66 Best Yoga Gifts Ideas for Yoga Lovers – Buy a Perfect Present

66 Best Yoga Gifts Ideas for Yoga Lovers – Buy a Perfect Present

Yoga has been proven to be extremely beneficial to one’s mental and physical health. It gives a certain kind of peace despite the dynamic movements.

However, when it comes to giving gifts to yoga lovers, it could be such a hassle and sometimes might give you some headaches.

But if you look at it closely, it isn’t really that difficult. Here are some best Yoga Gifts Ideas to help lessen the stress of searching for that perfect gift for yogis.

Completed list of Best Yoga Gifts Ideas:

Clever Yoga Kit 7-Piece Set Bundle

#1. Yoga Bundle

If you are buying gifts for those just starting out, it will be great to give them an entire starter kit like this seven-piece bundle.

The set includes an ultra-thick 6-millimeter mat, two yoga blocks, and eight-foot Yoga strap, one hand towel, a large yoga towel and an extra-large bag to carry all of that stuff.

This set is perfect for anyone who wants to start doing yoga, but advanced yogis will appreciate this complete set, as well as everything in this bundle, will help them in achieving strength and flexibility.

BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose

#2. Yoga Mat

If an entire set is a little bit too much, you can always buy per item, and the most basic one will be a yoga mat like this one.

The BalanceFrom GoYoga all purpose mat is made of high-density foam material. It is 71-inches long and 24-inches wide and is perfect for yogis of all shapes and sizes. Both sides are non-slip.

Remember that a good cushion and grip are necessary to prevent injuries and to help you get into the poses.

You can read a review of yoga mats, here.

Gaiam Grippy Toeless Yoga Socks

#3. Toeless Yoga Socks

If your Yogi friend like to travel light and a mat might be a little too bulky for them, the Gaiam Grippy Toeless Socks will be the perfect gift.

It is perfect for traveling because the socks don't take up a lot of space. It is better than practicing barefoot, and it gives traction and grip even without a mat

Mind Over Lather Lavender

#4. All-Natural Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

This is a unique yoga gift that won't only sanitizes your mat but makes it smell nice too.

The Mind Over Lather Lavender Mint Natural Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray is relaxing and calming and is perfect for calming the mind when meditating. It does not have any alcohol content and is made eucalyptus and tea tree essentials oils.

SweatyRocks Women Legging Cutou

#5. Comfortable and Cute Attire

Whether as a workout or to meditate, it feels extra good to do yoga when you wear comfortable clothing. It does not restrict movements as you go through the poses as it is made of polyester and spandex. It helps that it looks cute too as the Sweaty Rocks Legging has cutouts at the sides and it comes eight different colors.

Yoga Mate Perfect Yoga Towel

#6. Super Soft, Sweat-Absorbent Towels

When you are doing hot yoga sessions or Bikram, these super absorbent towels will come in handy.

They are made of top-of-the-line microfiber materials and can be used to cover the top of the mat during practice as or to wipe off after. It is odorless, and it comes in beautiful colors.

You can read our review of different yoga towels, here.​

100% Natural & Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner

#7. Organic Mat Cleaner

Saucha is a yoga practice that is presented in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and it often translates as purity and cleanliness.That includes cleansing of the body, the mind, and of course, your yoga mat.

And your yogi friends will very much appreciate it if you took that into consideration when buying him or her a natural organic mat cleaner.

Asutra is a trusted name in natural products, and their mat cleaner has a calming citrus scent that disinfects your mat and odor-causing bacteria

JBM Yoga Wheel

#8. Dharma Yoga Wheel

The wheel is the latest trend in yoga practices. It is something useful whether you are a beginner or advanced. It helps you achieve certain poses especially for those that need deep backbends and for chest and shoulder openers.

Yoga Strap

#9. Yoga Straps

Flexibility is an important part of yoga. Not everyone has the body make-up of those seasoned yogis, who bend themselves into pretzel-like poses. But the human body is amazing. With constant practice, the tight muscles will eventually untighten.

Yoga straps help you get into the range of flexibility that you need to get into. It has been widely used in physical therapy for rehabilitation, recovery and stretching and is being used in yoga as well.

