Best Yoga Pants To Hide Cellulite – Feel More Attractive Again

Best Yoga Pants To Hide Cellulite – Feel More Attractive Again

We all know that few things can compare to the comfortable feeling you get from a pair of perfectly fitting yoga pants. Whether lounging at your house or doing your best downward facing dog, the way they accentuate your curves and hug your body is priceless.

Sometimes there are things you don’t want to accentuate, like your tummy and your cellulite. The right fitting pair of yoga pants can accomplish this and make you feel very comfortable.

Product Overview: The Contenders for the Title of Best Yoga Pants to Hide Cellulite

Yoga pants are produced by a variety of companies, and there are also some cheap no-name yoga pants on the market, however, they often disappoint. Those cheap versions are great for just lounging around, but not for the real thing.

We ended up testing 5 models:

Detailed Reviews of the Best Yoga Pants to Hide Cellulite


While we are not fans of grey trousers, we loved how grey and black were used to create contrasts with these yoga pants. The design makes your legs look longer, and problem zones are hugged in a rather flattering way.


The trousers have a high waist, but it can also be folded back for a different look.

What we liked:

  • The pockets come in handy if you want to keep your mp3 player with you while training at home
  • The fit is very flattering, and the design is eye-catching
  • Anti-static
  • Dries very quickly

What we did not like:

  • Only one design available
  • The legs are long, maybe too long for shorter people

The Danskin yoga pants are very well-fitting and have just the right length. We are huge fans of boot cuts - no matter whether it’s jeans, formal trousers or yoga pants, so we were happy to discover these pants.

Danskin Womens Sleek Fit Yoga Pants

They are comfortable, non-see through, and so far, we had no issues with fading colors or shrinkage. The only things we did not like were the weird plastic tags instead of the usual cloth tag and the fact that the pants come only in two boring colors!

What we liked:

  • The boot cut legs
  • Comfortable fit
  • Very good quality

What we did not like:

  • Boring design, only two colors to choose from
  • Annoying plastic tag

These yoga pants will definitely get people talking because they are really nice to look at. Even though the legs are cut too short for our personal taste, we enjoy doing yoga in these pants because they adjust to our movements very well. We never have to worry about them splitting when we do certain stretches.

Spiral Mesh Capri Yoga Pants

They are also very comfortable, even when you are sweating a lot. They dry quickly, and so far, we have no issues with them. We’d love to have more designs available, but apart from that, there is nothing we can complain about.

What we liked:

  • Attractive design
  • Stretches well during movements
  • Very attractive fit
  • Comfortable

What we did not like:

  • While we love the design, we wish there was more than one color option
  • A bit short

When we first saw the Inner Fire Yoga pants, we fell in love with their design. Then we learned more about the materials they are made of, and the fact that they are eco-friendly and treated in a way that keeps your pants smelling fresh for a long time.

We just had to have them.

Inner Fire Goddess Leggins

Fortunately, the design and materials aren’t the only good things about these yoga pants. You will hardly be able to notice cellulite on thighs, and the pants stretch very well.

We like them so much that we also use them for runs along the beach - the design just asks for it!

What we liked:

  • Great designs
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Stretches well
  • Comfortable

What we did not like:

  • Can only cold-wash them

These yoga pants are an excellent choice if you like bright colors because the company offers you all the colors of the rainbow and more. Of course, we could not test them all, so we went for blue and grey.

90 Degree by Reflex Power Flex Yoga Pants

Both colors fit very well and felt like high-quality materials. However, the grey one is see-through when you bend and wear any kind of underwear that is not the same color. I did not have that issue with the blue version, though.

What we liked:

  • So many color choices that you’ll never be able to buy them all
  • High-quality fabrics
  • Fit very well

What we did not like:

  • Some colors can be see-through when you bend down
  • The cut is a bit too straight for us

What Should the Best Yoga Pants Be Like?

  • A great pair of yoga pants should be made out of a smoothing fabric. This fabric should also be shaping.
  • You are looking for a pair that keeps everything where you want it to be.
  • Make sure that the fabric is stretchy and breathable. You don’t want to it to build up a sweat while you are working out.
  • If you don’t pick a breathable fabric, you will find yourself chafing. Many brands even use a chafe resistant material coating to help avoid this scenario.
  • Some yoga pants are non-rubbing and non-irritating fabrics so you won’t have to worry about chafing becoming a problem.
  • Bigger ladies should always choose black or dark colored yoga pants. Darker colors hide the shadow of your butt, so they draw less attention to that area.
  • We specifically look for slimming back seams because these can add to the effect dramatically.
  • There are many benefits to a roll over waistband. This type of waistband can take your hips out of the equation.
  • We have even seen them come with hidden pockets to help carry your things. This is great, especially if you are jogging.
  • Your yoga pants should have a 4-way stretch to them. We always look for fabric that is moisture wicking, and antimicrobial.
  • You should also think about durability when choosing your next pair of yoga pants. Shrink and fade-resistant materials can easily be found on the market today.

Choosing the Best Yoga Pants Is an Important Decision

We consider all these things when we’re looking for the best yoga pants to hide cellulite and accentuate our curves. There are many types of yoga pants available today so it should be easy to find the best yoga pants to hide cellulite.

In the end, the decision on which pants to buy to hide cellulite is a very personal one because everyone has a different taste and style. But the above products should be a good starting point and will hopefully help you focus on something else besides your cellulite during your yoga sessions.

Our personal favorite among the products we reviewed is the Inner Fire Goddess Legging Yoga Pants because the design is just outstanding. You might have suspected they’d be our favorite as we found it so hard to find even just one negative thing about them.

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