Best Swimming & Snorkeling Fins Reviews in 2019 – Dive to the Ground

Best Swimming & Snorkeling Fins Reviews in 2019 – Dive to the Ground

Are you trying to take up snorkeling or want to give resistance swimming a try? If you are new to this, chances are you might be a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information on what the best swimming and snorkeling fins are. Should you choose a longer or a shorter blade? Is an open heel best or should you opt for the enclosed heel variety?

If these types of questions sound familiar, rest assured…you came to the right place. Luckily, we have done the homework for you and picked out the best swimming & snorkeling fins on the market.

At A Glance: Our Choices for Best Swimming & Snorkeling Fins

Cressi Light Short Swim Full Foot Fins have very soft, rubber elastomer-based foot pockets, making them perfect for building muscle, improving body motion and flexibility.

Finis Long Floating Fins are great in both fresh and salt water, and they will provide your kicks with extra power. The closed heel will help reduce any potential hyperflexion of your ankles.

The Phantom Aquatics Voda Full Foot Snorkeling Swim Fin is quite short bladed, though highly reactive, best suited for swimming rather than diving. For your comfort, they also come with a soft foot pocket, made with rubber elastomer, to prevent any discomfort

Seavenger Snorkeling Swim Fins with Bag are best for those partial to an open-heel, lightweight fin. Also equipped with soft foot pockets for extra comfort and adjustable straps, their blade goes well with any kind of kicking style you might prefer.

On the other hand, if you prefer a snug fit with an enclosed heel, the U.S. Divers Proflex II Diving Fins well deserves a check. Their dual-composite blade helps enhance your snap and thrust. However, as they only come in sizes ranging from S to XL, and considering the perfect fit, they are not for every foot.

2019’s Reviews of the Best Swimming & Snorkeling Fins





Editor's Raitings


Short blade

Open toe, enclosed heel


Long blade

Open toe, enclosed heel


Short blade

Open toe, enclosed heel, soft foot pockets


Short blade

Open toe, open heel, adjusting straps


Long blade

Enclosed heel, soft pockets

Cressi Light Short Swim Full Foot Fins

The Cressi Light Short Fins are specially designed for athletes and will improve your strength, flexibility as well as the way you move. If you are looking for a pair of the best swimming fins to help you with your racing technique, these might be worth a check.

We find them really comfortable, a lot more than any other shorter blade version, probably thanks to the rubber elastomer foot pockets. One thing to keep in mind, though. They do come in a bit large, so we suggest you do get them in a smaller size if you have an average foot. Those with a wider one should probably stick to their regular sizing.

As tested, they do help improve kicks, and most users find they can better maintain their balance while swimming. However, if you are looking for a leisure time, snorkeling fin, these might not be for you. They are meant to improve your fitness, and you will feel it in your calves and thighs.

Another downside, for beginners mainly, is the fact that they do come with an open toe area. Again, this is intended for a better resistance, so you might want to stay away if this is not to your taste.

What We Like

  • Beautifully made and of high quality
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect for athletes
  • Great for increasing resistance and competitive swimming
  • Help improve fitness levels

What We Didn't Like

  • Larger fit
  • Open toe
Long Floating Fin

Because the blades are quite long, leading to slower kicking, you will be able to build more strength in your legs than you would with a shorter blade. They come with a closed heel to protect you from any potential ankle over flexion and are fairly comfortable.

However, though they come in a wide palette of sizes, picking the right one can be a bit of a challenge, depending on your foot shape and width. If your feet are particularly wider especially in the toe area, due to the tight fit, you might need to go a size or two up. We recommend that the fin is snug but not overly tight.

As a plus, the natural rubber they are made of prevents them from sinking in either fresh or salt water so you would be able to use them in a variety of places. Most people who have tried the Finis Long Floating Fin do prefer them for diving, as their long blades help quite a bit in overcoming all the drag that comes with the usual diving equipment.

