The Best Yoga Balls in 2019 – No Need To Worry About Comfortable Workout

The Best Yoga Balls in 2019 – No Need To Worry About Comfortable Workout

What are Yoga Balls?

People have been using yoga-ball-like devices for centuries now. They have been known to help improve your workout and increase your health.

Hippocrates, also known as the father of modern medicine, had his students create large balls of animal skin stuffed with sand. He would use these "medicine balls" to help patients stretch.

Yoga balls have been helping people gain flexibility and health for a long time now.

Yoga balls can go by many different names including stability balls, medicine balls, and exercise balls. There is no doubt you have seen these workout tools at your local gym.

A yoga ball works by making your core compensate to keep your body in a balanced position. This compensation causes your muscles to work harder and more quickly.

This can create additional muscle mass and increase your strength and balance.

At A Glance: We Tested Some Yoga Balls for You

The yoga balls we tested were rather similar to each other and all did a really good job.

BalanceFrom's yoga ball, Black Mountain's yoga ball, and DynaPro's quality yoga ball were great performers, but lacked a good selection of colors, while Wacces impressed us with a lot of colorful options.

The Gaiam Body Balance Kit also offers you a workout DVD which is ideal for beginners who do not quite know what to do with a yoga ball.

2019's Reviews of the Best Yoga Balls


The other tested yoga balls were burst resistant up to 2000 or even 3000 pounds, so Wacces’ ball does not impress us with just 500 pounds - but most users of yoga balls won’t have to worry about that.

The other negative aspect is the pump that comes with the ball. It’s better to buy a good quality pump as you’ll just waste your time with the free one.

Apart from those two minor negative aspects, the yoga ball from Wacces is an excellent choice and it comes in more colors than the competitors.

The material is sturdy and will last for a long time, while also being slip-proof which is very important if you want to do yoga with the ball!

Things We Liked:

  • Many nice colors to choose from
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Anti-burst

Things We Didn't Like:

  • Only burst-resistant for up to 500 pounds
  • Free pump is not really useful

The instructions on this yoga ball could be a little better as the ball does not reach its full size the first time you inflate it.

You need to inflate it, wait 24 hours, and then inflate it some more to get to the right size - and the inflating takes a while with the pump that comes with the ball.

Once the ball is fully inflated, you are good to go. The ball works very well for yoga as it does not slip away from under you when you try to hold difficult poses.

You really do not want to faceplant on the floor just because you chose the wrong yoga ball!

Like most yoga balls, DynaPro Direct’s execise ball is burst-resistant which is an important safety feature.

Things We Liked:

  • A good variety of sizes
  • Very sturdy
  • Burst resistant
  • Very good slip resistance

Things We Didn't Like:

  • Instructions might be a little confusing for people who never inflated a yoga ball
  • Takes a long time to inflate with the supplied pump

This is another very affordable yoga ball that will add something extra to your yoga sessions. We had no issues with slipping around while holding yoga poses that can be used while on a yoga ball.

While we only tested each ball for a few sessions, over a few weeks, we felt that this ball is sturdy and surely would last for a long time. Another plus is that the material is BPA-free.

Like with many free pumps that come with yoga and stability balls, we found the free pump that came with Black Mountain’s yoga ball a bit flimsy, but it does the job.

Things We Liked:

  • Anti-burst
  • Very sturdy
  • Anti-slip
  • BPA-free

Things We Didn't Like:

  • Only four colors available
  • Pump a bit flimsy

This yoga ball’s producers are confident enough to give a two-year warranty for their product, and so far, we have no reason to believe that this sturdy product won’t last more than two years.

Unfortunately, the yoga ball comes in only three different colors, and while the pump comes with the ball for free, we did not find it to work that well.

Those are minor problems though, considering that the ball performs very well. It keeps its promise of being slip resistant and that is a very important factor when you try to hold a yoga position!

Things We Liked:

  • Anti-burst
  • Easy to clean
  • Slip resistant
  • Two-year warranty

Things We Didn't Like:

  • Only three colors to choose from
  • Pump could work better

Gaiam’s name usually gets mentioned when it comes to yoga gear, and yoga balls are not an exception. While we can’t find faults in the ball’s design, it is once again one of Gaiam’s weaknesses that there is not a big selection of colors available.

The yoga ball comes with a pump that actually works well enough, but might be a bit awkward to use for inexperienced users.

There is also a DVD included in the price, and the DVD turned out to be a very valuable extra with plenty of interesting exercises for all fitness and experience levels.

The ball itself is slip-proof and very well designed. It is also great that there aren’t any of the annoying substances in the material that you so often find in rubber products.

The material of the ball is very sturdy and we had no issues at all while using it for our yoga sessions

Things We Liked:

  • Comes with an excellent workout DVD
  • Good grip thanks to well-designed rubber texture
  • Anti-burst ball
  • Free of the Phthalates DEHP, DBP, DINP, DIDP, and DNOP

Things We Didn't Like:

  • There is only one color available for each size
  • The provided pump is a bit awkward

How To Choose a Good Yoga Ball?

Choosing the right yoga ball can seem overwhelming. There are a lot of yoga ball companies to choose from.

You are looking for a few key factors when choosing the perfect yoga ball for your body type. You want a stable, and sturdy ball.

The last thing you want to do is chase your ball around the gym. It shouldn't be slippery because many exercises require balance work, including kneeling on your yoga ball.

You are looking for a nice balance. You also don't want to stick to the ball.

This can cause discomfort such as pulling your ponytail out. You want a slight tackiness to your yoga ball.

Durability is going to make a big difference. You may want to pay a few extra dollars the first time, to save yourself the money later down the line in replacement costs.

You should always make sure your yoga ball is made from an anti-burst material. This means if there is a puncture in the ball, it won't burst.

Considering your entire body weight, and in many cases more, will have to be supported.

You do not want to find yourself in a situation such as your yoga ball exploding while you are using it to do some presses.

How to find a Right Size for Your Yoga Ball?

It is very important you get the right size ball for the proper focus on your core without straining your back. The most common sized yoga balls for this type of workout are:

  • 45″
  • 55″
  • 65″
  • 75″

They are usually suggested depending on your size. However, if you have long legs, or are not of a typical build, you may find these sizes don’t work for you.

Knowing how to choose the right yoga ball for you will depend on, your body type and your fitness type.

The first step in this process is to sit on the ball and place your feet flat on the ground. Your hips need to be slightly higher than your knees.

If the yoga ball is very squishy and deflated, it may be easier to use for pushups, but your chest will be below your knees, and that is not optimal.

A full ball can be firm but a little higher. It is important that you create a very slight angle to your legs.

When you are choosing a size, try to pick a yoga ball that gives you a nice 90-degree bend with your knees. Ideally, you want a 90-degree posture in your back.

Our Favorite Yoga Ball

While we do not use yoga balls often, we found the testing process a lot of fun and we learned a lot. The team decided that there is a clear winner when it comes to the title of the best yoga ball of all.

The Gaiam Body Balance Kit is not only a great yoga ball but also helpful because it has an excellent workout DVD which is included in the price. Gaiam, in general, has a good selection for yoginis, and you might find more than just a yoga ball on their website.

However, if you get Gaiam’s yoga ball, and have to change its air content regularly for different exercises, you might want to get a different pump that is easier to use.

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