Best Electric Scooters Reviews in 2019 – Be Always On Time

Best Electric Scooters Reviews in 2019 – Be Always On Time

Now and then you might have to travel a distance that is too short to take the bus for but too long to walk. An electric scooter is an excellent ride of choice in such cases.

Electric scooters are compact, environmentally friendly, and easy to use. You just charge them, and you are ready to go.

While they are undoubtedly cheap compared to electric cars, naturally you still want to get the most out of each penny. To make shopping easier for you, we have taken a look at some of the best electric scooters in the market today.

At A Glance: Our Choices for Best Electric Scooters

URB-E Black Label Electric Folding Scooter - The Black Label has “premium” written all over it. It is made of light, but durable aircraft-grade aluminum and natural carbon fiber, it has a patented one motion folding design that ensures portability, and can even charge your smartphone.

E-Drift UH-ES296 Electric Fat Tire Scooter  - E-Drift’s Fat Tire Scooter is a real heavyweight, weighing 100 lbs and having a weight capacity of 350 pounds. It can travel up to 27 mph and has a range of 50 miles.

CELLOT Foldable Electric Carbon Fiber Scooter - This foldable scooter is another heavyweight, but disguised behind a light, compact, and thin exterior. It weighs a mere 14 lbs and has a 0.3-in deck that can handle up to 220 lbs of weight. The electronic braking system and the battery management system are just some of its innovative features.

Drive Medical Scout Compact 3 Wheel Travel Power Scooter - This mobility scooter takes all of your needs into account and still manages to look attractive. Its seat, delta tiller, backrest, and armrests are all fully adjustable. It also allows you to navigate narrow spaces easily.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter - We recommend the E100 as your kid’s first electric scooter. It is inexpensive but has all they need to enjoy a decent ride. Since it is easy to operate, your child should get the hang of it very soon.

2019’s Reviews of the Best Electric Scooters





Editor's Raitings


34 x 35 x 19 in

Can charge electronics, patented folding design, advanced sports tune controller, seat with built-in suspension, cross-drilled disc brake


69 x 31 x 43 in

1500W hub motor, hydraulic brake system with 160 mm rotors, a twist-grip throttle, battery indicator, LED front light connection, keyed ignition with a digital gauge


41 x 6 x 9 in

High-torque 5-in hub motor, FOC, EBS, BMS, intelligent LCD display


42 x 20 x 36 in

Customizable exterior, quick-connect batteries, ergonomically designed and fully adjustable seat, delta tiller, backrest, and armrests


16 x 8 x 34 in

Kick-start, chain-driven, and high-torque motor, a twist-grip throttle, hand-operated front brake

URB-E Black Label Electric Folding Scooter

URB-E Black Label Electric Folding Scooter

Manufacturer URB-E gives you more than enough reason to shell out nearly $2,000 with the Black Label Electric Folding Scooter. Made in California, USA, the Black Label is forged out of genuine carbon fiber and aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum, which are known for their lightness and durability.

This 35-lb scooter has a patented one-motion folding design that makes transportation and storage incredibly easy and fast. Furthermore, each scooter undergoes a stringent 46-point quality control inspection.

The Black Label’s performance is just as impressive. It can run up to 15 mph and has a run time of 20 miles on a single charge.

It has an advanced sports tune controller for quick and powerful acceleration and torque. Meanwhile, the cross-drilled disc brake makes stopping easy and safe even on sloped surfaces.

Comfort and convenience are also covered. The seat has a built-in suspension that makes for a smooth ride.

It also has some nice accessories and fittings that further enhance the rider’s experience: a cup holder, a smartphone holder, a carry basket, and more.

As if those were not enough, the Black Label charges your phone or tablet!

Each scooter comes with a unique serial number and a one-year warranty. It has a 36V lithium ion battery and a 250W brushless motor.

There are just some minor issues with the Black Label. First, the cup holder attaches to the handlebars, where there is no built-in suspension.

This means your drink will mirror every bump and dip that the front wheel encounters. Better stick to sealed cups and bottles.

