57 Best Meditation Gifts Ideas – Every Meditation Lover Wants to Have

57 Best Meditation Gifts Ideas – Every Meditation Lover Wants to Have

Today, everyone is in the rat race that makes up the modern way of life. It’s no wonder we’re constantly stressed and exhausted.

Luckily, there’s a way to relieve stress and enhance our inner well-being: meditation naturally. What better way to share this life-changing art than by giving little tokens that can help people enjoy its benefits?

We have put together a list of 57 best meditation gifts ideas for your family and friends.

At a Glance: Best Meditation Gifts Ideas

#1 Flameless LED Candle

LED candles are great gifts for people who like to relax with candles. With this item, they can enjoy the soothing and mesmerizing effects of a candle’s flickering flame without the mess, the smoke, and the fire hazard.

They can also adjust the size and intensity of the flame using a remote control.

Gideon 9 Inch Flameless LED Candle

#2 Crystal Salt Lamp

Made from authentic salt crystals from the Himalayas, this lamp is guaranteed to help improve people’s productivity and increase their energy levels.

This is best given to family and friends who work in highly stressful fields such as sales and customer service. The negative ions released by the lamp will make a big difference to their day.

Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

#3 Eye Pillow

Whether heated or frozen, eye pillows create a strong sense of healing and relaxation to the user. They are perfect for relieving stress and migraines.

They are also effective at reducing the appearance of puffy eyes. Also, they are good at blocking out light to help the user fall asleep much faster.

Namaste Yoga Lavender Eye Pillow

#4 Meditation Bracelet for Men

Trying to find a meditation gift for him? This healing bracelet is made from synthetic amber and authentic lava, agate, lazurite, amethyst, turquoise, tiger eye, and green king stones.

Together, they give the wearer a sense of protection, clarity, peace, healing, strength, and balance. While women can also enjoy these benefits, the bracelet design leans more towards the masculine side

Jewelry Yoga 7 Chakra Healing Bracelet

#5 Incense and Burner Set

We recommend this product as a gift to a friend who has never tried meditation or yoga. All they need to do is produce a flame and let the different scents purify and rejuvenate them slowly.

This product is handmade using only natural materials, making it safe for people who may have migraines that can be triggered by synthetic scents.


#6 Meditation Mat

This is an excellent gift for someone who is already into meditation, yoga, or pilates. This meditation mat is made of durable, high-quality material that effectively cushions the body during exercises.

Also, you can give it to guy or girl friends because you have plenty of colors to choose from.

You can read our other article regarding best yoga mat.

YogaAccessories 1/4" Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat

#7 Yoga Bolster

A yoga bolster is used in Restorative Yoga. It provides firm and stable support for getting into even the most difficult poses and will continue to do so until your friend can pull them off without any assistance.

This is a nice gift to show your support for someone who is just starting out in meditation, yoga, or pilates.

Some time ago, we wrote an article about best yoga bolster.

Hugger Mugger Standard Choice Yoga Bolster

#8 TableTop Zen Garden 

Not all offices have enough room for a zen garden, so put one up on your colleague’s desk! This tabletop zen garden is a neat little escape from the stress that work hurls at them daily.

This garden comes with sand, rocks, a rake, and a candleholder and has a sturdy base.

Tabletop Zen Sand Rocks Candle

#9 Mindful Games

If you want to get children to be interested in meditation, it is always best to start them young and early.

This book by Susan Kaiser Greenland is a fantastic and fun way to do just that. It has 60 games that stimulate children’s ability to focus and manage emotions.

Mindful Games: Sharing Mindfulness and Meditation with Children, Teens, and Families

#10 Yoga Block

Just like bolsters, yoga blocks are also a nice token to show how much you support your friend’s yoga training. A yoga block will help improve their flexibility and aid them in executing poses of varying difficulties.

This product is also very lightweight and easy to carry around, making it perfect for use at home or in a studio.

Veda Yoga Foam Blocks

#11 Eat With Intention

Written by meditation teacher Cassandra Bodzak, Eat With Intention is a guide to nurturing the body from the inside and breaking free from shallow and unhealthy eating practices.

In her book, she tells us how to bring meditation into our daily lives and shares many plant-based recipes that enrich the health.