You can read the full review, here.​

SukhaMat Yoga Knee Pad

#10. Yoga Knee Pads

Sometimes, your mat does not provide enough cushion for your knees. And as any physical activity, you need to protect your knees from injury at all times.

It also helps prevent pain in elbows and wrist when you need to do poses that involve these joints.

You can use it as mat extender, and they are made of eco-friendly foam that is lightweight and can be rolled together with your mat for easy storage.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

#11. Wearable Aromatherapy

It is Aromatherapy that you can wear, which means you can get the benefits of aromatherapy anytime, anywhere.

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that is used to enhance psychological and physical well-being. It is also used to help alleviate pain, improve mood and increase cognitive function.

The necklace set is composed of a chain with a beautiful locket, where you can insert the colored diffusers, which contains the essential oils. So whether you at work, traveling or doing your daily chores, it's aromatherapy all the time.

P&B I Just want to Drink Coffee

#12. Funky Statement Yoga Shirt

Girls who do yoga will enjoy a cute statement racerback shirt that says I just want to drink coffee, save animals and do yoga. Nothing but positivity, perfect for yogis.

Tough Cookie's Women's Yoga Burnout

#13. Tough Cookie Yoga Shirt

This set of three workout shirts with playful prints will tickle your female yogi-friends' fancy.

It has messages like Namastay in Bed; the tank tops can be worn while doing yoga, at the gym or while spending a day at the mall. The sheer material is perfectly paired with a colorful sports bra underneath

Comfy Yoga Pants

#14. The Perfect Yoga Pants

We all know that a perfect and comfortable yoga pants are a must when doing yoga.

But what's better than comfortable AND stylish yoga pants? You can pick from different vibrant designs like the crazy paint, deluxe purple sunset and mandala designs that will definitely make you look forward to your next yoga class.

They are made of stretchy and quick dry material and is of flattering mid-rise cut that will not ride up or down while doing your challenging poses.

Yoga Poses Figurines

#15. Yoga Poses Figurines

If you talk about the perfect gift for yogis, this is it. Especially if your yogi friends are preparing a small space for their personal practice. These figurines will go perfectly in that yoga corner.

These figurines are made from fine pewter and are handcrafted in Nova Scotia. It is a set of three with the figures doing a headstand, seated lotus pose and plow poses.

Best funny gift - 11OZ Coffee Mug

#16. A Funny Yoga Mug

What better way to show your loved one that you care about what they are passionate about than a cute mug with a funny yoga theme.

It is made of ceramic and is safe for a hot and cold beverage. It is also microwave safe.

3dRose I Do Yoga To Burn off The Crazy

#17. Message On A Mug

Yogis who love coffee are the best ones. And they could make use of this ceramic mug with black interior.

It has an “I DO YOGA TO BURN OFF THE CRAZY” printed on both sides. It is perfect for those who are crazy for yoga.

Yoga Mat Bags Carrier Patterned

#18. Yoga Mat Bag

Every yogi needs a bag that will carry all the yoga essentials but still look cool lugging his or her stuff. And if you are looking for the great gift for yogis, you can never go wrong with this.

This bag is big enough to carry your mat of all sizes including ones that are extra thick. It also has space for an additional set of clothes.

The pockets can be used to place smaller personal items like keys and cell phones.

You can carry it like a shoulder bag or as a cross-body duffle.

The bag's maker, Kindfolk, uses environment-friendly materials but makes sure they never crimp on the style department. It comes in two cool designs, the harvest, and Jubilee.

You can read our yoga bag review, here.​

Inspirational Yoga Wall Art

#19. Inspirational Yoga Wall Art

Are you looking to create your own yoga space? Then give it a more yoga feel and plaster inspiration yoga art on your wall.

This print features a quote from Edwin Elliot, “By being yourself, you put something wonderful into this world that was not there before.”

This makes a great gift for those who meditates and does yoga as it can accentuate an otherwise boring wall.

The artwork is a combination of hand lettering, watercolor paint, and digital art.