There is also a little problem with using the basket, but this may also depend on your body. Once the basket is installed, there is a tendency for you not to have enough room for your feet on the rear pedals.

What We Like

  • Durable, high-quality material
  • Nice add-ons
  • Long run-time
  • It charges electronic gadgets

What We Didn't Like

  • Cup holder can cause your drink to splash on you if your cup is open
  • Basket can leave little room for your feet
E-Drift UH-ES296 Electric Fat Tire Scooter

E-Drift UH-ES296 Electric Fat Tire Scooter

E-Drift’s scooter can travel up to 27 mph and can run up to 50 miles on a single charge. It allows for nearly effortless steering, turning, and stopping with its 1500W hub motor and a hydraulic brake system with 160 mm rotors.

In addition, it has a twist-grip throttle that provides ease of control and wide tires that offer stability even on slopes. The body is made of steel fenders that ensure durability and a sleek look.

The Electric Fat Tire Scooter means serious business. It weighs 100 lbs and can support up to 350 pounds.

This scooter uses a 60V 20A battery that charges in merely 1 to 3 hours. It also has a user-friendly indicator to help you determine how your charging is going.

Other features include a LED front light connection and a keyed ignition with a digital gauge. It also comes with an 18-month limited warranty and what E-Drift calls a “power package:” an agreement that obliges them to replace your scooter’s battery in case of manufacturer’s defect within a year.

What We Like

  • Looks good
  • Short recharge time
  • Good run-time
  • Battery indicator

What We Didn't Like

  • Heavy
The Lightest Weight Two Wheels Electric Kick Scooter

Foldable Electric Carbon Fiber Scooter

Cellot’s foldable scooter is lightweight and compact. It weighs only 14 lbs and can easily be folded into an easy-to-carry form.

Despite its size and weight, it is incredibly sturdy. That is not surprising since its frame and deck are made of high-quality carbon fiber, which is known for being as durable as it is light.

In fact, the slim deck can support weights of up to 220 lbs while measuring merely 0.3in. It is also ingeniously shaped to serve as suspension and make the ride a smooth one for you.

Moreover, it runs on a light but powerful, high-torque 5-in hub motor that makes for an efficient ride. Cellot uses Field Oriented Control (FOC) technology to make acceleration smooth and quiet.

One more thing we like about this scooter is the electronic braking system (EBS), which allows for recharging while braking.

The scooter is also fitted with beautiful front lights that make evening rides safe and easy. There is also an intelligent LCD screen where you can find information like speed, remaining run-time, miles, and the time.

Cellot’s foldable electric carbon fiber scooter comes in three colors: black, white, and hot pink. It has high-capacity LG 18650 lithium ion batteries with a lifespan of more than 500 charging cycles and a range of 20 miles under ideal conditions.

Overcharging will not be a problem since this scooter has the so-called Battery Management System that will take care of that and prevent possible battery malfunctions.

What We Like

  • Smart battery monitoring system
  • Can recharge while braking
  • Intelligent LCD
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Can handle a lot of weight for its size

What We Didn't Like

  • Suspension does not work very well on moderately rough surfaces
Scout Compact Travel Power Scooter

Scout Compact Travel Power Scooter

Let us take a look at a mobility scooter this time. Drive Medical’s Scout Compact Travel Power Scooter is a great-looking electric scooter with seat and a colorful and customizable exterior with interchangeable color panels that conceal scratches.

Convenience is not an issue since it has a large plastic carry basket to hold apparatus, medicines, and other things that need to be with you all the time.

It is also quick and easy to set up and collapse. The entire scooter breaks up into five pieces that can easily be packed up for travel or storage.

It has several features in place to ensure maximum comfort. The swivel seat can be adjusted to match any height and comes with a fold-down backrest.

The padded armrests and delta tiller are also fully adjustable and can be tweaked to fit any body shape and size.

You should also find the Scout Compact Travel Power Scooter relatively easy to maneuver even with limited dexterity.

The throttle is ergonomically designed to give the rider an easy freewheel drive while the three-wheel model is specifically meant to make narrow indoor spaces easier to navigate.

Here are the other things you need to know about Drive Medical’s scooter: It has quick-connect batteries that have a range of about 9 miles on a single charge.