Eat With Intention: Recipes and Meditations for a Life that Lights You Up

#12 Worry Beads

Your friend can turn to these Onyx gemstone beads to pass the time, relieve stress and anxiety, and slowly kill bad habits and mannerisms.

However, they don’t need to have these issues for them to like these authentic beads. Onyx gemstones are known to boost personal energy.

They also help give strength and emotional stability.

Onyx Gemstone Handmade Worry Beads

#13 Meditation Cushion

A meditation cushion is a versatile item that even those who are not into meditation and yoga will definitely enjoy.

The cushion can be used in various places for a wide range of purposes such as meditation, simple relaxation, watching sporting events, eating, and more.

You can read our review of best meditation cushion.

myZENhome Organic Kapok Filled Dhyana Meditation

#14 Singing Bowl

The Buddhist singing bowl is known to relax and heal through touch and vibration. It is the perfect gift for those who deserve to achieve the benefits of meditation but don’t have the luxury of time to train.

This bowl comes with a stick and a cushioned base that look just as beautiful as the bowl itself.

Religious Gift Handmade Singing Bowl

#15 Fidget Cube

Children and adults alike stand to benefit from playing with fidget cubes. They are designed to instill focus in people who can’t keep their hands still.

Each cube has six sides that correspond to different actions that people usually do when they fidget: click, glide, flip, breathe, roll, and spin.

Fidget Cube Toys for Children and Adults

#16 Adult Coloring Book Set

In case your friend has not yet joined the adult coloring bandwagon, start their initiation with this coloring set. With an activity, as simple as coloring, you can help enhance their creativity, patience, focus, and well-being.

This set has a top-bound coloring book, eight pencils (12 colors), and a sharpener. There’s no excuse to start coloring!

Vive Le Color! Serenity (Adult Coloring Book and Pencils): Color Therapy Kit

#17 Lotus Pendant Necklace

Looking for the right meditation gift for her? Jewelry is always a safe option. This lotus pendant necklace is unimposing, simple, and looks good on anyone and with any outfit.

The chain is 18in in diameter while the pendant measures 3/8in across. The thick, gold-filled chain is guaranteed not to peel off or cause skin irritations.

Lotus Necklace

#18 Now Clock

Often, we get stressed because of the endless hurrying that work and personal plans call for. We feel like there’s so much to do in so little time, when in fact, we’re the ones who set our deadlines.

Let your friend pull back from the race every once in a while, with this Now clock. Instead of telling the time, it tells the person looking at it to focus on what is happening right now.

Also, it has a pendulum that steadily swings, creating a sense of peace and calm.

Now Clock: The Time is Now

#19 Meditation Box

Although designed (and Reiki-infused) for Reiki practitioners, this meditation box serves a variety of other purposes. It is an ideal place for keeping stones, intention notes, prayers, and more.

The box measures 5in x 3in x 1in (L x W x H) while the stones that come with it measure between 0.5in to 1.5in.

Meditation Box

#20 Cushion Cover

Measuring 80cm x 80cm, this cushion cover can be bought with or without the 100% Poly-Fill Premium Polyester Fiber filling.

This can be used as a meditation pillow, a cushioned mat for children’s playroom, an accent pillow, or as an ottoman pouf.

Creazy® Large Mandala Floor Pillows Round

#21 Zenergy Chime

A tap of this chime emits a strong, resonating sound that aid in meditation by helping people focus and calm down. It is a great way to start a meeting or any activity that requires getting the attention of a group of people.

Each set includes a rubber-tipped mallet and an aluminum rod attached to a hardwood base measuring 7.25in in length.

Woodstock Solo Silver Zenergy Chime

#22 Matcha Great Tea Powder

Green tea powder is not just for your friends who are into meditation. It is also for health nuts, tea lovers, and just about anyone who appreciates a good cup of tea.

This drink contains plenty of nutrients and antioxidants, particularly L-Theanine, which strengthens and improves a person’s well-being. It also boosts production of dopamine, the primary compound that creates a sense of happiness.

Matcha Green Tea Powder

#23 White Sage Smudge Sticks

If you happen to know anyone who is a fan of sage smudging, you can order a bundle of these smudge sticks. White Sage is known to be a sacred shrub that grows in the United States and Mexico.

It has always been used in healing rituals because of its reputation for boosting energy and for promoting balance and spiritual purity.