What We Like

  • Very soft and comfortable if you have the right size
  • Quite durable and good quality
  • Great in both fresh and salt water
  • Perfect for diving

What We Didn't Like

  • It can be challenging to find a right fit
  • Not for competitive swimming as they generate less propulsion
Phantom Aquatics Voda Full Foot Snorkeling Swim Fin

#3. Phantom Aquatics Voda Full Foot Snorkeling Swim Fin

Mainly ideal for swim training due to their highly reactive, short blade, these particular fins will perfectly train your muscle without any cramping or potential discomfort. While they are quite lightweight and comfortable, due to the soft foot pockets (made with rubber elastomers), they are open toed, a deal breaker for many. However, you have to keep in mind that the open toe is built in to help increase resistance. If you are still uncomfortable with this, you might need to look elsewhere.

They are also made with narrower feet in mind, as we painfully found out…lots of cramping action going on. But, if you do find your true size they are wonderful to swim in, and you will quickly see an improvement in your speed.

Due to the smaller blade, we would recommend them for either snorkeling or swimming, not so much for diving due to the low propulsion they provide. Those who have used these fins for water aerobics have also seen an improvement in their mobility and kick.

What We Like

  • True to size (length)
  • Good quality
  • Very comfortable
  • Great for swimming
  • Help with mobility

What We Didn't Like

  • Made for narrow feet
  • Open toed
Seavenger Snorkeling Swim Fins

#4. Seavenger Snorkeling Swim Fins

These snorkel Trek fins come with open heels and easily adjustable straps. We find them quite comfortable and extremely light. They do fit beautifully and are as snug as they should be. The blades are on the short side, but their high flexibility takes away from that minus.

Most people who have tried them did so while snorkeling or body boarding. We would recommend them for the same activities. If you are looking for a nice short blade, you will find that the Seavanger do respond quite well to a variety of kicking styles. However, if you want good diving propulsion, these might not be for you.

The quality is also quite good, they last a fairly long time, and they do come with shape preserving foot trees which are a plus. They are also quite easy to travel with and would make a nice purchase if you want to give snorkeling a try.

What We Like

  • Great fit, just snug enough
  • Quite light
  • Good quality
  • They come with foot-trees
  • Easy to move in

What We Didn't Like

  • Short blades
  • Do not offer good propulsion
U.S. Divers Proflex II Diving Fins

If you are looking for some good diving fins, the U.S. Divers Proflex are well worth a check. These particular fins do come with an enclosed heel and soft foot pockets, ensuring a good fit and long-lasting wear.

While long, the blade is made out of dual-composite rails helping with power enhancement. We found they do provide an improvement snap and thrust wise. As tested, they are quite flexible, but you might need to break them in first. They might hurt your feet a little if you use them for a long time while brand new.

That being said, they do tend to run a bit on the smaller side. If you do decide to purchase these fins, we advise you to get them in a larger size. The U.S. Divers Proflex are a good addition for those passionate about water sports on vacations.

What We Like

  • Very comfortable
  • Soft foot pockets
  • Good quality
  • Last a long time
  • Fairly good fit

What We Didn't Like

  • A bit hard
  • Mostly for diving beginners
Finis Yellow Zoomers Gold

#6. Finis Yellow Zoomers Gold

Also coming with an enclosed heel, the Yellow Zoomers have a shorter, stiffer blade which makes them perfect for building up speed. The fins will help your kick become shorter and faster, and they do support the foot properly. We do recommend them for swimming or aqua aerobics as opposed to snorkeling due to the blade length.

As with most Finis products, they are of good quality and durable. However, you will need to get them in at least one size up, depending on the shape of your foot. Also, at first you might find the blade a bit stiff and heavy if you are accustomed to the longer, softer varieties, but you will see progress in your speed.

What We Like

  • Flexible
  • Good quality and durable
  • Great for competitive swimming or cardio

What We Didn't Like

  • Difficult sizing
  • Stiff and heavy blades
Speedo Rubber Swim Fins

#7. Speedo Rubber Swim Fins

Speedo’s long, curved blades, complete with orthopedic foot pockets, are great for long wear and endurance training, not so much for speed. Most people who have used them find these fins perfect for snorkeling/ diving or just doing long, repetitive laps.

