How To Find Your Spirit Animal Through Meditation?

How To Find Your Spirit Animal Through Meditation?

‘They are no ordinary animals; they are spirit animals. They dwell within your very heart.’

Many online sites claim to find your spirit animal in a few simple questions, but you need to go further to find it.

You need to reach out within yourself to find the animal that resides inside you. Meditation and even simple observation are your best bet at finding your spirit animal.

Allow us to guide you on your path to finding your spirit animal through meditation.


What is a Spirit Animal?

The spirit animal within you is more than just a generic animal symbolism.

It is the inner animal within you that has a deep connection to your life and all that happens in it.

They guide you through all your activities and play a major part in your success or failure.

Many sages believe that spirit animals are also your protectors in this world. Relating to our power animals gives us useful insight into our subconscious psyche.


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Why is Your Spirit Animal Important?

Spirit animals carry meaningful messages for those who are willing to listen. They are more than just objects of admiration.

They really matter in your life. Here’s how:

  • They bring focus to the part of your life that is unacknowledged and unexplored.
  • Spirit animals have a strong hold on your emotions.
  • They influence your existence, your relationships, nature, and instinct.
  • They have weight to your personality and can bring about life-changing transformations.
  • Spirit animals are always there to guide and support you.
  • They offer new avenues for reflection and self-development.


Common Spirit Animals list

We present a list of the most commonly found spirit animals and their symbolic meaning.

The Bear

Symbolic meaning:

  • The bear totem primarily represents inner strength, fearlessness, and confidence.
  • It indicates an ability to stay active and face challenges and also an inclination to natural leadership.
  • The bear is synonymous with healing yourself and those around you.
  • It highlights the importance of a quiet, peaceful time, solitude, and rest in your life.
  • It forecasts a presence of strong grounding forces.

The Fox

Symbolic meaning:

  • Mental and physical alertness; increased awareness and perception.
  • The fox totem represents cunning; it enables you to see through all deception.
  • It indicates an ability to find your way if you are lost.
  • Most active during the night, the fox totem is strongly linked with a dream.
  • Embodies swift and on-your-feet thinking.

The Hawk

Symbolic meaning:

  • The hawk is a mythological messenger from the spirit world; it implies a connection with the world beyond.
  • The totem indicates a strong ability to focus.
  • Symbolizes leadership and respect.
  • It brings about the clarity of vision, and ability to see through falsehood.
  • It outlines a strong connection with your inner self.

The Owl

Symbolic meaning:

  • Represents high intuition; a power to see what the others do not.
  • The owl totem is falsely paired with death; it more likely indicates a transformation in life.
  • Ability to see beyond masks and deceit.
  • It is a harbinger of wisdom.

The Wolf

Symbolic Meaning:

  • The wolf totem symbolizes sharp intelligence.
  • It indicates an appetite for freedom and leadership qualities.
  • The totem is an expression of strong ground instincts.
  • It is characterized by a lack of trust, in yourself and

The Deer

Symbolic Meaning:

  • The deer totem symbolizes a loving and caring nature.
  • It has extraordinary perception and intuition.
  • The totem is an expression of beauty and grace.
  • It represents regeneration and transformation.
  • It instills swiftness and alertness inside you.

The Horse

Symbolic Meaning:

  • The horse totem signifies nobility and stamina.
  • It can warn you of potential dangers and guide you in clearing obstacles.
  • The horse signifies loyalty and devotion.
  • It symbolizes responsibility and authority when the need demands it.
  • It is widely associated with the dream world.

The Lion

Symbolic Meaning:

  • The lion totem symbolizes energy and power.
  • It indicates a natural inclination towards leadership and the ability to face adversity.
  • The totem is an expression of fierce independence and confidence.
  • It represents swiftness in thought and action.
  • It embodies generosity and a fiery


There is an extensive list of spirit animals that you may identify with.


How to Contact Your Spirit Animals Through Meditation

Meditating is the best way to seek your spirit animal. The more often you see your animal totem, the more easily you can connect with it and interpret its messages.

Remember that your animal spirit is waiting eagerly to connect with you. Give it time. It will show itself.


