How to Beat Stress: A Comprehensive Guide to Living a Healthy Life

How to Beat Stress: A Comprehensive Guide to Living a Healthy Life

Modern life can be very taxing. From dealing with a hectic work routine to taking care of your financial matters, you have to always make sure that your family members don’t get neglected. In simple words, you ought to find a suitable balance between your work life and family life. Since it is easier said than done, it has eventually left you wondering how to beat stress comprehensively.

When it comes to stress, it can affect your mind and body for different reasons. Many people feel anxious and stressed out due to some sort of problems in their personal relationships and demands at work while others feel daggered due to poor nutrition. Another common reason for stress is a recurring health problem which tends to come back after every few months.

To help out, in this article, we will inform you about ways on how you can beat stress easily. Incorporating useful tips and tricks, this guide is of the great essence for all those people who want to live their lives without any sort of anxiety.

How to Beat Stress: Four Simple Ways

The following are a number of useful ways that can help you beat stress without extra hassles. These methods will not only eliminate anxiety and stress from your daily routine but at the same time, they can also help you perform to your fullest.

●    Take a Deep Breath

It might look like a straightforward strategy to some people, but you will be amazed to know that taking a deep breath can induce a number of positive changes in your body. First of all, this activity can actually reduce stress hormones inside your body. These hormones are basically the key catalyst behind anxiety, so when you get rid of them, it will eventually uplift your mood.

Another advantage related to this particular activity is that it can help lower your blood pressure to a considerable level. This is important in the sense that almost everybody is at risk of suffering from high blood pressure in today’s busy world. The fact that you can actually control it without any sort of medication can do wonders for your body and pocket.

How to Do It?

First of all, pick a specific room where nobody will disturb you for quite some time. It can be your own bedroom, TV room or even kitchen, but make sure that you will be on your own for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Once you’ve determined your specific location, sit quietly in such a way that your one hand is placed on your chest. Place the other hand on your stomach. Then, close your mouth and take a deep breath through your nose. Inhale a considerable amount of air in order to fill your lungs.

Stop breathing every for four to five seconds and hold your breath for as long as you can do it comfortably. Afterward, exhale air through your mouth slowly and steadily. Make sure that all amount of air has been pumped out of your lungs and repeat the overall procedure for four to five times.

●    Exercise

One common reason why more and more people are suffering from anxiety nowadays lies in the fact that almost all of them are sitting in front of their TVs, laptops, and tablets for an extended duration of time. Nobody has got time for exercise which eventually inflicts a number of different diseases on their body.

Regular exercise can boost your morale. Apart from various other health benefits, it can also enhance the formation of endorphins which are known as your brain chemicals. If present beyond a certain level, these hormones can trigger the effect of happiness, sexuality and overall well-being of your body. Similarly, if there is a deficiency of endorphins in your brain, it can inflict emotional and physical barriers on your body.

How to Do It?

Depending on your personal choice, you can do any form of aerobic exercise in your free time. It can be swimming, cycling and running. Even if you prefer to ride a horse, or if you love to go skiing in your leisure time, you can do it as long as it keeps you happy. However, make sure that any such exercise should not be done for less than 20 minutes. Only then can it enhance your mood while reducing your stress hormones.

●    Talk to Your Loved Ones

Stress, if left unshared, can escalate to humongous levels inside your own body. Just like any other problem, you can reduce the effect of anxiety or stress by talking about it with your loved ones. There is always someone who cares about you and the way in which you feel on a daily basis. Nobody wants to see their loved ones getting daggered from anxiety, but they just cannot become familiar with your situation as long as you won’t inform them.

Apart from sharing your problems, he or she can also come up with a suitable solution. The other person knows your personality, and they can always improve your mood. Hence, there is no need to limit yourself to your room since there is someone who can listen to your problems with complete attention.

●    Use Stress Balls

You could never be sure when stress would affect you in your daily routine. It can be at the start of your day, in the midst of your job or even when you are with your loved ones. So, why not opt for a remedy which can be done in any of these situations. Yes, we are talking about the stress balls.

Many people often downplay the importance of stress balls, but the truth is that they can actually relieve your stress. When a person is affected by stress, he or she falls into some kind of tension in their muscles. Stress balls allow you the luxury of squeezing them as hard as you can which will eventually allow you to alleviate the stiffness in your body muscles. You can also take them as a non-dangerous way of expressing your anger when your boss has just rebuked you.

The best stress balls come in all shapes and sizes and since they also incorporate a durable construction, you can use these products for years to come. They also feature a budget-oriented price which ensures that you can get rid of stress without going beyond your budget.


Stress can have a daunting effect on your body. It can deteriorate your health, affect your relationship with your loved ones and derail your career. Hence, in order to make the most of your lives, it is imperative that you should follow the aforementioned tips on how to beat stress.

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