They do come in a large variety of sizes, from XXXS all the way to XXL, and although they have an enclosed heel, they do fit better than other brands. Depending on your foot shape you might only need to go a size up. On the downside, they do also tend to break quicker than others.

What We Like

  • Comfortable due to orthopedic pockets
  • Suitable for long term wear
  • Provide a good, light kick
  • Fairly true to size

What We Didn't Like

  • Average quality
  • Tendency to break quickly
Head Energy Swim Fin

#8. Head Energy Swim Fin

The Head Energy Swim Fins are well made (out of high-grade polypropylene), and the blades have a good length, but a bit rigid. However, the piece holding your feet is soft and comfortable, and you will find them easy to maneuver during swimming and water aerobics.

While some people find them to be slightly tight fit due to the enclosed heel, they are fairly true to size. We find them snug but not tight and pretty perfect for taking them on vacations. If you are considering improving your fitness and swimming speed, you might find these particular fins helpful.

What We Like

  • Good quality and lightweight
  • True to size
  • They help improve swimming speed

What We Didn't Like

  • Not made from natural rubber
  • Blades are a bit rigid
  • Not for extremely wide feet
Ocean View Snorkel Set

These particular fins come in a package with a snorkel mask, perfect for snorkeling beginners. The mask itself is pretty great and durable, complete with a dry top seal that prevents any leakage. As a bonus, the snorkel top is fully visible from about four times further away than others of its kind.

The fins come with an open heel and are fully adjustable. Size wise, women and teens should opt for an S/M, and men should probably go for an L/XL. We found that they are fairly true to size and quite comfortable.

However, they are not for the well-versed diver. The fin size is closer to that of swimming fins, and a professional will not find them of much help. Though quite a luxurious and well made little set, you should only get them if you are new to snorkeling. They do make a great addition to any Oceanside vacation.

What We Like

  • Good quality
  • Well made
  • A perfect little pack for a snorkeling beginner
  • Adjustable sizes

What We Didn't Like

  • Very short blades
  • Will not help with diving gear drag
  • For newbies only
Cressi Palau Short Snorkeling Swim Fins

These particular fins come with an open heel and adjustable straps, perfect for those with wider feet or in between sizes. They can be worn over thin footwear, and a single pair can accommodate about 3 to 4 consecutive sizes. However, we find this a bit odd. They are definitely not meant for athletes but rather for the occasional snorkeling aficionado.

As a plus, they do come with an adjustable fin for either pool or beach use which can come in handy during holidays. We found them incredibly comfortable and easy to maneuver, most likely due to the adjustable strap. The blade is quite short, though, so they are not good for divers, but they do provide a fairly good kick.

All in all, the Cressi Palau Swim Fins are a good addition for those passionate about snorkeling and having a good time at the beach. Small children will find them particularly great.

What We Like

  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to size fit
  • Good quality

What We Didn't Like

  • Very short blades
  • Only for snorkeling
  • The fins can slip off


Best Overall

2nd choice

3rd choice

4th choice

5th choice

Top-Rated Swimming & Snorkeling Fins in 2019

Cressi Light Short Swim Full Foot Fins
Long Floating Fin
Phantom Aquatics Voda Full Foot Snorkeling Swim Fin
Seavenger Snorkeling Swim Fins
U.S. Divers Proflex II Diving Fins


Best for












Larger than featured size

Smaller than featured size

Smaller than featured size

True to size due to adaptable straps

Fairly true to size

Get Started

The 101 on Picking The Best Swimming&Snorkeling Fins For You

By now you have read the best swimming and snorkeling fins reviews out there, and you are a bit more at ease. Great! However, there are still quite a few, although great, options to choose from. So which one is the best for you?

First thing is first. Before you randomly purchase a pair think about your lifestyle. What exactly are you going to do with them?

Improve your swimming

A good pair of swim fins needs to have a shorter blade. This will help you add resistance and help improve your muscles. They will provide a much-needed propulsion due to the shorter kick. For an even better training, opt for an open toe pair as they give a better resistance. You will feel that in your calves and thighs while working your legs harder without straining the muscle mass. With practice and over time, you will see an improvement in your finless swimming.

