Power Animal vs Spirit Animal: Knowing the Difference

Power Animal vs Spirit Animal: Knowing the Difference

Ever wondered about where a power animal vs spirit animal differs? In today’s modern beliefs, we are increasingly becoming disconnected with nature and the things that it can teach us.

Among the many forgotten teachings that we continuously take for granted is our connection with animals. In this post, allow us to remind you of a much simpler life when we were one with our surroundings.

Many ancient civilizations and philosophies believe that animals are put into this world to guide and aid us in our journey through life. Most of the time, the terms spirit animal, and power animal are being used interchangeably. For the modern society, it is understandable because it differs from the beliefs that we grew up in.

Definition of Power Animal

A power animal is someone you call upon whenever you are feeling weak, powerless, and in need of courage. They serve as your protector or guardian at times when you face adversities. With their powers and survival skills, you gain the courage and strength needed to survive certain hardships and trials.

For most tribes or clans, a power animal is chosen by one’s spirit to be with them by the time they were born until they leave this earth. Certain characteristics of this power animal are reflected on the individual. A power animal is your ultimate guide in carrying out your duties and responsibilities in this world.

A person’s power animal is his source of bravery and strength in order to support them through difficult life transitions. They call upon the powers of these animals to inspire them to let go of the bad and move forward with their lives.

Definition of Spirit Animal

Through its unique nature and capabilities, a person’s spirit animal guides him in his journey and teaches him the lessons he needed to achieve peace in life and spirit. Each type of spirit animal has their own set of powers and skills that they share with us to help us overcome the challenges of our everyday life.

Whenever a spirit animal appears, it signals a time to reflect on our true self and our purpose in this world. It teaches us to be aware of our needs and wants as well as how to deal with the changes and challenges that we encounter in everyday experiences. They do this by sending out hidden messages, mostly through repeated appearances, patterns, and themes.

Once a spirit animal has made its presence known to you, it means that it has an important message to deliver and you need to focus intently on finding out what it is. These messages will help you understand the life lessons that you would need to overcome trials in your life.

Power Animal vs Spirit Animal

A spirit animal and a power animal, though quite often used interchangeably, have slightly different meanings. In certain traditions, such as in modern Western shamanic beliefs, spirit animals are viewed as personal guides or protectors. Throughout a person’s life, his spirit animal provides him with the guidance he needs to win over life’s many trials.

On the other hand, a power animal is the spirit of a certain animal that chose to unite with an individual. This means that at the beginning of a person’s life, the spirit of a power animal chooses to become one with his own spirit. Therefore, similarities in character and personality can be seen between the two.

Additionally, a person’s power animal is also the one he calls upon whenever he faces hardships in life. He gets inspiration from its power and ability to survive and uses it to draw his strength from.

Animal Spirit Messengers

These are animal spirits often appearing in our dreams and meditations, carrying messages coming from the spirit realm. We must look and listen very carefully in order to see and hear what these animals are trying to tell us.

  • The Shadow Animal

Shadow animals come to us repeatedly until the time that we learn the life lessons that it is trying to impart.

  • The Journey Animal

Whenever we are thinking of taking a new life path, the journey animal makes itself known to guide through. It travels along with us, guiding us back to the path home whenever we lose our way. The journey animal stays with us until we complete the challenge we are facing.

  • The Life Animal

A life animal is a reflection of a deeper part of our spiritual self. It stays with us from the time we are born and guide us through every challenge that life may throw upon us. Additionally, a life animal also has the power to call on other animal spirits to provide guidance and help us learn life skills needed to survive.

  • The Medicine Animal

In times of illness or injury, you may notice that your medicine animal makes itself known to you to bring you comfort and healing. They come to you whenever you call them and stay with you until you are feeling better and ready to let go. In addition to providing comfort and healing, a medicine animal also possesses great wisdom.

Final Words

To help us get in touch with nature and what it is trying to tell us, we have done some research into the differences between a power animal vs spirit animal.

When we look at the world around us, we can see lots of signs and hidden messages. The problem is we do not know how to interpret them. Most of us often speak with animals, sharing with them our thoughts, fears, and emotions yet we fail to listen to what they are trying to tell us.

Knowing your spirit animal and power animal is the first step to becoming enlightened and more connected with nature. In this way, we gain a strong guardian and protector that we can call upon whenever we are being challenged by life’s trials. This ancient belief of having a spirit animal and a power animal is what will guide us through life’s many hardships.

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