating world full of interesting stuff waiting to be discovered.

On the other hand, many traditions in various cultures also view owls as a symbol of death. However, it can also not always mean literal death. There are times that it can be a sign that there will be major life changes waiting to happen or already taking place.

Peacock Spirit Animal (Beauty, Awakening, Leadership)


When journeying in the nether realm, chances are you might stumble across a magnificent peacock. Often times replaced with the phoenix spirit animal in different cultures, the peacock is a symbol of beauty and rebirth.

The peacock’s energy also gives you energy, as well as self-confidence and self-love. This totemic symbol is excellent for getting to a good place in life. While it has great energy for having the necessary power for asserting situations in personal and professional relationships, it can be deceitful.

It’s easy to become vain and impenetrable, so to speak. Thus, it’s probably a good idea to balance the energy of the peacock and not alienate people from your life or miss important opportunities.

The feet of the peacock, in particular, are a source of power. They have sharp and dangerous thorns, which are perfect for keeping predators at bay. They’re also a strong foundation for all of the power, so make use of them.

Across many religions, the peacock is an embodiment of good fortune, compassion, and goodwill. Likewise, more exotic cultures and their shamanic traditions depict the feathers as healing elements. Additionally, the pattern on the eyes of the peacock symbolizes vision and wisdom.

Penguin Spirit Animal (Resilience, Commitment, and Grace)


People born with a penguin as their spirit animal are known to be resilient. When penguins come face to face with a challenge, they don’t give up easily. A penguin will try to find a solution to the problem, he or she may even look at it unconventionally until it gives a positive result.

Their indomitable spirit helps them weather the toughest challenges and still come out victorious. Having resiliency as a trait, penguins can easily adapt to their environment as well. They can move from one place to another without having any problems blending in.

When it comes to love, penguins mate for life. For that reason, a penguin will carefully choose his or her partner before starting a family. They value relationships greatly even from the start. Although this trait is good, it does have its downside since penguins usually have a hard time bouncing back after a breakup.

The penguin is symbolic of grace and good manners too. This extends to one’s emotions and actions. While they exude the air of properness, they are also very polite to others. For penguins, aesthetic and first impressions are important.

Being mindful of their actions and controlling their negative emotions are also very important for penguins as they go through life’s challenges and journey.

Rabbit Spirit Animal (Creativity, Intuition, and Wit)

Rabbit Spirit Animal

Some people might not consider having a rabbit for a spirit guide. This animal is often a prey just like any other similar animals such as the mice and rats.

They are always being taken advantage of. They are commonly perceived to be timid and do not have anything good in them except when it comes to reproduction.

However, rabbit symbolizes creativity, being clever, and having keen senses. They are more than what they are perceived to be. This animal and its chosen people are able to think critically and creatively.

They are good problem-solvers, and they always find their way out of messy situations. Just like a real rabbit, they can hop in a zigzag direction as needed.

Rabbit people are also not afraid to hop into the unknown as they trust their instincts on which way to go. They have the ability to identify the right direction.

However, if things don’t go according to plan and the situation starts going against them, they are able to escape and turn everything in their favor.

People who want to awaken their rabbit spirit animal are in for a surprise. They might have been living in the shadows for a long time; now, they would realize that they are more than the smarty-pants that other people always take advantage of.

They will start to see themselves differently and would be able to use their exceptional skills and abilities to their own advantage.

Rhinoceros Spirit Animal (Determination, Solitude, and Gratitude)


People with this spirit animal are very strong and determined. They are good at facing challenges fearlessly. When the opportunity comes knocking, don’t expect a rhino to be meek about it too. Rhinos know what they want in life and how to achieve it. If you see a rhino in your dreams, this means that you need to push yourself even more to accomplish your goals.

The rhinoceros is also a symbol of finding happiness in solitude. Rhinos love being alone with their thoughts. It gives them time to contemplate about matters that are most important to them without being pressured. Although they enjoy solitude, they surround themselves with family and close friends.

If the rhino is your animal spirit, being a workaholic comes naturally to you. But, the rhino is also a reminder for you to find some alone time to reflect on your life and the things around you. Rhinos making their way into your dreams is also a reminder that you should be thankful for what you have right now.

Instead of finding faults and wanting what you don’t have, be thankful for the blessings you’ve been given. Use these positive thoughts to motivate you when you’re feeling unmotivated. Focus on what you see with your spiritual eyes and not with your physical eyes.

Sheep Spirit Animal (Innocence, Gentleness, and Conformity)


The Sheep is often used in the Bible to represent one’s innocence and vulnerability. People born under the Sheep animal are described as childish and naive. Their spirits are positive most of the time, and they don’t get sad easily. These characteristics, although good, oftentimes get them into trouble because bad people can easily take advantage of their goodness. Getting hurt is also common since Sheep people open themselves to others, making them vulnerable.

