Best Home Gyms in 2019 to Get You in Shape

Best Home Gyms in 2019 to Get You in Shape

Have you found yourself on New Year’s Eve thinking yet again ‘I will start working out on January 1st. 2017 will definitely be the year I get in shape’? If this sounds familiar you are not the only one. However, after all the alcohol buzz and holiday cheer wore off you probably started thinking …’I will do it tomorrow’.

Fast forward a few months later and you have forgotten all about exercising. Excuses are everywhere and quite easy to find. If something along the lines of ‘I don’t like exercising in public’, ‘The gym is too crowded/ far away’, ‘I do not have the time’ comes to mind, you are definitely in the right place because we will be talking about the best home gyms in this article.

Yes, that’s right! There is good news. What if we told you that you do not have to go to the gym? You can actually get all buffed up in the comfort of your own home, where nobody has to see any overflowing belly and you will not be intimidated by the over supplemented guys at the gym who do not seem to understand the concept of leg day!

And no, you do not need to buy all sorts of expensive exercising equipment. The best options are machines actually called home gyms, an all-in-one exercising extravaganza. But before you start panicking at the site of your google search, rest assure. We have done your homework for you!

At A Glance: Our Choices for Best Home Gyms

Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Light Commercial Gym with its varied array of strength training exercises. As a bonus, this machine can be used by up to three simultaneous users, so there is no excuse for not working out. Get a workout buddy and start toning every inch of your body.

Then there is the Body-Solid Strenght Tech EXM2500S Home Gym. Considering its many options, from a pec station to a leg developer and everything in between, there is no doubt why many people love this product. Get to upgrade your muscle mass with the 210 pounds weight stack, enjoy an easy exercise transition, and forget all about cable changes

The Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym comes with even more exercising options…about 70. Get a full body workout in no time with the 210-pound power rod resistance, upgradable up to 310 or 410 pounds. Its compact size is pretty perfect for fitting nearly every living room, and its many options allow you to change exercises without changing cable set-ups.

Bowflex also offers the Bowflex Blaze Home Gym, a compact apparatus comprising more than 60 exercises for engaging all muscle groups. Squat, extend, curl and tone every single inch of your body. With the help of this easy to use a home gym, you will forget all about excuses.

The Total Gym 1400 Deluxe Home Exercise Machine is a good example of an all-in-one apparatus that will bring all the versatility of a gym right into your private space. Offering a total body workout in as little as 10 to 20 minutes, this machine will toughen you up in no time.​

2019’s Reviews of the Best Home Gyms





Editor's Raitings


Every real gym features



Most real gym features



Standard exercising perks for a full-body workout. Upgradable weight stack

Mostly for beginners


Standard perks to provide a full-body workout. Weight stack can be upgraded.

Mostly for beginners


Standard features that allow full-body workout. Healthy meal plan included.

Mostly for beginners

Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Light Commercial GymThis home gym is definitely not for the faint of heart, as it does offer a wide array of exercises for different types of fitness levels. Possibly the best thing about it is the fact that it allows for three people to work out on it consecutively.

The two incorporated weight stacks allow two people to focus on weight training without having to wait for someone to finish first.  This model is also of very good quality and quite sturdy, making it perfect for people with different weights and heights. Most, if not all of the stations are fully adjustable and provide great support.

As a downside, it is huge….so not intended for a living room. However, if you do have some spare room in the garage, you will fully benefit from a world-class workout without anyone disturbing you.

After trying it out, we do find this model to be the best one out of the bunch, and by far. Though quite expensive, a lot more than the others, the Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Light Commercial Gym is a great purchase, especially if you are quite keen on having a top-notch fitness level.

If you consider yourself an athlete and can afford it, you will find this machine to be the quintessential home gym.

What We Like

  • High-quality
  • Very sturdy
  • Can be used by up to 3 people at the same time
  • Will quickly improve your fitness level
  • Great for people of different shapes, sizes, and heights

What We Didn't Like

  • Expensive
  • It does need a lot of space
  • Quite heavy

Body-Solid StrengthTech EXM2500S Home GymThis model comes in with a 210-pound weight stack, and it has the benefit of being quite sturdy. We do appreciate the fact that it is made out of high-quality, heavy duty steel, perfect for larger people or those with a high level of endurance.

