How to Make a Foot Bath: Your Guide to Tranquility

How to Make a Foot Bath: Your Guide to Tranquility

It’s truly amazing that something as simple as a foot bath can calm an individual, as well as help him or her reach a state of tranquility. Foot baths are simple to make, and as with most things in life, it must be balanced in order to be enjoyable. This means that learning how to make a foot bath is like learning how to concoct a potion—it all boils down to ingredients and quantities.

The foot has dozens of different pressure points. The body is connected at the soles of the feet and applying pressure on those points might help relieve stress and achieve pleasure, so this is a great way to relax and meditate after a tiring, long day. Apart from those, it can also help manage different types of pain and ailments.

However, those who suffer from diabetes or diseases which cause bad peripheral circulation are not advised to take hot foot baths. If they want to, they have to make sure that they keep a maximum temperature of 103 F and 39 Celsius.

How to Make a Foot Bath: The Basics

The base, which is warm water, of a foot bath is the foundation of a good experience. Apart from water, one cup of either baking soda or salt is also a good base ingredient. The grainy nature of salt and soda make them perfect for touching all of the pressure points in the foot. Also, both of these ingredients will ensure that you can add other ingredients without any side effects.

  • General Use

An herbal foot bath can be great as a refresher after a long day. It’s recommended for swollen feet, hotness and general discomfort. Start by boiling some water, then add some herbs; peppermint leaves or chamomile flowers will work great with general discomfort and swollen feet.

The herbs should be wrapped in a cloth to ensure that they won’t float. After the water has been infused, let it reach a tolerable temperature. Once done, add the base and soak the soles. Play with the salts and enjoy the healing powers of this simple, but a very effective home remedy.

  • Fungal Remedy

Foot fungus is embarrassing and very annoying, but sometimes it’s inevitable. Using creams does help, but nothing really cleans the feet like a good, aromatic foot bath. In fact, enthusiasts consider this as one of the quickest ways of getting rid of any foot fungus. In addition, a foot bath is also a great way to help prevent the occurrence of fungal infections.

Put just the right amount of warm water in a basin or any container, then add a teaspoon of either salt or baking soda, as well as few amounts of white vinegar (either wine or apple cider). The heat and the vinegar solution, combined with the scrubbing properties of the salt or soda, will help remove the fungus in a timely fashion.

Feel free to add one or two drops of essential oils to the mix if you want to avoid any unpleasant odor. Also, thyme, oregano, and mint essential oils have been proven to help in fighting molds. You can also opt to scrub the soles with the use of a stone or a brush.

  • Getting Rid of Warts

Some people get warts, and there’s nothing to do about it. Warts get painful, are very uncomfortable and unpleasant to look at, and can spread really fast. Foot baths are an amazing way of helping remove warts from the foot’s sole in a manner of days. 

To prepare, in a plastic basin, mix some vinegar and very hot water so that the solution can penetrate the skin. Then, soak the feet in the mixture for at least 15 minutes. Do this as many times as necessary until the skin starts to disintegrate and crumble.

You should not in any way try to remove the softened wart if it still clings to the skin. This will cause an open wound and even a permanent scar. Just rinse and repeat until it feels safe to remove them.

  • Management of Colds

For the management of colds, an aromatic bath is recommended. Thus, you must mix salt with some hot water as well as drops of mint essential oil.

Soak your feet and enjoy the feeling of relief as the sinuses start to clean up and the body starts to sweat. This promotes detoxification and better circulation, which in turn help boost the immune system.

  • Fatigue, Stress, and Anxiety Relief

Foot fatigue is becoming a common occurrence in people’s lives. With office jobs being a big part of society, it’s easy to develop severe weakness in the legs. To help relieve this condition, add some Epsom salt, which is a mineral-rich salt, to hot water.

The magnesium found in these mineral salts can give the feet a boost of energy. Also, circulation will be improved in the region, making it easier to start a workout or go for a walk. That being said, foot baths are no substitute for physical activity, so it’s essential to incorporate any form of sport into a healthy lifestyle.

On another note, adding some essential oils like lavender and chamomile can help relieve anxiety and stress. In fact, a University of Michigan State Study shows that foot baths help with fighting both as well as help manage the feeling of hostility and anger in both men and women. For better results, foot bath should be done before going to sleep.

Final Thoughts

Apart from everything that’s already been discussed, foot baths are great for overall hygiene. Every pedicure salon gives them because they prevent bacteria from growing and soften the soles and skin. The nicest thing about foot baths is that they’re very accessible.

With a minimal investment, anyone can get to experience this amazing form of therapy. All that’s required on how to make a foot bath is a plastic, roomy container, some simple bath salts, some aromatic and essential oils and some herbs, which are common household items.

That being said, be mindful of using too much of a good thing. Adding a lot of bath salts or too much of essential oil can make the experience too intense, causing more discomfort than stress relief. Remember, balance is the key to everything.

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