Benefits of Foot Spa Machines in Relation to Your Health

Benefits of Foot Spa Machines in Relation to Your Health

“Put your best foot forward” entails giving out your best shot to make good impressions. Ironically, in the literal sense, we tend to pamper our feet the least. The thing is that they are the most worn out part of our body. Fortunately, with today’s incredible technology, foot spa machines have been manufactured. As such, you can have your feet relaxed in the comfort of your home, which is one of the main benefits of foot spa machines. Nonetheless, foot spa machines are also used in spa centers.

As an overview, the foot spa technique is primarily done by soaking the feet in water that is kept warm by the spa machine. It may contain essential oils, salt, or a combination of which. After a few minutes, massaging and scrubbing techniques are done. Following such, moisturizers or lotion are applied, and the feet are dried. You may choose to have your toenails painted with nail polish, or you can leave it as is.

Since your feet have more than 20 muscles, 120 ligaments, and 26 bones, experts suggest that people should have a foot spa at least once every other day to sustain its benefits and improve their health. Yes, foot spa machines will not only relax and soothe your feet, but it also has health benefits, and we will discuss them below.

Benefits of Foot Spa Machines

We have chosen to discuss seven benefits of foot spa machines that a majority of people will enjoy and not just a certain population.

Physiological and Physical Benefits

We all know that our health is divided into different aspects and the commonly affected is our physical well-being as well as those that are related to our body’s physiological functions. Let us now take a look at what a foot spa, using a machine, can do.

  • Helps in Lowering Blood Pressure

Unhealthy food intake and stress contribute to the high blood pressure of people. Unfortunately, if we ignore this condition, it might result in a higher risk of having heart attacks. So, as early as today, it is important to resort to other ways of lowering blood pressure aside from taking expensive medicines.

With that said, foot spa is helpful in easing out this problem in our bodies as we age. That is because the vessels are exposed to the heat produced by the machine allowing them to dilate. As a result, they give the blood more room to be distributed throughout the body. Hence, there will be less pressure. However, this can be achieved by having a foot spa at least three times a week.

  • Helps in Improving Blood Circulation

Majority of people focus too much on work or studies. That is why we spend most of our hours in a day sitting. Sadly, the lack of time to exercise leads to a sedentary type of lifestyle. Like any other machine, our muscles get stiff when not regularly used. Using tight and uncomfortable shoes make the issue worse—blood circulation gets scanty.

To remedy this health issue, you may have a foot spa each night before going to bed for 15 to 20 minutes. As discussed above, circulation in your lower extremities and throughout the body improves because of the heat.

  • Helps in Preventing Foot Injuries

For years, foot massage has been done in many cultures as an alternative to healing numerous injuries. Today, foot spa using machines, combined with ankle stretching and foot strength exercises can already help you prevent injuries in the future.  This may also help in hastening the recovery process of the muscles in your feet and ankles if you suffered accidents before.

  • Helps in Reducing Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Ligament laxity causes discomfort in some people with flat feet or abnormal arch in the feet.  This can also be a reason for foot pain after doing low-intensity physical activities. Plantar fascia deterioration causes pain in the heel, and some people might experience difficulty in walking. Undergoing a foot spa plus applying pressure to the arch area and doing foot exercises actually reduces pain significantly.

Mental and Emotional Benefits

Nerve endings found in your soles correspond to specific and are connected to the different parts of your body. Stimulating and relaxing these nerve endings can be achieved through soaking your feet in warm water. In return, it encourages the entire body. Through such, the emotional and mental aspects of our health can also be affected positively, and the most common are:

  • Helps Relieve Stress

Problems with family relationships, pressing time, and an unending list of workload all contribute to stress. However, going out to a salon for a spa, professional massage, or reflexology sessions is undeniably expensive. Fortunately, foot spa machines can also help you to be calm and boost your emotions by helping reduce the levels of cortisol in your body.

  • Helps in Improving Sleep

At some point or many times, we experience waking up groggy because of lack of sleep.  Basically, your time during rest helps in revitalizing your body and makes you perform better at work and school. As claimed by practitioners, the salty or oily water used in, as well as the water temperature of foot spa machines can help your body relax. The reason is that the warming effect can make you fall asleep faster as you will have a calm mind.

In addition, while your feet are soaked in the spa machine, you may also use this time to meditate and clear your mind. Thus, starting your day just right.

  • Helps in Lighting up your Mood

Do you sometimes feel grumpy and annoyed for no reason? Well, maybe you’ve overworked and need to relax more. There’s nothing more relaxing than to treat yourself to a foot spa session using your brand new machine. As you are relaxed and calm with no pain to endure, surely a foot spa at least thrice a week will be a good head start on your day.


Using foot spa machines regularly does not just keep your feet soft and look good but can also help you become physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy. We all know, though, that not all of us have the budget and time to head to the foot spa salon. Hence, having your own foot spa machine is a practical decision. This will also ensure that you enjoy the benefits anytime.

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