How to Give a Foot Massage: Achieving the Best Results

How to Give a Foot Massage: Achieving the Best Results

After walking at the mall, standing on a train, wearing high heels at work or in school, or playing sports, the relief of having your feet finally rest is something we all look forward to at the end of the day. Likewise, to receive a foot massage before you sleep is quite rewarding since it helps calm your mind and body. Hence, like any other skills, don’t you want to learn how to give a foot massage and learn more about it?

If you do want to gain that knowledge, read on.

What is a Foot Massage: An Overview

For centuries, foot massage is widely practiced in different cultures. It was believed and is still known to help promote overall health wellness since nerve endings in the soles constitute most organs of the body. Nowadays, thousands of people consider massage as an alternative and complementary medicine to reduce anxiety and stress, rehabilitate an injury, relieve pain, and boost overall health.

This practice greatly involves an application of pressure to trigger points on your feet, affecting different body organ ailments. Therefore, doing it on your own or going to a salon spa to have a session with a professional reflexologist will ultimately benefit your body and mind.

How to Give a Foot Massage: The Steps

Not so many ordinary people know how to give a foot massage. Yes, receiving a foot massage is relaxing, but giving a foot massage to someone you love is something to be proud of. In order to help out, below are ways on how to give a good foot massage:

1.   Preparation

Look for a surface (sofa or bed will do) that is both firm and soft. Let the person lay there comfortably. If all you have is a table or a bench, put blankets, towels, or any soft material on the head space and the rest of the body to increase comfort. Then, let the person lay flat on his or her back to make the massage relaxing and avoid discomfort. After which, apply massage oil on your palms.

A.   The Foot Rub

Stroke the foot in a long and gliding manner. You should think of it as a pulling concept technique. On either side, form your hands into a cup and pull towards you. Position your thumb on top while the rest of the fingers glide at the bottom of the foot. Use your thumbs in applying pressure, starting from the end of the toes to the ankle. Firm pressure may be applied freely even on the bony part with thin muscle tissues.

When applying the gliding and deep technique, your knuckle should be used at the bottom. Stroke the foot up and then down repeatedly as needed.

B.   Working on the Toes

Individually work on each toe by pinching the toe on each side. Make sure to apply solid pressure one after the other. Likewise, the firmness and intensity of pressing the bottom, sides, and top should be equal.

C.   The Finale

Use both hands in gripping the foot and then glide from one side to the other. The amount of pressure amount should be significant, but you may try to ask the person what he or she prefers.

How to Achieve Best Results: Some Tips

Knowing the proper way of giving a foot massage will not be enough for the receiver to experience total wellness or relaxation. There are some things that you also have to keep in mind while performing such. They are:

●    Mind over Matter

Your focus is essential in giving a foot massage. You must take it seriously as you transfer and bring relaxation and energy to the person. As such, you must set your mind in a positive mood and erase negativity. That is because a positive mind will more likely offer healing touches. Thus, concentrate and relax by clearing your mind of any distractions and also remember to breathe deeply.

●    Ask for Feedback

When you are the one doing the massage, it doesn’t mean the person should let you do whatever you like. Pacing and intensity of the massage should be the receiver’s call. As such, you should ask the right questions like “Is it painful or too slow?” “Where do want me to apply pressure?” in a nice and calm manner so that the receiver will give you honest feedback.

●    Think of the Receiver’s Welfare

In performing foot massages, you should avoid using your fingers in a light feathery manner so that the receiver won’t get ticklish. You must also avoid pressing bony parts because it is painful and may cause injury. Likewise, be careful not to hit your own bony part to the receivers’ as it is excruciating. In short, be sure to only massage on the muscles for a smooth sailing session, leaving the receiver relaxed.

●    Foot Massage is Not for Every Person

Despite its calming effect, not everyone should have a foot massage. If you push through, you might make mistakes and worsen the condition the person has. Examples will be those who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, infection, and fever, as well as those who have been involved in a recent injury. With that said, always keep in mind to ask the receiver. If you’re not sure if a foot massage can aggravate the person’s condition, seek doctor’s advice first.

●    Preparation will Help You Through

Always wash your hands before doing the massage in order to prevent bacteria from transferring to the person. Meanwhile, the receiver should clean his or her feet. On another note, make sure the pressure is not all centered on the back by rolling up a towel and then placing it on the back of the knees.

●    The Right Strategies for the Receiver’s and Your Comfort

You must remember that the thumb-over-thumb technique is used when placing pressure on the feet arches or soles. Also, you should rest the feet on a pillow to make it accessible to you while you ensure your back is straight. Third, your thumbs should be bent to avoid pain when you massage the feet. Lastly, you must avoid strong fragrance oil and choose soothing ones such as grapeseed, olive, or jojoba oil.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the basics of giving a foot massage is a necessary skill. You need not finish a degree, but it is important to at least ease the pain that your loved ones are experiencing. The knowledge you learned in this article will help prevent the development of ailments, specifically on the feet. It is up to you on how to innovate these techniques to meet the preference of the receiver. Anyway, our overall goal is to achieve a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

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