Best Guided Meditation Videos on Youtube off all time

Best Guided Meditation Videos on Youtube off all time

Meditation has many benefits, such as stress release, and people love meditation for this reason because stress affects their daily life to a great extent. Some people need these exercises to reduce stress and relax the mind.

However, not all people can spare time for meditation and even if they had the time, they wouldn’t know where to start. If you want some help with meditating, you can try out guided meditation.

Guided meditation, as the name implies, is done while being in a class or a group with the help of a meditation teacher or licensed meditation expert. You can also avail guided meditation while listening to a meditation recording.

Guided meditation often asks practitioners to sit or lie down in a comfortable position and then listen to the guide as they lead them through the entire process. As you start to relax, you find your mind at peace and stress fades away.

While in a deeply relaxed state, your subconscious easily accepts positive suggestions. Your guide uses, this time, to help you imagine your inner world and slowly influences your mind to consider positive ideas.

There are guided meditations that assist in improving one’s confidence and positive thinking. Others concentrate on spiritual development. Some people go for guided meditations just to experience deep relaxation.

Once the ideas are already in place and you are stress-free, you are directed by your meditation guide back to the state of ordinary awareness. At this time, you find yourself relaxed and refreshed.

Each guided meditation session can be as short as five minutes to up to an hour, depending on your preferences. It is recommended that a guided meditation session last 15 minutes minimum. You can also do it for an hour if you want to get the most out of the meditation.

If you want to do meditation in the comforts of your home, there are different meditation guides available today. They are in the form of books and videos. It is common to see guided meditations done with gentle music, which allows you to concentrate on meditation easily.

If you want more accurate guided meditations with visual assistance, here is:

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List of 6 the best guided meditation videos on Youtube:

Blissful Deep Relaxation Guided Meditation

This video helps you meditate with the sound of ocean waves in the background. Ocean waves are often considered by people to be very relaxing, easily bringing you to a calm state almost immediately. This video can also help you integrate breathing exercises with your meditation. This video is perfect for beginners as well as experienced practitioners who wish to get the weightless feeling while meditating.

Guided Sleep Meditation: Delta Waves, Deep Sleep, Inner Peace

This video doesn’t have any instructions on how you should meditate. However, it combines music and imagery that help you meditate as you watch the video. You can even use this to get a deep sleep.

Breathing Guided Imagery Meditation

Deep breathing can be a complicated thing to do, especially if you do not know how it helps you relax at all. This YouTube video helps you correct your breathing and meditate while doing this exercise. This video also helps you to stillness with a voice guiding you to float into that space you need to be to relax.

10-Minute Meditation for Anxiety

This guided meditation video is good for those who wish to get rid of anxiety, especially if they feel lots of emotions in various instances. This video’s voice-over directs you to reach a relaxed state with the help of instrumental music. It also helps you imagine everything around you.

Chakra Clearing and Activating Meditation

This is for those who love Eastern traditions and believe in Chakras. But you can also use this if you do not have a particular belief. This meditation video teaches you the importance of these Chakras and helps you through the meditation process. When you are doing breathing exercises, this video helps you with breathing in positive energy and flushing out negativity.

Incredibly Powerful Third Eye Opening Binaural Beat Meditation

This guided meditation video features binaural beats and a series of tones that immediately target your brain waves; specifically, the theta waves that help you relax. It also helps you ask questions about your life, especially if you are at crossroads.

We hope that the list of the best meditation videos will help you achieve inner piece. If you have different videos in mind, and you want to share them with other readers, leave a comment or let us know!

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