Premium California White Sage

#24 Yoga Night Light

This yoga night lamp is another good gift for people who are into passive meditation. There are seven mood light color options that the user can select with just a press of a button.

There is also a setting that makes the lamp switch light colors automatically, mesmerizing the user and creating a sense of tranquility.

This yoga night light is non-toxic and energy-saving, spending only about 0.012KwH and with a LED bulb lifespan of 10,000 hrs.

SUPERNIUDB 3D Yoga Meditation Night Light

#25 Mandala Tapestry

Made of pure cotton, this tapestry is thin, durable, and breathable. It has a wide range of purposes: Your friend can use it as a curtain, bed or sofa cover, or as a wall-hung tapestry.

This is the right token for anyone who loves art, meditation, or Indian culture. Heck, anyone with a bare wall will love to get this screen printed tapestry from you.

Handmade Cotton Mandala Bedspread

#26 Do Not Disturb Door Knob Sign

This plastic door knob sign is a lifesaver if you have to give tokens to a group and have no clue what to give. It is simple but artistically done and gets the message across.

This is a thick plastic sign that measures 3.5in x 9.5in. The ink used for the print is UV- and water-resistant, making it good for both indoor and outdoor use.

Graphics and More Do Not Disturb

#27 Chakra Crystal Healing Kit

You can give this healing kit as a gift to anyone who is into chakra work or Reiki healing or is simply fond of collecting beautiful natural stones and home decor.

This set includes selenite, crystal quartz, amethyst, and more. Together, these stones help promote balance, refocus attention, boost energy, and relieve stress and fatigue.

16 pcs Chakra Crystal Healing Kit!

#28 Oil Diffuser

If you have friends who are into aromatherapy, you may want to give them this stylish oil diffuser. It uses sound waves to release a mix of scented essential oils and water to the air.

In addition to helping keep the skin beautiful, refreshed, and moisturized, this product creates a soothing and calming atmosphere that can help your friends relax.

YUNSTORES Essential Oil Diffuser

#29 Buddha Statue

There is no better symbol of meditation than the image of Buddha. Remind your loved ones of the importance of getting in touch with their inner selves with this masterfully carved wooden Buddha sculpture.

Buddha Statue Decoration

#30 Candle Dish

We love how sleek, modern-looking, and versatile this glass dish is. You can give this to your meditation-loving friends as a candle holder or as an all-around home decor.

Measuring 11.8in x 11.8in x 4.1in, this floating candle dish can even serve as a stand-alone accent piece for coffee tables and nightstands.

Hosley 11.8" Diameter Clear Glass Bowl

#31 Heart-Shaped Rose Quartz Stone

Known as the love stone, rose quartz is a symbol of love and happiness. It is also believed to stimulate the fourth chakra, the source of warmth and compassion.

This stone is genuine rose quartz which is about 1.8in in size and weighs more or less 1.8oz. The shape, color, and density are all natural and free from any sort of treatment or dye.

Furthermore, the manufacturer donates $1 per purchase of the stone to a charitable group called Save the Children, which sponsors disadvantaged kids in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Heart Shaped Rose Quartz Puffy

#32 Black Shiva Lingam

Black Shiva Lingam stones are believed to be sacred. The Narmada River in Western India is the one and only home to these stones.

They are believed to promote balance and harmony between a person’s inner self and their environment. They are also widely used for meditation and healing rituals.

Large Black Shiva Lingam

#33 Landscape Poster

You can frame this 36 x 24 inches poster of a tranquil mountain landscape and give it to your boss, friend, or family for hanging in their room or office.

It will serve as a constant reminder that “To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream.”

Dream - Mountains Landscape Poster

#34 Thought And Meditation Wood Sculpture

Carved out of suar wood, this sculpture measures 7.75in x 5in x 3.5in (H x W x D). It is made by NOVICA, which produces keepsake products in coordination with National Geographic and some of the world’s best artisans.

This particular sculpture is the work of visual artist and woodcarver Nyoman Karsa. Through this piece, Karsa challenges the observer “to ponder what little difference exists between crying, thinking, dreaming, and resting.”

Brown Thought And Meditation Wood Sculpture

#35 Meditation Blanket

This 78in x 98in Turkish Peshtemal blanket will please meditation practitioners, yoga lovers, beach bums, and interior design-savvy people alike. While primarily intended as a meditation blanket, people have found other uses for this product.