Another perk comes from the fact that it is easy to use and does not require any cable changes. It does have the standard home gym things – a pec station, leg developer and press arm, however, there are pulleys on three levels, low, mid and high, great for a variety of exercises and variations.

We find this model particularly beneficial for those that are a bit taller as other models do not seem to cater to them. On the downside, you do need to put it together yourself, and considering its many options this might be a bit frightening at first sight.

Most users are very pleased with it, probably the main reason why it is constantly rated as a best buy home gym. We do second this thought and believe it is actually the best home gym under $1000. This model can also be used by people with varied fitness levels with above average results

What We Like

  • High-quality
  • Quite sturdy
  • A wide array of exercises
  • Good for people with different heights, weights and fitness levels
  • Different height pulleys

What We Didn't Like

  • It only comes with a 210-pound weight stack, not upgradable
  • Possibly a bit difficult to put together
  • Although a great purchase for its price it might be a bit expensive for many

Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home GymThis home gym model offers around 70 types of exercises and comes with the much-needed bonus of being quite compact. That being said, we do find it easier to fit into a living room when compared to others its kind which comes as a relief for many.

As with other Bowflex machines, though it only comes with a 210-pound weight stack, it is upgradable to 310 or 410 if required. The 2SE Home Gym is quite easy to use, allowing you to move from exercise to exercise quickly, no hassle needed.

We find it mainly effective for building back and shoulder muscles and not much else, though it does promote a full body workout. Again, this one is also mainly intended for people with poor fitness. If you are one such person, you will experience a full palette of benefits and be able to engage every single muscle group.

On the plus side, it is easily adjustable, and you can disable it quickly. Most people who have used it are raving about its effectiveness in improving their body condition. If used daily, it will increase your stamina, and we do feel it is a good purchase for what it does.

The fact that it makes the transition between exercises fairly easy (no need to change any cables) is also something to keep in mind.

What We Like

  • Upgradable weight stack
  • A varied array of exercises
  • Good for improving fitness levels
  • Easy to use
  • Easy transition between exercises

What We Didn't Like

  • Mostly for those with a low fitness level
  • Potential problems with assembly

Bowflex Blaze Home GymThe Bowflex Blaze Home Gym comes with more than 60 exercises, all gym-rated and great for engaging all muscle groups. The standard weight stack comes in at 210 pounds, but you can upgrade it to either 310 or 410 as you improve your resistance and fitness levels.

Other perks worth mentioning are a squat/ lower pulley station, perfect for toning glutes, quads and hamstrings, a leg extension/ curl attachment and a lat tower, great for shoulders and back muscles. On the downside, the rower is great for beginners or people who stopped exercising a while ago, as it is fairly efficient but not as great as a professional rowing machine.

We do find the Bowflex Blaze to be a powerful and effective option for a first home gym, but it is destined mainly for newbies. Unlike other models, this one is good at accommodating different sizes and heights which are always a plus in our book.

All in all, it is a pretty awesome machine for its price, and we would recommend it. Be warned though that many users do complain about the hassle involving switching the amount of weight needed for each exercise. However, if this is not something you are troubled with you will like this gym.

What We Like

  • Good quality
  • Mainly for newbies
  • Good amount of exercises (around 60)
  • Upgradable weight stack

What We Didn't Like

  • The manual shows about 80 exercises, but many are the same
  • Can be a bit wonky at first if you cannot focus on your form
  • Takes a bit of getting used to it
  • A possible annoyance from switching weights for individual exercises

Total Gym 1400 Deluxe Home FitnessThis particular home gym will bring all the perks of exercising at a large public gym right into the comfort of your home. The fact that it can deliver a total body workout in under 20 minutes makes it especially great for newbies, and it will help increase both your fitness level, as well as your self-confidence. As a bonus, it does come with a fun flip chart and a helpful nutrition guide.

Most people who have purchased it and used it for a while say this home gym has helped them improve their fitness levels considering they were not that athletic, to begin with. However, users of older models say that the newer versions do not even come close to the quality of the old ones.

