Do Stress Balls Work: A Detailed Look

Do Stress Balls Work: A Detailed Look

Do you often feel stressed and depressed? Are you searching for more natural ways to relieve stress and keep yourself relaxed at your work and home? If yes, here is the good news. You can ease stress by using stress balls; but is it really true? Do stress balls work? Is this another myth or a fact? We will explore the answers to all these questions in this article.

What are Stress Balls?

Stress balls are not ordinary air-filled balls; they are relatively smaller balls that can comfortably fit in your hand, and filled with a malleable gel instead of air. Some balls are also filled with clay, so you have an option to choose from different types, based on which one feels good in your hand.

You can find stress balls in many offices and often at events, and see few people playing with these balls during work because they believe that such keep themselves relaxed.

Do Stress Balls Work?

Based on some evidence, personal experiences, and science, stress balls work and help individuals feel relaxed. As some people claim that not only are they useful for relieving stress and keeping you relaxed, they also have some other benefits that we will also discuss in the last part of this article. In order to explain how do stress balls work, we have given some concepts below.

Historical Evidence

Based on some kinds of literature, the concept of using stress balls is not new. They have been used for centuries because of the health benefits that people can get from them. In China, wood and metal Baoding balls were used for hundreds of years. Yes, you cannot squeeze such balls, but you roll them in your hands as they are smaller in size.

Nowadays we use a better version in the form of squeezing balls that are more fun and more relaxing.

Scientific Explanations

  • Increased Oxygen Levels

According to some experts, once stress balls are squeezed with your hand or hands, the tension in your body is released, and stress is relieved. That is because when you press the ball again and again with your hand, it boosts the circulation of blood in your body. Such pumps fresh blood to organs, which means your cells get the fresh oxygen.

Based on that, the concept is somewhat simple. It provides you a simple fun toy that is easy to squeeze and feels good when you do it. It makes our muscles relax that ultimately releases our stress.

  • Focus Diversion

Have you ever noticed why the best stress busters are physical exercises? This is because when we are physically occupied with something, our mind focuses more on it and does not focus on things and worries that are keeping us stressed.

According to research, one of the most powerful senses that our brain processes are the sense of touch since our hands have a lot of nerves that send multiple information to our brain. When we use our hand to do anything, even very simple or routine tasks, it keeps our brain busy, diverting focus from things that worry us.

This is one of the concepts used in stress balls. When we squeeze the stress balls, we not only feel good but we also keep our brain busy. The best thing is, we can do it without moving from our chair or while taking a break from work. Instead, we can use one hand to do this while we are doing another work on the other hand.

In addition, stress balls are like a toy that we give to a crying baby. Babies often stop crying when they get busy with the toy or sucks on a pacifier. This is because it diverts their focus from the thing that is making them cry.

Same is with stress balls. It may seem like an ordinary and simple activity, but it makes our brain process a lot of information due to the nerves used in our hands. It diverts our mind from other stressful thoughts as we feel more relaxed.

  • Release of Energy

Other than providing a diversion to our mind, physical activity also releases energy, which scientists believe is also beneficial for relieving stress. When we use our hand’s nerves, it relaxes our tensed body. According to some scientists, a stress ball provides a great alternative to those people who don’t have time to exercise or don’t want to exercise due to laziness. However, scientists still believe exercise is better for releasing stress than using a stress ball.

What are the Other Benefits of Stress Balls?

The scientific concepts behind stress balls are also the reasons why people believe that it has a lot of health benefits. As mentioned above, stress balls can help boost the blood circulation in our body which is a great way to maintain the proper functioning of the organs. Also, some people use stress balls to meditate and relax the mind.

In addition, the hand exercise is also helpful in the treatment of the carpel-tunnel syndrome. It is a condition in which we feel numbness or weakness in our hand mostly because of more pressure on the median nerve in our wrist. This happens mostly to those who use keyboards a lot of time.

Similarly, some people use stress balls exercise as physical therapy to strengthen the hand and wrist muscles. For this, you can squeeze the ball as tight as possible, and keep it that way for at least five seconds before it is released. Repeat it multiple times. This will strengthen your hand’s muscles.


Stress balls are worthy to be added to your work table, especially if you are using the computer frequently. It not only helps you relieve stress and keep you relax but also strengthens your hands. It is also not very expensive, which makes it one of the most affordable ways to keep yourself stress-free.

Likewise, it has more health benefits including releasing excess energy, getting rid of the stiff body, healthier blood circulation, and stress relief. In addition, if you are bored at your workplace or even at home, you can play with your colleagues or kids. After all, it is a toy that is designed to provide you fun. So why not buy one?

Keep yourself relaxed and stress-free to live longer and healthier.

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