Aware – Mindfulness Trainer App Review

Aware – Mindfulness Trainer App Review

Aware – Mindfulness Trainer App

Aware App review

Meditation is a powerful way to dig deep into our senses, working from within, feeling all the necessary emotions, balancing them to experience tranquility, peace of mind, and ultimate relaxation. Without proper guidance, meditation can easily be mistaken as daydreaming. The mind can easily wander off, defeating its real purpose. With the help of an app to guide you through the proper way of meditation, this can be achieved.

With the tons of meditation apps currently available these days, choosing the best one can be challenging. To help you out, we have taken the time to review one app which has been recommended by many users because of its effectiveness as a guided meditation app which is focused mainly on mindfulness training designed for beginners.

Product Review

As a guided meditation app, Aware primarily focuses on helping beginners, especially those who are currently struggling with issues related to anxiety and stress. The creator of this app is a company named Uber Health Tech Pvt Ltd.


  • Easy to learn mindfulness training
  • Affordable subscription available
  • Easy to navigate content
  • Step-by-step courses 
  • FREE version is effective in bringing in calmness


  • App design creativity could still be improve
  • Only a supplement to direct meditation guidance


If you do not have enough time to receive direct guidance from a meditation teacher, this app is a good supplement. This app is highly recommended for beginners who are dealing with anxiety and stress. It may not be for seasoned ones, as the guide is simple and basic.

Who is this product for?

The Aware meditation app is primarily designed for those who are interested in giving meditation a try. If you are finding effective ways on how to handle stress and anxiety in the most efficient way possible. It may not be for seasoned users because the information provided is simple and basic. The guide also has a friendly and soothing voice while explaining every exercise clearly, which means that it is intended for those who need relaxation after fulfilling the basics of meditation.


Key Features and Benefits of the Aware App

Here are some of the features that you can expect in using the Aware App:

  • Friendly Voice of the Guide

The voice of the guide used in the app is soothing and friendly. As such, it is one that can quickly be befriended and trusted on. The narration is easy to follow, explaining each of the exercises quite clearly. The guided sessions help you in increasing your concentration as you manage your thoughts in the most efficient way possible.

  • Meticulously Prepared Exercises

The exercises included in this app have been prepared meticulously to make them easy to follow as possible, especially for beginners who may not have the previous background in meditation before. During the first week of the course, you will learn about the simple exercises for breathing, breath mindfulness, counting exercises, thoughts, sounds and body sensations.

  • “Energizer” Feature

Aside from the exercises which are designed to help you cater to your thoughts, you can also take advantage of the “energizers,” or short guided tracks for meditation which can be chosen for a reminder, performing them at any time of the day. Among them are the “Bodyscan Energizer,” which is designed to help users calm their mind. There is also the “Sound Immersion Energizer” which uplifts mood, as well as the “Breath Awareness Energizer,” designed to help users regain concentration and focus.

  • Easy to Use

This app is designed for easy use. Even older people, as well as children, will find themselves feeling comfortable while using it. To guide you throughout, it also offers statistics that will let you check your progress.

  • Amazing Range of Courses

The Aware app is composed of a fantastic range of exercise courses. This is what mainly sets it apart from other apps – its extensive content. Every class comes in the form of a 3-week Training Program which has been designed to guide you through each aspect of your life.

  • “Singles” Feature

The Singles feature can be found under the meditation tab, and are designed to come in the form of short exercises for some essential activities such as sleeping, waking up, traveling, walking, focus, waiting, cooking, eating, and some others. For every exercise, you can select the duration ranging from 5 to 10 minutes.

  • Foundation Program

The foundation program is what you will have automatic access to after you sign up for the free version. This is very important because the foundation program has to be completed before being able to access all others. Towards the end of the program, you will be able to receive an email, asking you to take a stress test. Most users report an improvement in the way they handle stress.

  • Breathe Tab
 The Breathe tab feature includes deep breathing exercises which are created to relax your body and mind with animations. It contains different options including those that focus on stress reduction, focus enhancement, anxiety management, relaxation, and one that allows you to create a custom exercise.


1. Where can I get the Aware app?

This app can be downloaded from the Play Store (for Android users) and iTunes (for iPhone users).

2How much does it cost?

Installing the app itself is free, and you can already take advantage of some free courses. However, if you want to take advantage of its subscription options, Aware offers two options which are auto-renewing. For monthly subscriptions, you only need to pay $3.99, while for yearly subscriptions the price is at $29.99. You may also avail of its lifetime subscription which is a one-time upfront payment of $74.99. If you use AWARE50 promo code - you will get 50% off on your first subscription!

3. Is the Foundation Program free?

The first seven days of using the Foundation Program is entirely free, with no other obligations attached. However, when you feel that you are now ready to commit, you can enjoy the different packages for a subscription.

4. What is included in the lifetime subscription?

You will be able to take advantage of all the features, giving you unlimited access for a lifetime.

5. Is refund processed for those who cancel the subscription?

If you want to cancel your Aware subscription, you can do so anytime from your account in Google Play/Appstore.

Final Verdict

Aware up is unquestionably one of the best-guided mindfulness meditation apps out there. It employs scenically proven techniques, taking you through a wonderful journey of discovering new ways in living your life, leading you to one that is filled with awareness of what is happening at present. The foundation course entitled “Being in Awareness” offers well-guided sessions for meditation each day, delving right into the basics of the techniques involved in mindfulness meditation.

After completing right through the foundation course, you will be able to take advantage of several other themed classes on various aspects of life, including relationships, health, and overall performance. You can easily choose any path depending on your lifestyle and mood, learning accordingly to apply mindfulness in every aspect of our life.

Most reviews about this product are positive. Users appreciate the fact that the makers of this app emphasize on fundamental principles of meditation. This means that there is no need for you to become an expert in meditation. As such, it is beneficial to all types of users.

 Therefore, if you are interested in living in full awareness to have a happier, healthier, and more enjoyable life, the Aware app is a recommended option that you can take into consideration.

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