Its maximum speed is 4.25 mph, and a maximum supported weight of 300 lbs. It has stable, anti-tip wheels and flat-free, non-marking tires.

Although the wheels are made to be as stable as possible, remember that this scooter still only has three wheels, which can prove to be unstable when taken for a ride on mild slopes.

What We Like

  • Customizable exterior
  • Ergonomically designed seat, armrests, and backrest
  • Smooth throttle

What We Didn't Like

  • Three-wheel design can be unstable on mild slopes
Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

The E100 is an ideal scooter for children at least eight years old, weighing 120 lbs at most. It is easy to operate and gets you where you want to go at a safe speed.

To engage the motor, you only need a manual kickoff of 3 mph. There is a trigger on its handlebar that will start the engine.

After that, you simply have to manipulate the twist-grip throttle to control acceleration. On the front is a pneumatic tire that holds up well against little bumps or rocks.

Slowing down and stopping can’t possibly be any easier, as this scooter has a hand-operated front brake. However, its chain cover can make turning a little tricky because it causes the rear scooter wheel to lose traction.

Since it has a chain-driven, high-torque motor, that means the E100 is efficient and noise-free. It can run up to 10 mph and last up to 40 minutes on a single charge (which lasts about 8 hours).

Comfort has not been overlooked. The E100 has a fully adjustable handlebar to fit any rider size. This same handlebar is also detachable, taking care of any storage issue.

All in all, the E100 looks like a good option if you are shopping for a kid’s first electric scooter. It is not high-performing but does just well enough to introduce children to the beauty of e-scooters.

The E100 is available in five colors (blue, purple, pink, silver, and sweet pea) and has a 90-day warranty.

What We Like

  • Many color options
  • High-torque motor
  • Noise-free
  • Adjustable and detachable handlebar
  • Small manual kickoff needed

What We Didn't Like

  • Chain cover can make turning hard
Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter

Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter

The E100 Glow is Razor’s smallest e-scooter for children. Just like the original E100, it is an affordable ride that offers an excellent riding experience.

It gets its name from the strip of blue LED lights along the edge of the deck that light up each time the throttle is twisted. These lights and the scooter’s black body made of steel frame and fork give the scooter a sleek, modern look.

The E100 Glow can run for 40 minutes on a single charge and can reach speeds of up to 10 mph, making it just safe enough for kids. It is solidly constructed, providing ample support and stability for the rider.

However, for an electric scooter targeted towards children, the E100 Glow sure lacks a lot of safety features such as a lock or lights. It also takes a lot to keep its accelerator pressed back so that a child may have a hard time with it especially during the first few rides.

Also, it can get quite noisy and does not handle rough surfaces well unlike the E100. It has a pneumatic front tire which handles small bumps well, but the urethane rear wheel has no problems making you feel every little bump or crack on the road.

Razor suggests charging the E100 Glow for between 12 and 24 hours, regardless of when the indicator turns green.

What We Like

  • Looks good
  • Solid and sturdy body

What We Didn't Like

  • No lights for safe evening use
  • No lock
  • Noisy
  • Does not hold up well against rough surfaces
Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

Razor introduces its new power core technology and a host of other features that make the Power Core E90 50% more powerful and ride twice as long than its predecessor, the original E90.

While the speed of 10 mph is somewhat average, this model does have a longer range of 80 minutes per charge. The huge leap in ride time is excellent news for kids since the 40-minute run time in the other children scooters from Razor can cut the fun quite short.

What sets the Power Core E90 apart from most other electric scooters is that it does not need a chain, a chain tensioner, and alignment. It is virtually a zero-maintenance e-scooter.

It has Razor’s efficient kick-start, high-torque motor that can be started using a push-button throttle and stopped using a hand-operated front fender brake. For convenience and safety, this scooter has rubber grip handles and a slip-proof board surface.

In addition, the Power Core E90 has a retractable kickstand and, oddly enough, a urethane front wheel instead of the pneumatic ones on the other models.