You will rarely see a Sheep person lose control of his or her emotions. They are very gentle. They don’t get mad or anxious easily. They are good at expressing care and empathizing with other people. They don’t insult others, and when they get mad, they don’t confront their enemy. Instead, they prefer to distance themselves from the person/s. If you see yourself falling into negative habits, let the Sheep guide you to change positively.

When the Sheep shows up in your life, this could symbolize your desire to belong to a group. A Sheep feels secure when he or she belongs to a herd. Alternatively, the presence of the Sheep could also mean your desire to follow your own path and choices. Belonging in a group may have given you comfort at first, but as time goes by, you would feel uncomfortable being directed and having limited choices for yourself.

Snail Spirit Animal (Patience, Determination, and Time)


If you are guided by the Snail animal spirit, then you are most probably a very patient person. As you know, this mollusk is among the slowest when it comes to moving. Nevertheless, they teach an important lesson about patience, especially in today’s time where everything is done in haste. Allow the Snail to remind you to slow down and appreciate the moments in your life. Find a balance between reaching your goals and cherishing life’s moments without hurrying.

Along with patience, the Snail also represents determination. The slow movement of the snail tells you that in reaching your goals, any pace is a good pace as long as you are committed to finishing what you have started. Individuals with this spirit animal take their time when doing a project. They have strong work ethics and are willing to put in long hours in order to maintain their high standards. If they want a job done right, they tend to rely on themselves to achieve it. They are very goal-oriented individuals.

The Snail also symbolizes the value of time. We all know that we can’t turn back the hands of time. Once it passes by, it’s gone forever. The Snail spirit reminds us to be wise in using our time and learn to prioritize the things that matter. When you do something, practice time management so that not a single minute is wasted.

Snake Spirit Animal (Confidence, Healing, and Transformation)


If the snake is your spirit animal, then you are most probably always sure and confident about yourself. Snake people are charming people, which greatly boost their confidence. They can handle conversations with ease and with an open mind. Oftentimes, when people with the Snake spirit in them find themselves going through different changes in life, they go about it wholeheartedly. As a result, they are able to transition smoothly.

Being close to the energies of the earth, the snake is a symbol of life. In Greek mythology, the god of medicine, Asclepius, owns a rod with two snakes climbing up, which is known as Caduceus. As a strong representation of life, the snake spirit animal encourages you to be intuitive with your healing abilities towards others and yourself.

Snakes also symbolize transformation. If you look at the Snake, it sheds its skin as it grows. For you, this transformation represents your need for personal growth and renewal. When you let the Snake spirit guide you as you expand your horizon and assess your life right now, you will easily see if you need to make changes to make yourself better. If you’re feeling hesitant about taking a new path, you can ask the Snake for guidance and direction.

Spider Spirit Animal (Creativity, Patience, and Control)


Is the Spider making its way into your life? This can be a subtle message for you to unleash your creativity. If you have been ignoring your dreams in the past, now is the perfect time to pay attention.

If the Spider is your spirit animal, you may find yourself doing well when it comes to creating delicate things. You may also be someone who always has strong ideas. Like the spider’s intricate web, you have the affinity to create a beautiful project and be successful with it.

The Spider also symbolizes patience. Referring again to its web, the Spider weaves each strand together to form a strong web. In life, the Spider will remind you to be patient with whatever you do and not to be afraid to overcome challenges for they will make you stronger. Most importantly, never be hasty with your decisions. Plan well and wait for the right time. With this in mind, you will be able to achieve more and yield better results.

To a Spider, the web it painstakingly created is its world, and he is in control of it. This spirit animal will encourage you to weave your own destiny. When you face challenges, instead of looking at it negatively, look at it from multiple perspectives like the Spider does.

Swan Spirit Animal (Light, Love, and Clairvoyance)


The Swan, with its pure white feathers, is the epitome of beauty, purity, and elegance. It also represents light coming into your life. Oftentimes, we are faced with darkness in the form of bad experiences. If you have had a bad experience in the past, the Swan will guide you through the healing process by showing you its light. Making peace with the past not only makes you stronger, but it also helps you move on smoothly as you start a new chapter in your life.

Finding true love is also possible under the guidance of this spirit animal. Swan people, like their spirit animal, are known to stay committed to their mate for a lifetime. If you let the Swan spirit into your life and guide your romantic relationships, single individuals are assured of finding love soon while couples are blessed with harmony in their relationship.

With the Swan as your animal spirit, you are also given the ability to have a look at what’s ahead of you. The Swan spirit animal will guide you in finding new knowledge as you go through life. Just remember that with the Swan guiding you, always follow your instincts and it will direct you to what you should do.