The Yoga Kitchen

#20. Yoga Kitchen Recipe Book

A lot of yoga practitioners follow a holistic approach and also try to eat clean. Yogis believe in not only strengthening the body but nourish it as well. This recipe book will help you in that aspect.

This book The Yoga Kitchen are composed of vegetarian recipes, which author Kimberly Parsons integrated with yogic principles.

Parsons also divided the recipes into chakra-based chapters: Ground, Flow, Vitalize, Nurture, Strengthen, Calm and Pure.

Yoga Joes - Green Army Men Toys

#21. Army Yoga Boys/Yoga Joes

These will make a perfect gift for boys who yoga. These are army figures that do not connote war.

How yogic is that?

It is a set of army toys, who are doing yoga poses. They are perfect gifts for those who yoga, those who know people in the military or to people who think it is just plain fun.

They are made of recyclable plastics and even comes packaged in a mini yoga studio with bamboo floors

Mala Beads

#22. Mala Beads

These traditional mala beads are a gorgeous gift for anyone with a consistent yoga practice. These are used as a tool to help the mind focus during meditation.

Made from porcelain materials. These can be used as either a necklace or as a bracelet.

Asana Yoga Doll

#23. Asana Yoga Doll

The Asana Yoga Doll is perfect for the younger yogis in your life.

Are you trying to spark the love of yoga for your children’s life? Then this is the perfect way to inspire health and happiness.

This doll comes dressed in yoga attire with a yoga ball and yoga ball. Aside from that, hand weights and hair brush are included for an added fun.

She has articulated joints which make it capable of creating a full range of yoga poses like lotus, pigeon, and backbends to name a few.

Yoga Tshirt

#24. Yoga Shirt

If you are about spreading self-love, this yoga shirt will be perfect.

This shirt prints this mantra: "I am safe, I am grounded, I am centered, I am balanced, I trust myself, I am creative, I am open to the wisdom within, I am right where I need to be, I love myself, I am complete and one with the divine energy, I am blissful.”

This will be a great gift idea for yogis who meditate and who love to share this energy with everyone. It is lightweight, so it is perfect to wear during yoga practice.

Namaste Bracelet

#25. Namaste Bracelet

It is a great gift idea for yoga lovers especially since this brass bracelet has Namaste hand-stamped on it.

Not only does it show that a yogi is wearing it but it reminds the wearer to honor the spirit in everyone he or she meets as namaste translates to 'the spirit in me, salutes the spirit in you.

Mugs for Yoga Instructors

#26. Mugs for Yoga Instructors

A sturdy mug with a funny print that says “I am a yoga instructor, I solve problems you don't know you have in ways you can't understand' is perfect for you loved ones who are yoga teachers.

It is made of sturdy, high-quality ceramic and can fill up to 11 ounces of beverage.

Indian Mandala Round Beach Towel

#27. Indian Mandala Round Beach Towel

This 100 percent cotton, round, 72-inch (in diameter) towel will be perfect for your yogi friends. It is sold by Labhanshi and can be used as a beach picnic towel but can also be used to hang on the wall as a decor.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

#28. Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Tibetan meditation singing bowls are used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes. These dishes reportedly create a range of sounds that normalizes the out of tune parts of the body, mind, and soul.

This meditation bowl creates the most calming and relaxing sound and will make a perfect gift for those who want to meditate and relax. Each bowl has been hand-selected and inspected to ensure that it is of the best quality.

Om Keychain

#29. The Om Keychain

The Om symbol is the most important spiritual symbol in Hinduism. Although the meaning varies, it is also an incantation made before and during the recitation of religious texts including during the meditative and spiritual activities such as Yoga.

That is why this keychain with Om symbol will be appreciated by your yogi friends who meditates.

Om Bracelet

#30. Wear Your Om

The Om symbol is the most recognizable Hindu symbol that relates to yoga. What better gift to give your Yogi loved ones than this bracelet with an Ohm symbol charm on it.

It's a perfect accessory for the yogis. The charm is tied to a black cord made of wax, while the charm is Tibetan silver made of zinc metal alloy

Cookie Cutters

#31. Yoga Cookie Cutters

If you love yoga and cookies, then this yoga cookie cutters set is a perfect gift. This set comes with your three favorite yoga poses – Utkata Konasana (goddess), Virabhadrasana II (Warrior Two), and Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon).