Although coming with many included features, we find that this is a nifty little home exercising equipment mainly for beginners. It does do its intended purpose, and many users claim that it has a good use per buck.

All in all, it is quite easy to use, and you will find working out actually pleasant. However, we do find that it does work best for shorter people, mainly close to 5 feet. You might like it a lot more when finding out that it does come fully assembled…just tear off the packaging and make sure you remove all padding and cushioning you can find.

What We Like

  • Good for beginners
  • Many features
  • Nutrition and exercise plan included
  • Pretty great for its price

What We Didn't Like

  • Mainly for beginners
  • Best for shorter people

Best Home Gym Under 500$:

#6. Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

Bowflex PR1000 Home GymThis model allows and even encourages you to build up your strength going gradually from 5 pounds up to 210. It is pretty great in providing a full-body workout right in your private space. The over 30 exercises it ensures will help you tone your muscles in a fairly short amount of time and even build up some more muscles mass.

As a plus, it is quite well made and fairly easy to put together. On the downside, you do have to be under 300 pounds to be able to use it without actually breaking it fully. Another minus is its weight, and we advise you to install it in the garage if you can.

Most people using it have found it quite helpful in improving their fitness as it is quite challenging, mainly if you are an exercise beginner. If you are in need of losing some weight, you will achieve this fairly quickly, depending on how much you actually use the home gym.

All in all, we like it. It’s beautifully made with great quality, leading to stay long in your training space. Although not for the more hardcore gym bunnies, we do think this product is the best home gym for under $500.

What We Like

  • Good for beginners
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Included rowing option

What We Didn't Like

  • Quite heavy, best suited for the garage and not the living room
  • There is a weight limit to using it

Body-Solid Powerline Home GymThis particular home gym is designed to provide challenging workouts and help build your muscles in a fairly short time frame. One thing we did find interesting – and pretty great actually – is the fact that it does ship fully assembled, well about 90% anyway which is the same to us. You only have to fasten up a few (9 to be exact) bolts, and you can start using it.

It comes with a 160-pound weight stack, not a lot for professionals, but a lot for newbies. Other features are a row bar, quite low, and the much-needed crunch harness. We find the military-grade aircraft cables good for durability and support. The telescoping seating is also easy to adjust and quite comfortable, much to our delight.

It does require very little maintenance, and once you remove all boxes and weights, the main frame is easily carried by most people (it is only about 50 pounds). On the downside, standing shoulder pressing aficionados should probably put the home gym in a room with a higher ceiling, as it is quite tall.

We do like Powerline Body-Solid home gym, and most users have seen rapid improvements in their fitness levels when they used it on a regular basis.

Be advised though that you might have to replace the cables annually, as they do tend to wear off in that time. Checking them once every few months should prevent any potential injury due to faulty parts.

What We Like

  • It comes almost fully assembled
  • Easy to use
  • Challenging workouts

What We Didn't Like

  • Only a 160-pound weight stack, not upgradable
  • Mainly for fitness maintenance or beginners


Best Overall

2nd choice

3rd choice

4th choice

5th choice

Top-Rated Home Gyms in 2019

Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Light Commercial Gym
Body-Solid StrengthTech EXM2500S Home Gym
Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym
Bowflex Blaze Home Gym
Total Gym 1400 Deluxe Home Fitness


Number of exercises

Over 80

30 standard (some variations)

Over 30

Over 70

Over 60

Best for






Get Started

How to pick the best home gym for your needs?

By now you have probably eased into discovering what a home gym should and should not do. However, you are most likely still reticent in choosing which one to buy. Well,…let’s go step by step.

Assessing your fitness level

This is a no-brainer you might think. And you would be correct. However, most people, fail to do this accurately. Whether you are someone who has never exercised a day in his/ her life or a former semi-professional athlete who took a break for a while, you do need, to be honest. It is your money in the end!!!

  • Beginners

If you are a person who is just keen on improving his fitness level from one closer to zero, you should opt for a simple to maneuver, compact home gym. Do not let the fancy designs and extra special features deter you from your path. You just need to exercise, and that is it.