Turkey Spirit Animal (Blessings, Generosity, Connection with Mother Earth)


The turkey is the next spirit animal in our ultimate guide idea list. It is a symbol of satiation, generosity, and abundance. It’s also rumored to have foretelling powers.

In fact, primitive cultures used it as an indicator of poor weather because of its agitated state prior to storms. Also, it was considered a jeweled animal by ancient cultures and civilizations.

With its foretelling powers, it’s considered to have a special connection to Mother Earth. It can help you achieve a better link with nature and the powerful natural energies. It’s connected to every living being, so it’s also a great social animal, wherein you can feel the shifts in other people’s emotions and personality.

It’s no coincidence that cultures use the turkey to celebrate unity and abundance since it’s a symbol for unlocking feelings of happiness, contentment, and harmony. The connection it has with Earth gives the turkey a guide status towards achieving these things.

That being said, it also brings feelings of pride and vanity, so it’s important to channel the positive energy it brings and to stay in connection with your surroundings. Remember, abundance can be a path towards decadence and shallowness.

So, use it as a totem for nourishment and spiritual connection, but don’t stray from the ultimate goal of happiness. Be grateful and share your good wealth with other beings.

Turtle Spirit Animal (Connection with Mother Nature, Strength, Ancient Wisdom)


The peacock and turkey both bring feelings of self-confidence, as well as abundance and good wealth. These are positive changes, but can also lead to something darker, causing you to be disconnected from your peers and surroundings. In this situation, the turtle spirit animal can help out.

The wisdom of the turtle spirit animal brings energy needed to make the right decisions and walk a straight path. While it doesn’t have a good connection with emotional developments, the turtle gives you the strength needed to journey through life. Thus, it’s a great animal to channel when making tough choices.

This energy is also always associated with patience and groundedness. Resilience is the primary key of the turtle. Through all hardships and turbulence, the turtle’s tough shell will allow it to outlast these problems and emerge more determined and wiser.

While it’s not the most emotional animal in this ultimate guide list, the link with water will allow you to slowly process the flow of emotion and assimilate and understand it, and slowly overcome obstacles. It’s a stern, but an understanding animal.

Wolf Spirit Animal (Freedom, Intelligence)

Wolf Spirit Animal

When it comes to the wolf spirit animals, they symbolize sharp, personal intelligence. It also indicates that you are a very loyal person who likes to make strong relationships. However, the same might not be the case with your loved ones as even your partner might be trying to trick you.

If you come across the wolf totem in your meditation, it means that it is trying to tell you that you have to expand your knowledge in order to become successful. You might have to gain new experience, and you also have to be open to new ideas. In addition, the wolf people should always keep their secrets to themselves. For more often than not, they are surrounded by fake friends. In this case, you should trust your instincts because, as already mentioned, people with this particular totem have a strong sense of intuition.

One idea which is generally associated with this animal is that it tends to be very aggressive. Nothing can be far from the truth because, in the majority of the cases, the wolf people like to elude fights at all costs.  They will never initiate combats but once you provoke them, or even if they get attacked by an intruder, they will stand the test of time. Nothing could stifle their resolve at this stage.

The Native Americans generally see the wolves as a suitable fusion of good, and evil spirits and when it comes to the Celts, they relate this particular spirit animal with an insignia of bravery.

Zebra Spirit Animal (Challenge, Individuality, and Family)


Zebras are interestingly unique creatures resembling a donkey and a horse. What makes a zebra stand out is its black and white stripes. These patterns are so unique that it is a fact that no zebra stripes are alike. As a spirit animal, these black and white stripes symbolize individuality.

Individualism is a distinctive trait all people born under the zebra totem have. They cherish freedom in all areas of their life. They love to explore everything there is to explore.

Zebras are good at blending in with a crowd without losing their individuality. They are usually crowd pleasers too. You can spot this person easily because of their style or their interesting personality. Zebras will always express their individuality in every form.

Additionally, zebras also like challenges. They won’t hesitate from expressing their opinions. If a person born under the zebra totem disagrees with you, expect him not to shy away from any confrontation. They view challenges as an opportunity for growth. Zebras are also survivors and will be able to overcome whatever trouble life throws at them.

Ironically, although zebras like to embrace freedom and adventure, they are known for being very family-oriented. No matter where they go, you can expect a zebra to return and settle where their heart is, and that is with family.

The Importance of Finding Your Spirit Totem

At the end of the day, everyone feels like they’re missing a piece of themselves and it could very well be that they have yet to meet their spirit guide.

With the help of your totem, you can have a better understanding of the person you are and the things you have to offer and want to achieve in your lifetime.

All it takes is a few moments of your time and a little bit of dedication in order to have a deeper understanding of who you really are.

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