By simply draping it over the sofa or the bed, your loved one easily transforms the look and feel of a room. By taking it outdoors to a beach or camping trip, they get to make a statement!

You can read our full review.

Queen Size Turkish Beach Bed

#36 Shikibuton

Shikibuton is a Japanese word which means futon or mattress. This tri fold futon is made of high-density foam and 100% polyester, making it an ideal meditation or yoga mat.

However, if your loved one is not quite feeling like bending and stretching into challenging poses, they can use this product as a simple sleeper foam.

Shikibuton Trifold Foam Beds

#37 Feeling Magnets

Feeling magnets can help your friend get to know themselves better and improve their outlook by enabling them to get in touch with their emotions.

Not sure how they work? This set includes a bag, 94 little magnets with different kinds of emotions printed on them, and a metallic case.

If the owner feels upset, for example, they can stick the applicable feeling magnets to the case. Doing this gives the owner a better picture of their emotional state and helps them think of ways to uplift themselves.

Feeling Magnets

#38 Adjustable Meditation Seat

Do you have meditation-loving jet-setter friends? If yes, consider ordering one of these for them to help them meditate while on the go.

The great thing about this seat is that it adjusts to match the user’s position and movement while offering firm and stable support. Furthermore, it is light and collapsible and would fit in a travel bag or a suitcase.

You can read our review of best meditation chairs.

Kindseat Adjustable Meditation Seat

#39 Candle Holder

Let your loved one meditate in style with this diamond cut candle holder. Aside from being a beautiful tool in meditation, this iron candle holder can also be used in aromatherapy, massages, and Reiki healing sessions.

It can also be displayed in homes and offices or used as decor for weddings and other special events.

Hosley's Diamond Cut Candle Holder

#40 Cushion Replacement Hulls

Let’s face it. No matter how expensive or high-quality a meditation cushion (and everything else, really) is, it will give in sooner or later.

If you notice that your friend’s cushion isn’t looking too well, you can give them a few bags of replacement hulls. These are made out of buckwheat, the preferred material for cushion hulls.

Buckwheat Pillow and Zafu Cushion Replacement Hulls

#41 Funny Mug

We all have that friend with that sense of humor. Show them some love by giving them something they can easily relate to.

This mug is printed on both sides (probably to make sure that the message gets delivered) and does just fine with both hot and cold liquids. It is also microwavable and dishwasher-safe.

Best funny gift - 11OZ Coffee Mug

#42 Selenite

Selenite stones are believed to sharpen the mind and aid in better and more flexible decision-making, especially in business. Many believe that a selenite stone can help one access past lives.

It is also thought to be good for the bones and to prevent common nervous system ailments such as epilepsy and seizures.

Selenite Skyscraper

#43 Aragonite Gemstone Bear Charm

Measuring 3.75in in size, this bear figurine can be placed in a room as a decoration or brought around as a charm. Aragonite is believed to help relieve stress by recentering the owner’s energy.

The bear, on the other hand, signifies the importance of healing, rest, and rejuvenation.

Aragonite Bear Gemstone Animal

#44 Tibetan Handcrafted Dorje

The Dorje is one of the instruments commonly used in Buddhist rituals. Held in the right hand, the Dorje is said to symbolize enlightenment.

This Dorje is made in Kathmandu, Nepal out of high-quality brass. It is so beautifully and finely detailed; you might change your mind about giving it as a gift once you receive the package!

Tibetan Hand Crafted Large Vajra Dorje

#45 Labyrinth Dish

Labyrinths have long been used to aid in cleansing the mind of negative feelings and thoughts. For example, if a person is upset, they can walk a labyrinth to slowly replace stress and distractions with inner peace and mental clarity.

California artist Cynthia Webb does this labyrinth dish. To relax and ease the mind, the owner is supposed to cup the dish in their palm and use their finger to trace their way through the labyrinth.

Labyrinth Dish By Cynthia Webb

#46 Wax Melts

Give your friend a nice addition to their wax tart collection by choosing an aroma that reminds you of them. With sweet, lasting aroma, these wax melts are definitely worth every penny.

Sienna Suede, Smoked Birch, and Sugared Pecans are just some of the scents available. They come in 2in x 4in x 3in containers and weigh 4oz per packet.