In this case, we do recommend you opt for a cheaper, yet high-quality machine. A compact version will fit beautifully in your spare room or even in the living room, and the familiar ambiance will help with your self-confidence. And rest assured, there are quite a few good home gyms for under $500.

  • Those with a moderate fitness level

If you belong to this category, you should also opt for a high-quality, fairly compact machine. However, since you are not new to exercise, and probably just hate other sweaty people at the gym (there are quite a few of us), you can choose to buy one with extra features and a possibility for weight upgrade.

For best results, you can also opt for a taller, bulkier one for your garage and enjoy doing certain exercises at different difficulty levels. You do want to build up your muscle mass and improve your stamina after all.

  • Those well-versed in the art of working out

If you are one of these people, then you will not be satisfied with anything less than a full-fledged, whole-body workout. In this case, we recommend you opt for a sturdy, high-quality home gym that has most, if not all of any real gym features.

The only potential problem, in this case, comes in the form of price. However, unless you can afford it, you do not need to choose the most expensive variety. There are quite a few amazing, fully-equipped home gyms just for under $1000.

What are the basics that every good home gym should have?

Here a few things that you should be looking for in a home gym before purchasing any:

  • Lat pullout
  • Low pulley
  • Seated flys and chest press
  • Leg extensions
  • Standing leg curls
  • Bicep preacher curl pad
  • A minimum weight stack of 150 pounds

No matter your fitness level, you do need all of these for a good, full-body workout. If you see a shiny home gym in an ad and it lacks one of them, do not bother spending your hard earned money on it.

Additional features for better results would include:

  • Adjustable seating and leg workout components – do not even go near a ‘universal’ gym. Not everybody is the same height, shape or size.
  • It should provide good support and enough resistance. No matter what the salesman says, do not buy a home gym with a weight stack lower than 150 pounds. You will soon find out it is not that much.
  • Different degrees of bench positions. Whether you just started working out or not, you do not want to feel constricted if the seating is too low/high or any pads are too close/ far away.

Tips for seeing the best results when using your brand new home gym

Now, even if you are fairly new to this, you should understand that you will not see any results without thorough repetition. So do not get discouraged and put your home gym up for sale after just a few weeks. Persistence is key here!

  • The cardio factor

That being said, you also have to remember….CARDIO…CARDIO…CARDIO. While home training equipment is great in toning up your muscles and helps you increase your stamina, it does not provide a good, if any, the amount of cardio. Sure, there are some with a rowing option, but the more basic ones do not provide enough resistance when compared to a specialized rowing machine.

Picture a real gym. It is equipped with lots of treadmills, cycling equipment and everything along these lines. Depending on your starting fitness level, we recommend you either walk more, jog or even take up running.

  • The proper nutrition equation

Good food does wonders for your overall stamina. A proper nutrition offers key micronutrients that will help you feel better and see the best results when home training. After all, who would want to get off the couch and walk the few feet towards the home gym after piles and piles of junk? No one.

You should focus on whole foods and up your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. As a plus, many home training machines do come with incorporated meal plans alongside their exercise one.

  • Do not over do it with training! Do not place unreasonable demands on your body!

So, you have managed to pick out a great home gym and are now keen on sticking to your New Year’s Resolution. Great! Kudos to you! However, you have to know your body and learn to pace yourself.

Start small, especially if you are new to this. As most home gyms come with a basic exercise guide, use that for starters and do just the exact amount of sets it prescribes. Accidents do happen, and then you will be benched for quite a while.

Proper breaks in between sets/ exercises are always the key, especially when paired with a great, focused breathing and proper hydration.


After days and days of training and trying out different types of home gyms, we have to swear by our top pick, namely, the Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Light Commercial Gym. We do believe this model is the quintessential embodiment of everything a best home gym needs.

As opposed to others of its kind, this one does exactly what it promotes. Though a bit on the expensive side and quite huge, definitely not for placing in the living room in front of the TV, the Body-Solid Gym will help you improve your fitness in no time.

Probably the best part for us is the fact that it can accommodate three people working out at the same time. This allows no room for extra excuses, as you can now exercise with your favorite people in the comfort of your home.

However, whichever home gym model you pick, remember….2017 is definitely the year you get in shape!!!

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