Things You Will Need

  1. Soft mat to sit on
  2. A journal
  3. Comfortable clothing
  4. Bottle of water


Meditation for Making Initial Contact with Your Spirit Animal

  1. Meditate around the same time each day. This will train your subconscious and allow your mind to relax more easily
  2. You should pick a quiet, tranquil space for meditation. Make sure that it is clean and free from distractions.
  3. Turn off your mobile phone during meditation.
  4. You need to set your intentions clearly before starting to meditate. Gently guide your subconscious mind to connect with your animal totem. Close your eyes and repeat the following incantation:

‘This moment, my animal spirit flies.

This moment, I receive animal sight.

Reveal what my animal totem should be

This moment, let it connect with me.’

  1. You can also make up your incantation. Anything that can get you in a deep stage of meditation will do.
  2. Turn your thoughts towards your inner animal until you can see some form of it.
  3. Be patient and keep trying. Your animal totem will approach you.
  4. Upon ending your meditation, jot down your experience in an animal spirit journal.


A record of your meditative experience will bring greater clarity to you.

It will create a point of reference and will help you interpret the message that your totem is trying to convey.

Make sure that you note everything in detail. Here are a few pointers:


  • What was the form of your spirit animal?
  • What was its color?
  • Did it look healthy and lively, or sick and tired?
  • What activity was it pursuing? Was it walking or flying or swimming?
  • What was its natural habitat? Earth, water, or air?


Take a short break. Then research your spirit animal. It might all appear jumbled up and hazy to you in the beginning, but with practice, your animal spirit will start becoming clearer.

You will be able to sense its presence more easily and learn to interpret its messages.

Make sure you consult your journal before each meditative session to help you in your quest.


Meditation for Establishing Communication with Your Spirit Animal

  1. Relax your body and mind in a peaceful environment.
  2. Sit comfortably in any natural pose. Feel the stress leaving your body.
  3. Gently close your
  4. Take deep breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Rid your mind of all thoughts.
  5. Set your intentions clearly. Try to imagine your animal spirit and call it to come towards you. You may repeat the incantation above.
  6. Be open minded and receptive.
  7. Make a mental note of any changes in shape and colors. Engage your Third Eye in calling forth your animal totem. Be patient.
  8. Watch and wait until your spirit animal shows up. Keep your mind free from any preconceptions.
  9. A different animal might appear in your mind than what had previously appeared. It can even be many animals together or even fictitious Open your mind to everything.
  10. Watch and observe the scene that unfolds in front of you. All colors and symbols have special meaning. Do not try to interpret everything right then. Just observe.
  11. Meditate until the image fades from your mind, or until you are ready to stop.
  12. Make a note of everything that you saw while meditating in your totem journal and go through it later.


Meditation for Traveling with Your Spirit Animal

  1. Find a good spot to meditate. Ensure that your body is relaxed.
  2. Close your eyes and let all distractions slip away.
  3. Take deep breaths. Inhale through your nostrils and exhale through your mouth. Breathe naturally.
  4. Apparently, focus on calling your spirit animal. Connect with it through your Third Eye.
  5. Observe the movements of your power animal. Follow it around to see what it shows you.
  6. Listen to its messages.
  7. If you are getting stuck, then visualize its still form first, and then see it in motion.
  8. Keep your mind open. Let your spirit animal take lead. You will be able to picture its journey. It may bring you to wild and wondrous places that you have never visited before. Be receptive to
  9. Once you connect with your animal totem, ask it to guide you into the spirit world. Ask it to take you deeper into your soul.
  10. Pay attention to everything that happens next. Do not try to force anything.
  11. This is not a movie but your inner soul. Observe carefully. Try to figure out what emotions and feelings are being conjured.
  12. Meditate until you have gone as far as you want to.
  13. Make detailed notes in your animal spirit journal upon your return.


After meditating, reflect on why the spirit animal chose you. Notice its core traits and character. Try to identify with it.

It is often difficult to interpret what they want to tell you, but it becomes easier after you get closer to your power animal.

Your animal totem and your relationship with it will change with time, but it will always be there to guide and protect you.

We hope that this article on how to find your spirit animal through meditation has been helpful to you.

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