Headspace vs Aware: Battle of the Meditation Apps

Headspace vs Aware: Battle of the Meditation Apps

In today’s time, it can be tough to meditate since there are a lot of distractions. Also, now that we have advanced technology and our minds are practically tied to the notifications on our smartphones, it can really be hard to focus.

To add insult to the injury, the proper ways of meditating can be medieval wherein you really have to be in a pleasant environment. Good thing though is that there are meditation applications that we can download on our phones to help. So, here is the battle of the meditation apps: Headspace vs Aware.

It surely is a good thing that someone figured out a solution to this meditation problem, and it is brilliant to pair it with the smartphone. Further, beginners need not seek advice from long-time meditators as everything that you need to start immersing yourself in peace is found in the applications. However, which is the better application? Or are they just the same?

In this article, we would go through each of the unique features of Headspace and Aware. We will also list down the advantages and disadvantages of using them. In the end, we shall see which one is the best meditation app. Are you ready for Headspace vs Aware? Gear up for the best meditation app you can ever get from your phone.


Once you download the Headspace application, you will be automatically taken to the “Take 10 Free Trial” page. This option refers to the 10 sessions that comprise level one of the meditation program. It is complete with instructions, images, and video on the basics of meditation. Thus, this trial is the perfect foundation for beginners as it teaches all you need to know for you to meditate properly.

At the same time, your progress is being tracked by way of how long you spent meditating and if you finished a session. The way you go about it is by unlocking certain levels. Additionally, there are also stand-alone sessions that target specific needs like, relieving anxiety, combatting sadness, and releasing anger.

Lastly, it has a community where you can share your progress and see how others are doing. The unique thing about it is that they have a buddy system. So, you and your buddy can encourage each other to meditate more. It can also be a good source of information as you can easily ask questions in the community.


  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy-to-follow sessions
  • Not based on religion or a certain belief
  • You’ll have a support system.


  • Not available for Windows phones and Blackberry
  • Cannot unlock the next levels or stand-alone sessions without paying
  • The first level can be too basic for people who have been meditating for a long time.


Unlike with Headspace, the Aware application focuses on programs rather than sessions. Meaning, you have a specific topic that you will meditate on. The free programs that come with your download are Seven Days of Foundation Course, Four Energizers of the Foundation Course, and Two Singles Meditation Track for Waking Up and Sleeping.

Once you open it, you are taken straight to the 21 Days of Mindfulness Meditation, which is called the foundation program. After finishing 21 days, only then are the other programs unlocked. Some of them are for depression, relationships, patience, happiness, and mental focus.

Other than the 18 programs, there are also other tracks for when you are taking an exam, getting an interview, or quitting smoking. Additionally, there is the breathe option, which in turn, provides programs about energizers that will complement your general meditation program.

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There is also an added feature where you can set ambient sounds from a variety of choices to help you meditate properly. This sound will keep on playing while you are going through a program. You can also use this to help you relax while you sleep. Further, you can see how well you are doing since the app will send you an email with a stress test after completing a program.


  • Perfect for everyday situations
  • Has a lot of free sessions
  • Additional features that help with mindfulness and meditation
  • Dual purpose
  • Easy-to-follow foundation course


  • Does not have a community
  • Does not monitor progress within the app

Headspace vs Aware: A Comparative Analysis

The Headspace app has the perfect balance between simplicity and complexity. At the same time, its courses are geared toward being calm and meditating properly. On the underside, it has fewer free sessions compared to Aware, but your 10 sessions are already enough for you to understand the fundamentals of the proper way to meditate.

Further, Headspace has a really good way of presenting the concept and the process. It does not overwhelm you with a lot of options. Frankly, you will feel that finishing the 10 sessions will be enough. Probably, the best thing about it is that you also have access to a community. You can have a support group, and you can learn a lot from other people who are using the app.

On the other hand, Aware is still good, except that the programs are geared towards calmness and not meditating itself. It is unique since it has programs to combat depression or ways to help you with an upcoming interview, but it does not really offer techniques on how you can be more in tune with yourself. Basically, it gives you guidelines on how to calmly go about things.

Final Words

In the end, you will get a deeper meaning of meditation when you use Headspace. Surely, you will find that paying the subscription fee after the 10 free sessions will be worth it as you will get a lot of use out of this app because its sessions can cut across a lot of situations.

However, meditation is obviously deeper than the presence of calmness. For some people, they have a problem when it comes to staying calm, so in this case, Aware has a lot of programs that can help you with that. If you are unsure which one you need, then just download both applications and give their free sessions and programs a try. By then, you will know which one works better for you.

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