Aside from the fact that it can create pleasing looking cookies, this set can also be used to cut fruits, sandwiches, cheeses, fondant, bread, and many others that will surely give a crowd of yogi the “wow-effect”.

Yoga Stretch Oil Warmer

#32. Yoga Stretch Oil Warmer

When meditation is an important part of one's practice, essential oils are very helpful in maximizing the benefits of meditation.

This oil warmer is made of a clear glass cup and oil basin that is being carried by three figures in different yoga poses. Your yogi loved ones will definitely enjoy this unique yoga gift.

Essential Oils

#33. Essential Oils

If you have an oil warmer, then you might want to buy your essential oils as well. These oils are of therapeutic grade and have been tested for veracity.

You can read about different essential oils, here.

Brimma Leak Proof Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

#34. Brimma Leak Proof Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

When you do yoga, you aim to cleanse your body from all sorts of toxins both spiritually and physically. Yoga and meditation will not be enough, and you need to be mindful of what goes into your body as well. A fruit infuser water bottle will help you do that. 

It has a fruit-infusing technology that forces flavor into your water.

Tree of Life

#35. Tree of Life

Jewelry is lovely, but jewelry with meaning is better as it brings more significance and deeper meaning. You can stack you arm candies with the Tree of Life charm.

The tree of life is closely associated with one's constant desire to learn. In some cases, it symbolizes strength, stability and having strong connections with a higher being.

This wrap bracelet is handcrafted using jasper beads with bronze and silver tone accent beads with the tree of life button sewn together on a nylon rope.

Tree of Life Gemstone

#36. Tree of Life Gemstone

There are seven chakras in our bodies from which the energies flow. It is believed that when energy is blocked, it is when it causes illness. This handmade 7-Chakra pendant made out of gemstones that promote health, beauty, and luck and makes for a great present for those who love handmade jewelry and those who understand how important it is to open the chakras and harness your spiritual energy.

Wall Decal of the 7 Chakras

#37. Wall Decal of the 7 Chakras

The understanding of seven chakras is important in the practice of yoga and meditation. Chakra is a Sanskrit word loosely translated as wheel of spinning energy and is believed to connect the spiritual and physical beings. Having these beautiful decals of the chakras in your private yoga area will be perfect.

Chakra Soaps

#38. Chakra Soaps

A set of soap packaged with the seven chakras printed on its packaging will be an easy gift item for your yoga-loving friends. Apart from the chakras, the soaps are all organic and are perfect for those with sensitive skin. It has no animal byproduct, and it uses only organic moisturizing oil and essential oil.

Yogi Stress Relief Tea

#39. Yogi Stress Relief Tea

After a yoga class, it is best to sip on a cup of tea. It does not only help you to rehydrate your body, but it also comes with a lot of health benefits.

Your yoga session was all about yourself. You feel peaceful because your body is invigorated. But you need to go back to reality which is pretty much chaotic. This can be a stressful transition on your body sometimes, so it is best to get you refreshed with a soothing cup of tea.

Yoga Dice

#40. Yoga Dice

A fun thing to do for yogis during practice as an alternative to the usual flow to make training more exciting. The container contains seven wooden dices, representing each chakra and representing different poses for seated, standing, balancing, and twists. Rolling them together will generate a variety of poses, which will suit yogis of all levels.

Trendy Yoga Tote Bag

#41. Trendy Yoga Tote Bag

A tote bag for your yoga mat! How awesome is that? You just had to throw in your mat, sling it over your shoulder, and you are ready to go.

It even has a pocket that could fit your yoga blocks,

It is made of high-quality black cotton material and will fit all mat sizes.

And if you are not doing yoga, you can use the bag for shopping or for going to the beach for a boho-chic look.

Bookmarks for Bookworms

#42. Bookmarks for Bookworms

Yogis who read will appreciate this gift of bookmarks with yogic messages and designs hand painted on them.

Each bookmark is laminated and has beaded silk tassels attached to them.