Although this model is reasonably safe for children as young as five years old, Razor recommends this for kids at least eight years old and weighing 120 lbs or lighter. The Power Core E90 comes in green and pink and has a 90-day warranty.

Recommended charging duration is between 12 and 24 hours.

What We Like

  • Longer run time
  • Less maintenance required

What We Didn't Like

  • Urethane front wheel can be harsh on rough surfaces
Razor E200 Electric Scooter

Razor E200 Electric Scooter

The E200’s specs are very similar to those of the E100. It has an incredibly efficient and quiet High-torque, chain-driven motor, and a twist-grip throttle.

In addition, the E200 features a spring-loaded kickstand and a hand-operated rear brake. The large, 8-inch pneumatic tires make for a smooth ride even on rough pavements.

Unlike the E100, this model does not call for a kick start. Even at a stationary position, the power switch can get the scooter running.

Although the run time is the same as that of the E100 (40 minutes), the E200 does have a slightly higher speed of 12 mph--fast enough to excite but just slow enough to be safe.

This, together with the full-sized frame, make this model more suited for young teens aged at least 13 and weighing up to 154 lbs.

Unlike other models with throttles, this model allows for variable speed control, leading to a safer ride.

Unfortunately, the E200’s handlebar and deck are not collapsible when attached to the body, which may be an issue if you have a limited storage space or if you have to transport it a lot. However, you can fold the handlebar after unscrewing it.

It is powered by a rechargeable 24V Seal battery system and comes with a UL-approved charger, as well as tools for light assembly. Razor recommends the usual 12-hour charging time for the E200 with a cap at 24 hours.

What We Like

  • Higher speed
  • Pneumatic tires handle bumps and small rocks well
  • Efficient and quiet motor
  • Variable speed control

What We Didn't Like

  • Non-collapsible handlebar and deck
Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

If you are looking for an electric scooter with a seat, the Pocket Mod Miniature Euro may be worth checking out. It sports a vintage-inspired look and uses a high-performance motor, providing an excellent ride that performs as beautifully as it looks.

It has large, 12-inch pneumatic tires that can run up to 15 mph (or 40 minutes on a single charge), and can support up to 170 lbs.

These features, together with the ultra-stylish look (The Sweet Pea model even has bell and handlebar streamers.), make this model especially appealing to young teen girls.

It also has many of the features found in the other Razor models: a twist-grip throttle, a hand-operated rear brake, a chain-driven, high-torque motor, and a retractable center kickstand.

Like its distant cousin, the E200, this model has a variable speed motor that allows for better speed control and a safer ride. It also has a bonus in the form of an under-seat storage.

It can just be a little heavy due to its solid steel frame construction. However, we do not see why young girls would be carrying a scooter around instead of riding it.

The Pocket Mod Miniature Euro is available in six fashionable colors: Betty (lavender), Hot Mod (red), Little Red, navy, pink, sweet pea (baby pink), and Vapor (black). It has two 12V lead-acid batteries that should be charged for at least 12 hours in between rides.

What We Like

  • Storage compartment
  • Many color options
  • Variable speed control
  • Efficient and quiet motor
  • Pneumatic tires make for a smooth ride

What We Didn't Like

  • Heavy
Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Like the Razor E100 and E200, the E300 has a twist-grip acceleration control, a hand-operated rear brake, a quiet and efficient chain-driven, high-torque motor, and a run-time of 40 minutes.

Other standard features include the retractable kickstand and the fat pneumatic tires. The E300’s tires measure 10 in wide, offering a smooth and stable ride.

Its tubular steel construction gives it a modern, striking look that only takes a few minutes of the assembly to achieve.

What makes the E300 unique from its two brothers is its maximum speed of 15 mph and its “super-sized” deck and frame, which makes this scooter more suitable for teens and adults. It can also support up to 220 lbs in weight.

The deck is wide and comes with a protective material to prevent skid marks.

Unfortunately, it lacks some of the most essential features such as a battery indicator. While charging, the green light on the wall adapter will signal a full charge.

However, while running, you will have no idea as to how much run-time is left on it. Also, the E300 has no lock and safety lights.

