Peace and Calm Essential Oils: The Secret to a More Relaxed and Healthy You

Peace and Calm Essential Oils: The Secret to a More Relaxed and Healthy You

Are your feeling anxious but are not sure why you do? There are times that the fast-paced lives that we are living nowadays can get the best of us, rendering us unable to function for the entire day. Might be, all you need is a few drops of peace and calm essential oils.

For many years, the power of alternative medicine has been used in many cultures all over the world. Our knowledge of this science has been passed on from generations to generations. In reality, rural areas where modern medicine is not yet available still rely on the healing powers of alternative medicine such as the use of herbs.

Today, the use of essential oils are becoming more and more embraced by both the young and old generations. But what are essential oils exactly?

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the highly concentrated version of the natural oils that can be found in plants. Through the process of distillation, the naturally occurring oils in the plant roots, stems, flowers, leaves, or bark are extracted. In turn, both the fragrance and medicinal properties of the plant are retained in oil form.

The most common distillation process used today can either be done via steam or water. Some of the favorites include frankincense, lavender, and peppermint. You can either make your own or purchase a bottle of your preferred oil from trusted sellers online and at local stores. But are they really worth the investment?

Benefits of Using Essential Oils

Each type of essential oil offers a different kind of healing. They are widely used in aromatherapy to support the body’s natural way of healing itself. Some of the most common benefits that you can get from using essential oils include:

  • Balancing of hormones
  • Healing of skin conditions
  • Muscle pain relief and relaxation
  • A decrease in the appearance of cellulite and wrinkles
  • Promotion of healthy digestive system
  • Protection against cold and flu

Additionally, there are also types of essential oils that are beneficial for the brain and its functions. It helps reduce emotional stress and anxiety, provides relief from migraines and headaches, and supports the overall improvement of cognitive function.

Today, there are approximately 90 different kinds of essential oils that are available on the market, each serving a different purpose than the next. Now that you know its many benefits, do you think you want to start using it, too? Read on to find out how you can enjoy the benefits of essential oils.

How to Use Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used in numerous ways. They can either be applied topically, inhaled, ingested, or mixed with your personal care products such as your shampoo, body butter, and lip balm.

  • Topically

Various essential oils, which have a chemical weight of no more than 1000m, can be applied topically. In that way, it can be absorbed by the skin, enter the bloodstream, and be distributed to different parts of the body to reap its internal therapeutic benefits.

  • Aromatically

With the effectiveness of aromatherapy in mind, you can find great evidence of the benefits that you can get when you inhale essential oils. In order to do this, you will need to invest in a good quality oil diffuser.

  • Ingestion

About one to three drops of your chosen essential oil, when mixed with water, can provide powerful medicinal benefits. Among the most commonly ingested essential oils are frankincense, lemon, and peppermint. However, other oils such as those from oregano and clove, should not be ingested for more than a week at a time.

  • Personal Care Products

For a healthy body inside and out, you might want to mix essential oils to your daily personal care products. In addition to the items mentioned earlier, you can also mix it in your bug spray, toothpaste, and household cleaner.

Most Effective Peace and Calm Essential Oils

Yet another benefit of using essential oils is its calming and relaxing properties. Those who enjoy doing meditation also make use of these oils in order to take their practice to the next level. It can be extra helpful for those who find it a challenge to focus on his meditation due to the many distractions that surround him.

There is a long list of essential oils that can help in this process. Some of them include:

  • Sandalwood Oil

This type of essential oil is used to open the mind and heart and allow them to heal and recover from all the spiritual and emotional stress that they were put under. They also fight the signs of aging, promote weight loss, strengthen the muscles, and lowers bad cholesterol levels. Additionally, they can also be used as a deodorant.

You have to remember, though, that sandalwood oil is not recommended to be used on bare skin. Instead, you can enjoy its benefits via the use of an oil diffuser.

  • Ylang-Ylang Oil

Those who practice the use of essential oils choose ylang-ylang for its calming and uplifting effects. They are best used to treat anxiety and depression. Additionally, they are also believed to enhance one’s mood and provide him the courage to deal with negative emotions.

  • Clary Sage Oil

In various ritualistic practices in some cultures, clary sage oil is used to get rid of negative energy. They also promote overall balance and a significant boost in energy levels. Some of the health benefits that it offers include hair growth and pain relief. It also helps address menstrual problems, drug addiction, and high blood pressure.

Additionally, there are also peace and calm essential oil blends that can assist you in your meditation practice. They are a mix of two or more kinds of oils that each contributes to create an effective cure for anxiety and stress. Usually, they are applied topically on the insides of the wrists, the temples, on your back, or the soles of the feet.


The fact that using essential oils has been around for many years only means that it is effective in providing us with the push that we need to find balance in our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual beings. We only need to embrace it and allow it to make changes in our lives so as to achieve the best version of ourselves.

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