Wax Melts for Wax Melt Warmer

#47 Wishing and Gratitude Globe

You can give this keepsake to your friend for their personal, private use. They can fill the globe with up to 104 notes about their hopes or the things they’re thankful for and reflect on them.

You may also give this to them during a celebration and encourage the visitors to participate. Tweak the rules a bit so that the notes will all be about your friend, who can later keep the globe as an event keepsake.

Handblown Wishing and Gratitude Globe

#48 Black Kyanite Blade

Kyanite is said to activate the body’s psychic channels and enhance and strengthen the core of the mind. It enables a person to communicate better with a higher being.

It is also believed to facilitate telepathy and transfer healing energy from one person to another.

Each blade measures about 2.5in x 3in x 1in in size.

Black Kyanite Blade

#49 Healing Massage Palmstone

Give your loved one chance to relax wherever they are by giving them a selenite massage palm stone. Aside from being a mere massage stone, the selenite crystal is thought to possess metaphysical properties that play a major role in achieving inner peace.

Mental clarity, awareness, balance, and success are only some of the many benefits associated with the stone.

Large Crystal Selenite Spiritual Healing Massage Palmstone

#50 Wall Vinyl Decal

Know anyone who has a yoga studio or is itching to decorate their room? Order a set of this beautifully crafted wall decal for them.

It shows a person in the Vriksasana pose or the “tree pose.” Measuring 22in x 28in, the decal can be applied to any smooth and flat surface such as walls and windows.

Wall Vinyl Decal Home Decor Art

#51 Buddha Prayer Flag

Loomed by hand, this chakra string flag is the perfect gift for anyone who understands chakras or those who simply appreciate art.

This prayer flag will look best when hung on a studio wall, where it will constantly, silently offer words of motivation to teachers and students.

Buddha Prayer Flag 7 Chakra String Prayer Flag

#52 Mat and Pillow Set

Encourage a loved one to join you during one of your meditation or yoga classes by giving them this acupressure mat and cervical pillow set.

This product offers many benefits, including better sleep, body pain relief, and increased energy levels, among others. If these still don’t convince your loved one to tag along, we don’t know what can.

Mat & Cervical Pillow Set

#53 Hanging Gong

A key design element in Asian cultures, gongs have been used for a large variety of purposes. They were once used to communicate with the dead, drive away evil, and warn of invaders, for example.

Give this 17in home decor as a gift for anyone who appreciates the rich culture and history behind the art of meditation.

Woodstock Hanging Gong

#54 Mandala Shower Curtain

Who says meditation-related decor can’t go in the bathroom? Not Ambesonne, the company behind this stunning mandala shower curtain we found.

This is an ideal gift for that meditation-obsessed friend who wants to see a reference to their hobby everywhere. That is if you don’t hang this in your own bath first.

Abstract Shower Curtain Paisley

#55 Relaxation Fountain

Your loved one does not have to be into yoga or meditation to experience the therapeutic effects of the sight and sound of flowing water.

This natural slate and copper waterdrop fountain is a good alternative to the zen sand garden. It will just need a little more space, as it stands 19 inches tall and 10 inches wide, plus a six-inch extension.

Kenroy Home Waterdrop Natural Slate Tabletop Fountain

#56 Mala Beads

These 8mm deep brown rosewood beads are thought to improve blood circulation, drive away negative energy, and reinforce the wearer’s aura.

This is a beautiful gift for people who want to take advantage of the beads’ power or those who just want a unique style statement.

Made in India, this product comes in a velvet bag that helps seal in the energy of the mala beads.

Do you want to know how to use them? Read our article here.

HealthAndYoga(TM) Mala Beads

#57 Gift of Nothing

Why give something when you can give nothing? Kidding aside, emptiness is one of the key features of Buddhism.

This can serve as a gentle reminder that everything is “void of intrinsic existence and nature,” as taught in Buddhism. On the other hand, it is also a hilarious gift for anyone who gets the reference and has just the right sense of humor.

Gideon 9 Inch Flameless LED Candle

Start Shopping!

We hope that our list of unique, best meditation gifts ideas somehow makes your shopping twice as easy. With these awesome goodies being just a few clicks away, sharing your passion for meditation with your loved ones can’t possibly be any easier.

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