Because of these downsides, the E300 cannot be an alternate mode of transportation. Instead, it is strictly for recreational strolls, quick trips to the local store, and short rides that do not require parking.

What We Like

  • Stability
  • Supports a decent amount of weight

What We Didn't Like

  • No safety lights
  • No lock
  • No battery indicator


Best Overall

2nd choice

3rd choice

4th choice

5th choice

Top-Rated Electric Scooters in 2019

URB-E Black Label Electric Folding Scooter
E-Drift UH-ES296 Electric Fat Tire Scooter
The Lightest Weight Two Wheels Electric Kick Scooter
Scout Compact Travel Power Scooter
Razor E100 Electric Scooter







Blue, Purple, Pink, Silver, Sweet Pea








20 miles

50 miles

12 miles

9 miles

40 minutes


15 mph

25 mph

15.5 mph

4.25 mph

10 mph

Get Started

What are the Benefits of Electric Scooters?

More and more people are switching to electric scooters for some good reasons. Here they are:

  • They are environmentally friendly

Since they run on electricity and not fossil fuel, electric scooters leave a lot less carbon footprint than other modes of transportation. Most of them are also noise-free.

  • They are relatively inexpensive

While there are models that you can buy for $1500+ range, you can purchase an electric scooter for much lower price.

  • They are easy to use

E-scooters are relatively low-maintenance compared to other types of vehicles. Plug them in for a bit, and they are ready to go.

  • You can use them anywhere

Many electric scooters are lightweight and foldable, making it easy for you to bring and use them anywhere.

How to Choose the Best Electric Scooter?

The sheer amount of numbers you see when shopping for an electric scooter can be overwhelming. While they all mean something, some numbers need to be looked into more than others do.

Here are the factors you need to consider when choosing an e-scooter:

  • Price

Although electric scooters are not as expensive as bigger electric vehicles, we still do not recommend simply going for the most expensive one. We do not suggest going for the cheapest one you can find either.

Rather, find a scooter that has just what is necessary and gives you the best value for your cash. The most affordable scooters do just fine for short distances on flat terrain while carrying a relatively light load of 120 lbs at most.

If that already covers what you need, there is no point in spending extra.

  • Battery Range

Pay attention to how far each scooter can run on a single charge. Many electric scooters have a range of more or less 8 miles.

However, the range can be decreased by many factors, such as ambient temperature, rider weight, terrain, the wind, and more. If you do not ride on flat land, encounter frequent temperature dips and spikes, or you are a bit on the heavy side, find a range that is a little more than what you think you need.

  • Temperature and Climate

Electric scooters perform optimally in warm and sunny environments. They may become a little sluggish when it is either too hot or too cold.

If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, you may want to find an electric scooter with a bit more speed than you would normally need.

Needless to say, rain should also be avoided. Although electric scooter motors are sealed to protect against water damage, they are still not meant to be frequently drenched.

  • Rider Weight

If you weigh 150 lbs or less, you should have no problem riding an electric scooter at maximum speed. If you weigh more than 150 lbs but less than about 200 pounds, you can still enjoy most of them, albeit at a slightly less impressive performance level.

If you weigh more than 200 lbs, you may need to find a model that can handle it.

  • Scooter Weight

The weight of the electric scooter matters because sometimes, you have to transport them. Some weigh as little as 19lbs, but some weigh five times as much.

If you can’t find a lightweight model, at least make sure it can be folded into an ideal size and shape so you can carry it around comfortably.

  • Terrain

Electric scooters are designed to perform excellently on flat land. However, if you live in a hilly area and will have to do some climbing now and then, find one that has a 350W motor at least.


Having to choose a single scooter out of this list was hard, especially since they are designed for different kinds of riders and purposes. There are models made for kids, adults, and those with mobility issues, for instance.

However, we were able to find one that stands out not because it can accommodate all riders and activities but because it excels in just about every basic area. That is the URB-E Black Label Electric Folding Scooter.

20-mile range at the top speed of 15mph, folding design that weighs only 35 pounds. Gives the ability to charge your phone or tablet during the ride. What is more, it’s stylish, functional, and easy to use, every part of the Black Label deserves to be called the best electric scooter.

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