To improve your swimming technique, you should go towards a more buoyant (floating) fin. When worn, they do tend to keep your legs higher in the water leading to a better body position. After a while, you will notice a better flexibility in your feet. Ultimately, it will lead to a better propulsion when swimming finless.

Want to begin scuba diving

In this particular case, you should opt for a pair of fins with a longer blade. While they will not help you with your speed, the broad, slow kick they provide will aid you in overcoming the pull of the diving equipment.

With scuba diving, you might want to opt for a brighter color. This is not just for aesthetic purposes but for being easily spotted when you are under water. In calm waters, white or bright yellow fins are a great option, while shark divers might need to go towards darker, possibly even black fins.

Snorkeling on vacation

If you are just looking for a pair of fun, comfortable fins to enjoy some well-deserved Oceanside time with your family, you should just focus on picking out an affordable pair. Fins with shorter blades are probably better in this case, as they are easier to walk/ move in and maneuver.

As a plus side, having your very own pair that fit you properly is always better than renting. And remember, although fins come in all shapes and sizes, for this particular use choose barefoot comfort over aesthetics and extra perks.

How to choose the proper fit?

Open heel or no open heel? That is the question!

Closed heel fins do provide a better grip and a snugger fit, however, they usually only come one per every shoe size. On the other hand, the open heel varieties come with adjustable straps, making them perfect for those in between sizes.

If you want to improve your swimming speed or technique, we do recommend you choose a pair of non-adjustable fins. They will work better. If however, you only want a good pair of fins to take on holiday while snorkeling, then the open heel, adjustable ones will work best for you.

Fins – natural materials or synthetic?

Foam…rubber…polymers…what is the best material? This decision should be dictated by what you want to use the fins for. For a better resistance in your swimming, firm to rigid fins are in order. It is quite simple…the more rigid the fin, the more arduous the training!!!

However, if you are just a beginner, we advise you to choose a softer, more flexible fin. You can always work yourself up to the tougher ones. Just like with ballet…you cannot do an arabesque without knowing how to plié.

How should a proper fitting fin feel?

Most people have trouble here, especially if they are purchasing a pair of fins for the first time.

The best swimming/ snorkeling fins for you should feel snug but not at all tight. You should feel relaxed and comfortable in them. Now, as you have probably seen in the reviews above, most fins are not exactly true to size. So…you should purchase them a size up or down as recommended.

Preventing blisters

If you are not used to fins or you just have sensitive feet (hey…it happens…), use a pair of swimsuit socks to prevent any unwanted rubbing or potential blisters.

This tip is also helpful if your fins are slightly falling off but not enough for you to get them in a smaller size.

Tips and recommendations. How to care for your fins

As a good pair of swimming/ snorkeling fins are hard to find (fit issues, sigh), you should know how to care for them properly.

  • This is a no-brainer. However, many people forget about it – inspect your fins before using/ traveling if you haven’t used them in a while. This will prevent you from carrying them across the world for nothing, only to end up using rentals. If they present cracking signs, otherwise known as dry rot, you should replace them immediately.
  • As you will probably use them a few times in a row, be sure to rinse them with fresh water thoroughly. This will prevent any salt crystal build-up that might damage the rubber/ polymer in the long run.
  • Do not clean them with any type of solvent, alcohol
  • Do not lubricate them with anything that is petroleum based
  • As much as possible, avoid putting your fins on the blade tips for long periods
  • Store them out of any direct sunlight
  • Do not throw away the foot pockets - they help fins keep their shape


After all the experimenting, countless swimming sessions in the pool, and numerous blisters to count we have to say that the Cressi Light Foot Short Swim Full Foot Fins is by far our favorite pair. Not only are they beautifully made and incredibly comfortable, but the shorter blade is perfect for improving your fitness while doing laps.

While they are not exactly true to size (they come in a larger fit), most of the best swimming/ snorkeling fins reviewed are the same. The closed heel provides some much-needed support, and once you get over the open toe feature, you will find they are pretty great.

So…snap on a pair and discover your inner Aquaman!!!

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