Yogi Cat

#43. Yogi Cat

Nothing else is cuter than this plush stuffed cat in a meditation lotus position. Not only that, it chants "ommmmm" when you squeeze its paw. And most importantly, part of the proceeds of the sale of this item will go to the Meditation Initiative.

It is a program that teaches meditation to everyone to help them manage stress, anger, and anxiety through meditation.

Chakra Drop Pendant Necklace

#44. Chakra Drop Pendant Necklace

The necklace's pendant has seven beads of gemstones representing the seven chakras and it promotes healing and balance.

Video for Beginners

#45. Video for Beginners

This video about Gentle Yoga Flow for beginners will be useful for those who are only starting their practice.

This instructional video is specially designed for practitioners who are in their 40s and older, who are introducing themselves into the practice.

The video includes an energy flow for the morning and relaxation flow for the evening. It promises to help improve balance and relief from desk work. It will also contribute to building up core strength.

Ring Holder

#46. Ring Holder

Yoga lovers will love this ring holder, which is a figure of a yogi making shoulder stands.

This item, which is made of pewter and handcrafted in Nova Scotia, is made to be a ring holder, but it could look good as a décor as well.

Yoga-Inspired Gift Basket

#47. Yoga-Inspired Gift Basket

For yoga lovers, this is an essentials basket. The pack includes a fully-illustrated Yoga book and an instructional DVD, which yogis of all levels can relate to.

It is also packed with green tea bath with aromatherapy candles.

Yogi Frog

#48. Yogi Frog

The cutest frog in a cobra pose will be a fun gift for yogis. It can be used as a home décor, or it can beautify gardens and terrariums.

It is made of quality designer resin and is hand-painted and sculpted with such looking good details.

Boho Scarf

#49. Boho Scarf

The large boho-inspired, hand-painted scarf will be perfect for anyone who is into yoga, meditation and yoga.

It is made of super soft cotton with the Om design painted on it using vegetable dye, and it is very lightweight. And you could wear it to keep yourself warm after practice.

Yoga Keychain

#50. Yoga Keychain

Nothing screams yoga more than this keychain, which is made up of gemstone beads representing the seven chakras or otherwise known as the energy centers of the body. It has an Om symbol charm made of pewter in the end.

Not only is this a keychain but it also helps stimulate the balancing of the chakras. Each bead also has its meanings:

The Red Jasper is believed to stimulate the base chakra and promotes grounding.

The Carnelian protects from anger, jealousy, and fear and stimulates pleasure and gratitude.

The calcite is believed to lessen fear, reduce stress, and increase a sense of self-worth.

The green aventurine is for the heart chakra and protects you from negative emotions and brings calm and balance.

The Amazonite is believed to help reduce stress and help you in expressing yourself.

The Sodalite is found to unite logic and intuition and helps promote harmony and trust.

The Amethyst is supposed to energize the right brain and helps boost your spirituality.

Yoga Headbands

#51. Yoga Headbands

For your yoga practice, you not only have to be mindful about your poses, but you need to keep your hair in check too. These trendy headbands don't just look nice, but they keep your hair away from your face, which means less distraction while practicing.

It prevents sweat from getting into your eyes, and it does not slide off your head. You can use this while doing other physical activities.

Zen Bunny

#52. Zen Bunny

This sculpted, hand-painted bunny looks so serene while doing his meditation. This will be perfect for gardens and even in your yoga corner at home. Your friend will surely love to hang this somewhere where he or she can see it while doing the routines.

Guided Meditation

#53. Guided Meditation

This audio disc helps you meditate in a guided meditation to help you relax, reduce stress and rebalance.

Yoga Anatomy Book

#54. Yoga Anatomy Book

For yogis who want to go deeper into practice will find this book very practical. Yoga is powerful and transformative, and knowing your body and what you are working on will help you reap the benefits of yoga much faster. It helps you prevent injuries as well.

The book is written by Leslie Kaminoff, and this version is updated with more colorful visuals. It is available in both Kindle and paperback.

Just Breathe Ring

#55. Just Breathe Ring

This spiral ring is made of aluminum and has “just breathe” hand-stamped on the outside and a lotus symbol on the inside. It is made of pure aluminum and is hypoallergenic.

