Foot Massage Pressure Points: Location and Benefits

Foot Massage Pressure Points: Location and Benefits

So, you are looking for fact-based information about the foot massage pressure points. We guess you might be one of those people who has recently realized that there are certain pressure sensitive areas in your feet. According to experts, these areas, when stimulated with a certain amount of force, tend to impart a number of mental as well as health benefits to your body.

Nowadays, there is a wide range of massage parlors that offer you the luxury of a foot massage. Since these parlors might charge you a decent amount of money, you have the option to do it in your own home provided you have proper information about these points. However, since everybody is not a massage expert, people normally look for invaluable guidance which can help them make the most of this particular practice; and this is where we come in.

Foot Massage Pressure Points: The Most Common Health Benefits

According to reflexologists, each pressure point in your foot is connected to certain key organs and glands in your body. It means that apart from offering the usual benefits of a foot massage, these points can also induce a nourishing effect on your entire body.

  • Better Sleep

When it comes to a foot massage, it can help you enjoy better sleep on a consistent basis, especially if you are one of those people who like to massage their feet just before going to bed. With that said, you do not have to deal with sleep-deprivation problems such as insomnia.

As you massage certain points on your feet, they will help improve the circulation of blood in your legs. It will also aid in soothing the nerves which are tightened after a hard day at the office. Such will eventually allow your body to relax.

  • Better Circulation of Blood

As already mentioned, putting pressure on certain sections of your feet can improve blood supply to the lower portion of your body. This is due to the reason that almost every human being tends to misuse his muscles. For example, while some people have to stand for long periods of time on their job site, others often work in a tight pair of shoes.

So, in order to deal with this problem and protect your body muscles from all kinds of spams, it is recommended to perform foot massage for 10 minutes on a daily basis.

  • Helps in Getting Rid of Depression

When it comes to anxiety, it affects millions of people around the globe. Some people feel depressed due to an ongoing problem at their office while others become a victim of this problem due to some sort of personal problems. However, although the actual reason might vary in your case, one thing which is crystal clear is that you can actually enjoy a happy life with the help of a foot massage.

Basically, there are several areas in your feet which, if pressed carefully, can help you feel relaxed. They can also improve your mental health, and if you are feeling down, these points can also enhance your mood in a few minutes.

  • Fight Body Pains

For some people, this is the most important benefit of reflexology. It can help you deal with a backache, migraine and severe headaches and it can also help alleviate pain in your neck.

  • Lessens Occurrence of Edema

If you are pregnant, one who is currently in her last trimester, there aren’t many better ways to deal with edema than to have a comprehensive foot massage. Edema is basically that condition of the body in which your ankles and feet get swollen due to the extensive preservation of fluid. Although it normally affects pregnant women, they can actually alleviate this problem with the help of this method.

However, one thing which is important is that pregnant women should never do a massage on their own feet. Instead, they should ask their friends to do it or they can also take help from a professional reflexologist. And yes, they can always use a foot massager which is easily available on the market.

Foot Pressure Points: The Common Areas

Here are the 10 common foot massage pressure points which can help you feel relaxed.

  • Tai Chong

This pressure point is located between the largest and second largest toes of your foot. You can determine it with your own fingers in the shape of an indent. By applying pressure on this point, it can reduce severe headaches, depression, and anger. Even if you are suffering from menstrual pain, ask your reflexologist to put pressure on this point, and it will alleviate your problem.

  • Yong Quan

It is located just below the joint of your big toe. This point deals with insomnia, shivers, and anxiety and even if you suffer from a memory disorder, you can press this area of your feet in order to improve your memory.

  • Da Dun

Take a look at the inside of your big toe, and you can locate Da Dun at approximately one-inch away from your toenail’s corner. This is a viable point for people dealing with a hernia, faintness and recurrent stomach pain.

  • Tai Bai

When it comes to finding this point, you have to start by applying pressure on the side of your foot as long as you come across a depression point. You will normally find it adjacent to the ball of your foot, and by applying pressure on Tai Bai, you can achieve appetite loss, memory loss, and unwanted fatigue relief.

  • Tai Xi

This is one of the most important pressure points in your foot which can deal with different types of pains, including arthritis, backache, and toothache, as well as vomiting and common respiratory problems. For those conditions, put enough pressure on the area between your ankle’s inner bump and Achilles tendon, and you will find this point over there.

  • Shen Mai

Yet another important pressure point on your foot, this one can be located at your ankle’s outer bony bump. It can eliminate anxiety and fear from your brain while inducing patience and courage in your body.

  • Qiu Xu

If you suffer from mental instability, you just have to press this point at the outer side of your ankle. It is normally located just underneath the bone, so keep this thing in mind while locating Qiu Xu.

  • Kun Lun

You can find this particular pressure point in the premises of Qiu Xu as nature has crafted it in the center of Achilles tendon and ankle region. This is an important point for all those of you who have to deal with either high blood pressure or even if you are suffering from vision problems.

  • Xing Jian

In order to locate Xing Jian, you have to use both your thumb and your middle finger. Apply enough pressure between the second toe and the big toe, and you will come across this point. It can help you deal with liver problems, and it can also eliminate cramps in your legs.

  • Xia Li

This is an important foot pressure point for all those of you who tend to suffer from severe diarrhea. You can pinpoint the exact location of Xia Li by touching the connecting skin between your biggest toe and the second biggest toe.


A foot massage is one of the most useful things that you can do for your body. You just have to locate the right pressure points, and afterward, they can induce a number of positive effects on your health.

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