This ring will be perfect yoga gift for her as it has been a yogi's mantra never forget to breathe.

Chakra Earrings

#56. Chakra Earrings

There are seven chakras known in the body. These are key points along the subtle where prana (energy) moves through. Each of the seven chakras is associated with a different color.

This earing is a way of reminding a yogi about the seven chakras and that she has to reconnect with the energy inside her.

Yoga Journal Planner

#57. Yoga Journal Planner

Every yoga session, a yogi experiences a lot of emotions. They should be placed and expressed in a yoga journal as journaling can be therapeutic and is one of creative outlet.

Journaling your experience will also make you enjoy the whole yoga adventure. You can also track your progress. What’s not fun about it?

This Yoga Journal Planner is a reliable gift for your yogi.

Meowmaste Towel

#58. Meowmaste Towel

The cutest yoga towel that features the yogi cat. You can place it on top of your mat so it could absorb all the sweat, so it saves you the hassle of frequently washing your mats. Not only does it absorb sweat but it also prevents you from slipping and keeps you smiling.

Who doesn't smile when a cat is smiling at you while practicing, right?

You can read our review of best yoga towels, here.​

Collapsible Yoga Pilates Towel Mat

#59. Collapsible Yoga Towel

Storing mats and cleaning them could be a huge problem. But this solves that problem. It is still non-slip, in fact, it has more grip than regular mats, but you can machine wash them! And they come in beautiful designs, too!

Bag for Yoga Instructor

#60. Bag for Yoga Instructor

This tote bag that says, Trust Me, I'm A Yoga Instructor will be a perfect gift for your yoga teacher friends. It could be used as a grocery bag, library tote or beach tote. It is made of durable canvas cloth and is made with quality in mind.

Yoga Tunes

#61. Yoga Tunes

The tunes are soothing and ideal for yogis who are doing restorative practice. It helps promote inner peace and gets you to relax faster. The album comes with 21 songs plus more with an exclusive amazon prime pricing.

A Box of Chakra

#62. A Box of Chakra

A box of chocolate will add more chakra love. Give this box of chakra full of dairy-free chocolate truffles to your yogi to show how sweet you are. This is perfect for every occasion you are giving it.

Not sure though if this will be eaten because they are too gorgeous to eat. You might just want to keep it. It comes in flavors like chai, tangerine, peppermint, green tea and honey vanilla.

Daily Practice Jacket

#63. Daily Practice Jacket

Every yogi needs a practice jacket thus this one is a perfect gift.

She will surely love this as this jacket is made from elastic materials which fit the body perfectly. With quick sweat absorbing capabilities and sunshine proof function which protects your skin – what else can you look for in a workout jacket?

Yogi Watch and Bracelet Set

#64. Yogi Watch and Bracelet Set

This is probably the cutest watch. The watch has yoga poses as the dials, and it comes with a bracelet with Chakra Reiki healing crystals made of purple jade, dyed synthetic lapiz lasuli, synthetic green turquoise, imperial jasper, tiger eye, red agate, and amber.

Meditation Yoga Singing Bowl Set

#65. Meditation Yoga Singing Bowl Set

Yogis are invested in practicing the spiritual side. This ornate bowl is the perfect yoga gift for him. This is used in meditation, and this is also an excellent addition to any yogi’s collection.

Drink Glass

#66. Drink Glass

Yoga doesn't always need to be serious. Have fun with this stemless glass. It is ideal for a housewarming or birthday present for that one yogi friend who likes his drinks a little too much.

Here is the list of best Yoga Gift Ideas that will help you pick the fantastic present for the people you love, who are passionate about yoga. Although peace and love in everyone's hearts would suffice for these peace-loving people, knowing that you worked a little extra hard to get them some token will make them feel that you care about their passion and it will make them feel extra special too.

There are a lot of gifts you can give a yogi. But we only listed the 66 best gift ideas that you can look at. Whichever you choose, you can be confident that your yogi friend will surely love it. Always remember that it’s not the monetary value of the gift that matters but the truthfulness and the emotional attachment that you put into it.

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